The new bomber aircraft to Faraway: Pros and Cons

This year, when the Russian Air Force celebrates its centenary, military aircraft inadvertently becoming one of the top newsmakers in the field of military construction. In general, it is fair to point out that the lack of attention to the Russian Air Force has never complained, and control of military aviation has always shown the highest respect — compared to other types of troops — the level of openness and transparency. An indirect proof of this thesis is the fact that the purchase of the Air Force in the State of weapons programs from 2020 dekomopoziruyutsya almost completely unlike, say,

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Media try to expose those who profit from climate change

Popular American newspaper "Washington Times" appealed to his countrymen with a sensational article. Journalists tried to open the eyes of the Americans on how government agencies are enriched with taxpayers' money under the guise of environmental ideas. According to the authors, the modern bureaucrats and politicians are so afraid of accusations of environmental inaction that put their signatures under everything, what fixed the so-called "fashion green label." Because of this, at best, public money is spent effectively, and at worst — a group of people, spreading panic around global warming, just richer. Journalists are not unfounded. In 2010, they averaged

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Recharge park combines in Chuvashia

At the upcoming harvest season in Alatirskie's new work combines. July 20, 2012 by fleet renewal program of agricultural machinery in the area of leasing Alatirskie "Rosagroleasing" purchased a combine harvester GS-812 "Polesse" in the Company "Sura".

The purpose of fleet renewal program of agricultural machinery is accelerating the pace of modernization of machines and tractors of domestic agriculture. The program is based on the principle of regional quotas for funding and implement the "Rosagroleasing" on the basis of the applications of agricultural producers, and the priority is given to the peasant (farmer's) economy.

In the peasant (farmer) economy Sergunina

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New professions for former military personnel — at the expense of NATO

Union and NATO in the upcoming project funds to support retraining of Ukraine, have already served in the army, but on the condition that her government would participate in the financing of the applets, said in Kharkov during the holiday release of the seventh step, Professor of military training Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Denmark in salting Ukraine Michael Borg. Slobozhanschine on three-month training course Training Center and social adaptation are based on the Interdisciplinary Institute for Postgraduate Education at the Kharkov State Polytechnic Institute. As the organizers say, the courses should assist former military personnel find

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Signed record budget domestic space

Vladimir Putin signed the law on the budget for 2013 provides for a record investment in the space program, GLONASS, and spaceports.

Major funding under the Federal Space Program (FCP) will be in the next year 128,300,000,000 rubles (122.8% the previous year). It is, however, lower than the figure in the passport of the PCF — there in front of 2013 surrounding the amount of 133.6 billion rubles.

The difference in the more than five billion rubles passport between the PCF and the approved budget for the next year in Roskosmos principle not considered, bearing in mind

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Tynda earned under the new pumping station ESPO-1 — NPS-20

This is the latest, the fifth station, built by the program of expanding power the first stage of the pipeline system Eastern Siberia-Pacific Ocean to 50 million tons.

On the program of the ESPO pipeline capacity expansion was given two years. Total investment program "Vostoknefteprovod" from 2010 was built five intermediate pumping stations. Four — in Yakutia and one in the Amur region.

All objects are constructed taking into account the geological and climatic conditions of these areas where located. At the new plant, as well as those that have been built for laying TC ESPO —

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Bimbo sverhtehnologichny U.S. Army

The U.S. Army modernizes and builds sverhtehnologichny army for entirely new methods. Teachings on the latest pattern of doing maneuvers began November 18, 2011 at the site White Sands Missile Range. Pentagon planned for 3 weeks to test the network integration units completely novel concept — program from NIE.

This programm is a very bold step innovator, that is not no one dared army The world. NIE, introducing commercial network technology system of command and control, the ability of the military expands. The consistent application of scientific leading technology makes it relatively inexpensively and rapidly create military networks. These modern

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Brand new U.S. military doctrine: prerequisites for the implementation and prospects

In 2012, the government presented the latest South American military doctrine, which became the focus of attention of professionals. Let's try to answer the question, what are the main causes of its appearance, and what will be the South American Army after the realization of all tasks.

Since the dissolution of the Union of Russian foreign exchange grants U.S. military complex inexorably grew, reaching 708 billion in 2011 dollars. But the worsening state of the U.S. economy as a result of the state of the 2008 crisis to a large extent affected the country's solvency. So Makar, a large

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Peace has been avenged!

Author: Alexander Orlov

Above — ISS "World" at the bottom — the shuttle "Columbia"

Creating a national missile defense system and, therefore, a nuclear blitzkrieg against Russia delayed for at least five years, and the Russian commercial space gets a chance on the multibillion-dollar orders

The next "shuttle" crashed. And that's good. Very good. Because killing all five pilots — four American and one Israeli — by the way, who took part in the bombing of the civilian population as well as facilities in Iraq. But the American military machine, making a bet on the total aerospace dominance, received

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Russian lunar odyssey begins in 2025

Russian lunar odyssey begins in 2025, experts predict

Since the first flight into space in 1961. Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin's leading role in the difficult fate of the world's manned spaceflight played financiers and politicians. In many cases, it is the political will and economic factors, and not the technical difficulty of the task, depended the fate of extraterrestrial grandiose projects.

Contrary to the long crisis that shook the global economy, the space race continues today. Studies in orbit extremely hostile and dangerous to human environment where the most trifling mistake can cost a life, do not stop. The other

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