Map of active volcanoes from August 31 to September 6, 2011

According to the weekly report of the Smithsonian Institution, from August 31 to September 6, 2011, show any activity 12 volcanoes.

Weekly Report on the volcanic activity is a joint project between the Smithsonian's Global Volcanism Program Volcano Hazards Program and the U.S. Geological Survey. Updated information about volcanic activity is every Wednesday, data are preliminary and as new volcanic events can be updated. The proposed list of active volcanoes is not complete.

Source: Smithsonian Institution — Global Volcanism Program, Google Map


Krivoy Rog hung over the abyss

Karst holes

5.01.11.V underground Krivbass accumulated tens of millions of cubic meters of voids that can cause industrial accidents and fatalities. But only to assess the scale of the problem and of the system of monitoring will need hundreds of millions of hryvnia. A sense of security residents of Krivoy Rog can at best in 5 years. In the nearly 130-year period from the start of production of iron ore in Krivbass, its subsoil seized over 17 million tons of rock.

Man-made disturbances on the surface of the basin exceeds 300 square meters. km. and add up to a length

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Video cameras in the schools of Tomsk region. Video


16.11.12.Poryadka 20 million rubles in the next year will be allocated from the regional budget to finance the anti-terrorist measures. A case in point is the creation of the educational institutions in the region — the territory of the so-called security.

To date, the program has already got 15 schools in the region. In the future, that number will increase. What exactly is meant to change the program and how to work Tomsk schools?


Tatiana Conradi, correspondent: — 55th High School. One illustrative institutions in the city. It has recently been renovated. But, above all else. It

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Indescribable connectivity

Hardly a secret for anybody that link plays the most important role in the modern world. It has become a part of our lives, without it is unrealistic communication, training, operations. From how high is measured and a computer or telephone, depends almost everything in any case.

On the world market have long is a growth in demand for telecommunications services, especially for mobile link, telecommunications services mail and the Web. Web is growing rapidly and is playing an increasingly important role both in everyday life and in business, as a connecting link between ordinary users, companies and their customers

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Penza zoo will participate in the program save tigers

Penza zoo in the seven of the 109 Russian zoos participate in the program for the conservation of Red Siberian tigers, the zoo said.

"The coordinators of the program of breeding and conservation of tigers Eurasian Regional Association of Zoos and Aquariums officially notified us of the fact that only seven of the 109 zoos recommendations for breeding tigers in 2013. Penza zoo is included in this number," — said in a statement.

It is noted that the program is used to obtain a viable offspring, performing a task for the conservation of Amur tigers in captivity.

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Listening to the International Space Station (ISS), Alpha

Author: Upline

1.Kratkaya information.

The idea of the International Space Station (ISS), "Alpha" originated in the early 90's. August 15, 1995 company "Boeing", the head of NASA contractor on the program, "Alpha", and the State Research and Production Space Center of MV Khrunichev (GKNPTSH) signed a contract worth $ 190 million, provides for the construction and placing into orbit the nucleus of the future space station. The project involved the European Space Agency (ESA), Canada and Japan. Total internal volume of the station after assembly in orbit will be 1,217 cubic meters, weight — 377 tons, of which

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Penza region, has completed the implementation of the regional program of modernization

Penza region was among the seven regions who completed the program of modernization of health 11.07.2013 18:16

On the video conference with Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, which took place in Thursday, July 11, 2013, Penza region listed among the seven regions that had completed the regional healthcare modernization program in its entirety. Some of these regions are also included Altai Republic, the Chuvash Republic, Altai region, Ivanovo, Tyumen region and the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. In general, Russia, the figure is 93.4%.

Regional program to modernize health care was implemented in the Penza region

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Park fire vehicles have updated in the Maritime region by 20%

Park fire vehicles have updated in the Maritime region by 20%. Due to this decrease in the number of fires, and reduced fatalities. Under the action of the regional target program "Fire Safety for 2005-2012" purchased 69 fire trucks.

"The work of the program helped renew the fleet of fire vehicles in the region of 20%, including staff the newly formed fire departments in the municipal districts of Primorye" — told in the department of Civil Defense, Emergencies and fire safety edge.

At the conclusion of the Accounts Chamber of the Legislative Assembly of Primorsky Krai, the program

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Skydivers WEST reported a record jump start of the second century, the Russian Air Force

The pearl air show in Voronezh, which August 18, 2012 was held at the airport "Baltimore" was the exclusive program prepared by the team of the Western Military District (WEST) on parachute sport.

The culmination of the air show was the appearance in the sky aerobatic team "Russian Falcons" Lipetsk center for training of flight personnel.

In addition to the demonstration of aerobatics, pilots, while the audience a new element of its program — the "air battle on a collision course."

Throughout the festival was organized by the ground running of

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The opening of the playground!

MYACHKOVSKY Boulevard opened on the playground

In eve of the Day town in the area after the completion of improvement works were opening holidays yards, including children's, sports grounds.

August 24 on Myachkovscom Blvd., 16, Bldg. 2, opened a new playground, furnished a variety of colorful gaming designs that are in demand right kids.

This work vramkah social program implemented by a network of supermarkets "Attack"

presented in the supermarket located at Myachkovskiy Blvd., 16. Administration officials supermarket congratulated children on this holiday. First Deputy

head of council Tatiana Uprofeeva expressed the benefit ofgratitude for the leadership of

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