Wait for me (lots of issues) watch online

On the scale programm takes first place among similar projects, and specifically the example program "Wait for me" gives a lot of people find their first love, your soul mate, your own relatives or friends, because each of us have relatives or people who at the time of languorous dispersed across the world, and now gives them the opportunity to behold this project…

TV shows

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1000 details (many episodes) watch online

"1000 little things "- a universal example program on the development of the beautiful and multi-functional life. According to the views of family psychologists, life in the most concrete way affects the life. Each program there will hear stories of people who talk about their own household dilemmas smoothly escalating problem in another character. To find a solution to help presenter and invited experts: designers, psychologists, decorators, designers, stylists.

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Whos who outwit of a power game

By scandalous tender for the supply of the U.S. Air Force refueling aircraft joined another party

Last week came from California uninteresting message: a little-known company is losing US Aerospace today announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with "Antonov", providing the role of the U.S. Air Force in the tender for the supply of 179 refueling aircraft of the latest generation total price of 35 billion dollars.

This tender has already managed to transform into a real epic. It all started in 2002 with the intention of command of the U.S. Air Force in part to purchase,

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Excise duties on alcohol and tobacco will increase by 10 and 20%

Society Excise taxes on alcohol and tobacco products in September plan to increase by 10% and 20%, respectively. Told the head of the main tax policy and revenue budget of the Ministry of Finance of Belarus Dmitry Kiyko."There are several reasons why we should do it. We have an agreement with the International Monetary Fund about the need to increase the rates of excise duties under the "stand-by". Moreover, government program to address alcohol abuse and alcoholism involves anticipatory increase in 2009 —2010x excise taxes on alcoholic products and tobacco products, "- the words of Dmitry Kiyko BelTA.

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A critical look at the LG 2020

Need to re-adjust the plans are excellent aircraft and defense equipment

Planned expenditure in the fundamental state armaments program for 2011-2020 (GPV-2020) — more than 19 trillion rubles (including purchasing power structures — to 20.7 trillion) and the Federal Target Program "Development of the military-industrial complex until 2020" — about 3 's trillion rubles identified a paradigm shift in the management of the country to the modernization and development of the technical equipment of the Armed Forces and the defense industry. But the possibility of realization of the causes oscillation.

The feasibility and effectiveness of these programs is quite rarely

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Military (all series) watch online

Military science — science-fiction programm on the global history of wars, armies and weapons, Bows period from antiquity to the present day. But it's not much like the usual Teleformat showing features of army life, interviews with commanders and soldiers' everyday life … Its main nuances — a modern weapon, the identity of the commander and historical paradoxes, opening in the military sphere. The program will present a non-traditional sights on war — as in the past, and on the modern battlefield. A significant part of the "military affairs" is dedicated to the Russian Federation — its important military

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Write a business plan — it’s now easy!

The project BP-Start.com (Orenburg) party Zvorykinsky Ruslan Sagitova project was launched in test mode. To date, the new software for business planning, implemented Web-environment is under revision and preparation for the launch of the full version, which is scheduled to end this year. BP-Start.com offers the opportunity to prepare business plans, according to the forms of banks, foundations and other organizations in accordance with Russian and international standards. User chooses standard, and the program loads the appropriate business plan template with the desired partitions, tables, and text fields. For professionals have the opportunity to create their own business planning standards.

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Finally flew modernized An-70

Military transport aircraft An-70 will be produced in Russia, it will establish an assembly at the Kazan Aircraft Production Association (KAPA) to them. Gorbunov. In "Antonov" confident that it will reduce the cost of production of the model. Russia as a major customer loads the aircraft so their power, and the Ukraine will receive revenue from the supply of units and royalties, experts say. Despite the fact that "Antonov" is a Ukrainian company, 72% owned by Russian project, according to the investment commitments since the collapse of the Union of Russia has taken over.

Two years ago, the project was

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The South Urals received a batch of new agricultural

Chelyabinsk region was one of the first to become a party to the state program of modernization of agriculture. In anticipation of planting season to the South Urals received the first batch of new equipment.

April 27 has 10 new tractors K-700 will be transferred to the Trinity, Varna, Verkhneuralsk and Bredy areas. All in all, this year farmers will receive 75 pieces of equipment.

Farmers are pleasantly surprised and conditions of supply equipment. First, the farmer no longer have to pay the first installment. Second, he is not required to provide collateral, and given the delay

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Created at ECP production of fuel for the fast reactors, based on the plot of HEU-LEU

Completion of a contract with the United States for processing of Russian weapons-grade uranium to the energy will not reduce the number of employees by Electrochemical Plant (ECP) in the closed Zelenogorsk Krasnoyarsk Territory. A significant reduction of the environmental impacts associated with the completion of such uranium processing is also not expected.


In the course of the technical tour of the ECP members of the Public Council of the State Corporation "Rosatom" and the members of the working group on radiation safety in the Civil Assembly of the Krasnoyarsk

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