Transformation Specialists Clinic participated in the program EGATIN

Its specialists Transformation (Moscow) took part in the next program block by group analysis, organized by the Moscow Society of group analysis, active member EGATIN (European Group-Analytis Training Institutions Network). Choosing gruppanaliticheskogo approach to group psychotherapy program specialists of the clinic is not accidental and is due in the first place, a unique opportunity to use the best practices of analytical groups in psychotherapy patients with neurotic, borderline and psychotic disorders. In other words, this experience can be successfully used for the treatment of diseases that make up the main specialization of the clinic. Event Aleksuhin commented Sergey, psychiatrist,

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Polish neo

The climate package is beneficial for the West of Europe, which combines to exploit the countries of Central Europe. They must be new colonies. This is the liquidation of Polish banks, heavy industry and commerce — with Professor Witold Kejun talks Krzysztof Swiatek

— You express the opinion that Poland is the object of neo-colonization. What is it, who is implementing this concept, and what are its consequences?

— The problem of neo-colonization I know quite well, because for 10 years I led one of the larger UN program on modernization of Central

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Their customs-25. (July 28 — August 4)

July 29. 35-year-old father of the American city of Quincy (Pa.) has kidnapped his daughter from her mother's house, in the course of shooting people. Three of the victims.

July 30. In broad daylight, on a busy street from a moving van shot by unknown 16-year-old boy from a Kalashnikov — Marseille made the 15th murder in a series of crimes involving the redistribution of the market for drug traffickers between the south of France.

July 30. Inspector General of the U.S. reconstruction of Iraq: training program for Iraqi police sawed more than 200 million dollars.

July 30. Seattle

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The first launch of PD-14 engine for MS-21

In Perm, complete assembly and successfully carried out the first engine start-technology demonstrator, which is made in the framework of the creation of an engine family for the prospective short-medium range aircraft.

General Designer of "Aircraft Engine" Alexander Foreigners in connection with the event, said that "over the last 25 years in our country was not created like product PD-14 in terms of newness of technology design, manufacturing, testing aircraft engines."

According to him, work is underway to prepare the test engine on a flying laboratory IL-76, which is scheduled for 2014.

The development of the fifth generation engine

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How much agricultural machinery produced in Russia

The volume of agricultural machinery produced in Russia in 2013, the government subsidy program reached 1.5 billion rubles.    In the three months since the start of the federal program subsidizing agricultural machinery manufacturers (started June 6, 2013) concluded with the agreement to supply equipment for 1.5 billion rubles.   Currently, the Russian government subsidizes the production of 260 different models of agricultural equipment, including machinery for the cultivation of cereals and root crops, application of mineral fertilizers tillage machines, sprayers, equipment for the production of potatoes and vegetables, preparation and distribution of balanced feed

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Serial unmanned aerial survey of the development of complex GeoScan Geoskan

GeoScan 101

As you know, the tasks that can be performed unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and where the use of its economic sense, a great multitude: the land management and cadastre, geodesy and cartography, construction, municipal services, highway, agriculture, power, control and investigation of railway objects of the fuel and energy complex, conservation and environmental activities, the use in emergency situations.

St. Petersburg company "Geoskan" for the past year and successfully produces a distributor for the unmanned aerial survey complex GeoScan 101. The system is designed to conduct aerial surveys in the fully automatic mode on

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Agricultural producers in the Orenburg region upgraded fleet of agricultural machinery

In 2012 started the implementation of the federal fleet renewal program for agricultural equipment leasing scheme through "Rosagroleasing", which is scheduled for three years. This year, the Orenburg region has been allocated 465 million rubles, which made it possible to take part in it more than 150 agricultural producers to the area of the 27 districts.

As of November 1, the program received 127 tractors, 56 combine harvesters, forage harvesters 1 and 31 units of other machinery and equipment. According to preliminary data for 2013, the quota will be increased by the Orenburg Region, the implementation of the second phase

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U.S. missile super-laser went to the cemetery

Battle Airborne Laser (ABL) on the platform of the liner B747-400F, which is engaged in the development of the concern companies Boeing, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin, February 14, 2012 made the last flight, reports Defense Aerospace.

After that, experts have made the dismantling of special equipment, and the support of ABL went to the site of the first group 309 for maintenance and repair of aerospace engineering (AMARG), more known as "airplane graveyard" or simply "Cemetery» (The Boneyard).

The site AMARG was founded in 1946. It is located near Tucson, Arizona. "Cemetery" is a repository of written-off aircraft.

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Agriculture Chechnya is flourishing

When you read some of the media materials or bloggers, it seems that no one in Chechnya is not working. If they work, it is only in the ministries and departments, or law enforcement agencies, and the rest sit back and eat away subsidies from the center (at best building in Grozny, palaces and skyscrapers). It is clear that these commentators do not have a clue about the life of the republic. It is clear that these ideas — just the result of a well-established clichés. But these myths are not only unfortunate, but also a surprise.

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Secrets of success in the technology business: see and read in the Technopark

Russian success stories of innovation and technology companies now you can not only see on television, but also read the book "Technopark: stories of success in the technology business". Edition of the television program "Technopark" is a collection of 50 essays about the high-tech companies, high-tech and venture businesses that have achieved significant results and ready to share the secrets of success.


The basis of the collection based on the materials cycle of TV programs "Technopark" coming out on the channel "Russia 24" in May 2010 at the initiative and with the support of "Russian Venture

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