Tatarstan has opened a kindergarten Sunflower in the new district, Sun City

Construction of the kindergarten "Sunflower" (Kazan, ul. M. Bulatov, 7) was launched in 2007. The two-story building is located in the territory of 0.4 hectares, the area of the building — 1,300 square meters. meters, kindergarten is designed for 110 seats. Here are six group rooms with bedrooms, a music room, logopaedic office, a medical unit, catering department, office of the psychologist, methodical study. The main investor of the project of "Ak Bars" bank. General Contractor — JSC "Ak Bars Story."

In Tatarstan, a high birth rate and implemented a national program entitled "Belekech" — in terms of

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In Tatarstan, commissioned 2.1 million square meters. meters of housing, or 87.2% of the annual target

In the Republic of Tatarstan in the registry to improve housing conditions is 17769 Veterans of the Great Patriotic War. Of these, 16,682 people have already received notification today improved the living conditions of 15,993 veterans. This was announced today by the President of the Republic of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov at a meeting on the construction and commissioning of housing, housing war veterans.

Minnikhanov said that much has been done to provide housing for veterans, the federal program allocated huge funds. In the near future the republic will receive subsidies to improve the living conditions of more veterans in

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Missile defense programs from the United States and its implementation

The United States continues the progressive deployment of missile defense. Pentagon report titled "Missile Defense", which reflects the refreshed military-technical policy in this field shows that the missile defense still has the highest value for natsbezopastnosti United States. According to the report, the future efforts of the military department will acquire vector building capacity to counter regional missile threats. All the forces and means, which will be located in the regions will join the global missile defense system, which is designed to protect the continental United States. The increased attention paid to the development of new means of intercepting missiles,

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The program of disarmament

What do you think about what Dmitry Medvedev told the world, when at a meeting on the budget enforcement agencies, put the puzzle in 2015 to equip the Russian army with modern weapons by more than 30 percent? Do you think that the Russian army has a chance to get in the end, a new species? Did not happen. Russian President formally notified that programm weapons in 2007 — 2015 years, and it is completely disrupted. In February 2007, the Sergei Ivanov, while not only the Deputy Prime Minister, but also the Minister of Defence (also in Smotrin to succeed)

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The program rearmament was under threat transfer

The Government of the Russian Federation started to consider the budget for the near 3-year period, and one of the most important issues is the transfer of weapons programs from 2013-2020 with the army on the years 2016-2023. According to the newspaper "Vedomosti", citing a source in the Ministry of Economic Development, the final decision has not been made, as there is still calculate certain characteristics applets. Authorities believe that the defense industry would not be able to cope with the huge volume of orders.

The state program of armaments for 2011-2020 was approved by former President RF Dmitry Medvedev

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The program LCS: cheap and worthless?

The main type of U.S. Navy ships built for action in the near-sea zone, at the present time are the frigates project Oliver Hazard Perry. The lead ship of the series was taken into operation in 1977 and is easy to calculate how much time has passed since that time. Of course, these frigates in the near time to be changed by something new. The South American command, realizing this, in the late 90s launched program from LCS (Littoral Combat Ship — Battleship coastal zone). Initially, it was planned that about 60 vehicles of the LCS will be able to

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The program JSF — Boeing X32

Creating and flying the Boeing X32 airline Boeing returns to the production capacity at its fighter aircraft. Work on the creation of a fighter well-read in 1996 with a role in the competition to create a demo of the fighter program there for JSF — create a unified, multi-purpose fighter aircraft for the Navy, Air Force, MP of the United States and the BBC in England.

Airlines Boeing military division before the start of the competition, participate in the following program notes:— Fleet promising multipurpose fighter AF / X;— Air Force fighter functional MRF;— project «CALF» from DARPA.

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In Tambov opened Gerontology University


November 9 at the grand opening of Tambov University on the basis of the Gerontological Center of measures of social support and work with the individual categories of citizens.

The purpose of the university is to create opportunities for the rehabilitation of the elderly and their inclusion in an active social life. Embody is planned with the help of new knowledge and communicating with interesting people.

The idea of developing a program of the University belongs to the Department of Gerontological Social Work, uvenology and management in the social sphere of Tbilisi State University

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The program Ground Combat Vehicle: the impact of modernity on the future

In the middle of last May at the military base of Fort Bliss (Texas) was delivered four standard infantry fighting vehicles made by different companies. This armor was brought for comparative tests, the purpose of which was to find a more suitable Pentagon BMP. Directly to these tests, conducted from 17 to 25 May, were part of routine NDV (Not-Developmental Vehicle — Technology requires no development), which in turn is a component of programs from GCV (Ground Combat Vehicle — Ground combat vehicles).

CV9035 BAE Systems on tests by the U.S. Army GCV program there at the landfill White Sanzo.

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The program BWB/X-48

At the time, the aviation industry all over the world the example of double-deck wide-body passenger aircraft Boeing 747ubedilas prospects in this class of equipment. In this perspective languid wide-body aircraft touched not only the transport of passengers. But no matter what specialty aircraft asks different design configurations. Sometimes they do not want to allow to reach the degree of harmonization of machines for different purposes, which, however, does not negate the need itself. Go with that carrier could not be obtained against the technique with more flying and the highest economic traits. At the end of the 80-ies of

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