In Moscow, will receive 1,000 points of old tires

Nearly a thousand service stations in Moscow a year later opened collection points of used tires. This writes RIA "Novosti" with reference to the program manager for tire recycling plant "Eksploteks" Natalia Solntseva.


"We want to make it easier for a person to hand over old tires to recycle than to throw them on the side of the road. We think that it's easiest to do on the car-care centers, where there is usually changing a tire. To rent one bus will be by paying one hundred rubles, and the ability to take them to the factory,

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In Magnitogorsk, put the 10-storey building for the employees of the MMK Group

July 16 in the 144 th district of Magnitogorsk commissioned 10-storey building for 96 apartments, designed for employees of the MMK Group.

Construction of the house is the next stage of the program combine "Affordable Housing — metallurgists." It is being implemented through established by CMI in 1995 Housing Investment Fund "key."

"Introducing new housing for workers CMI and other companies of the Group to Metallurgist's Day has become a tradition. For example, last year, on the eve of the professional holiday of workers of the fire profession was handed a 17-story building in the

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Represent NATO in Belarus will be the French Embassy

Society Since 2011, the French Embassy will coordinate the program of cooperation between Belarus and NATO, and to serve as NATO representation in the country.

Today, the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk held a solemn ceremony of handing the French embassy. What does it mean for Belarus to change the format of the alliance relationship with Belarus.

Belarus shares a border with NATO member countries — Poland, Lithuania and Latvia — stretching some 1,200 kilometers. Official Minsk does not aim to join the alliance, but co-operates in the framework of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and the line of the NATO "Partnership

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Iran pulls out a trump card out of the sleeve

At the celebrations dedicated to the anniversary of the Islamic revolution in Iran, President Ahmadinejad in the brightest colors promised in the most recent show "major achievements in the nuclear industry." With all of this each of the stakeholders in the words of the Iranian president saw what was to behold. Western countries are also denounced Ahmadinejad's attempts to pressure the "free world." Iran suspected in the probability of obtaining high-powered nuclear weapons, which would eclipse all of its own power, which previously had ever produced on our planet flawed. But about finding Iran in the very threshold of obtaining

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Moscow — come the great migration

Moscow authorities have announced a new capital Urban planning for 2012-2016. It turns the former principles of urban development on its head and returns to Moscow in 1970, write "News." According to the idea of the authorities, the capital back to the Brezhnev era by such indicators as population density. The essence of the new concept of the city — a declining population, a focus on low-rise construction and tourism. "Instead of prefabricated towers — buried in greenery townhouses. Instead of infill development — conservation of the historic center, "- describes the proposed government plan" Moskovsky Komsomolets

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Nekljaev in Gomel, I will come for another term

Society December 15 evening, presidential candidate Nyaklyayeu held two meetings with voters Gomel: at the Training Center of Trade Unions and the palaces of culture "festival." Rooms with white-red-white flags were crowded. Even the palace, "festival", where nearly 700 people, could not accommodate everyone. Nyaklyayeu speech began with an anecdote in which there is a famous literary characters: crow, who was sitting on a tree with cheese in its beak, and a fox that was sitting under a tree. Lisa asks: "Raven, you are going to the polls?" And so over and over again. Finally, the crow got bored and

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Information war of the West against Iran

What do the words of the President of the French Republic of Iran? Judging from his speech, he just walked into the image of Napoleon. Not yet finished off Gaddafi, and has threatened to Tehran.

Aug. 31 at a conference of French ambassadors Sarkozy said a fiery speech in which almost threatened the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI) war. According to the views of the French president, Tehran refuses to talk seriously, conducts provocation, its military, atomic, missile capability, is a growing threat to the entire international community, which "may lead to a preventive strike on Iranian facilities."

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India makes the most expensive tank in the world

English source of Jane's Defense Weekly published an article stating that a new Indian tank Arjun Mk2 will have a price of 8.02 million U.S. dollars, while the Russian T-90 has a cost of 2.5 million USD. The cost of the Indian tank even more than the price of South American M1A1, which is "predatory prices" comes to Iraq (6.95 million dollars).

It is reported that the Indian Army are armed with a limited number of tanks prior modification of Arjun Mk1 price of 3.68 million dollars per unit. This tank has a 60% foreign-made devices. Unnamed Indian

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In Krasnoyarsk kindergarten appeared magic sinks

Prior to the Bureau on the implementation of long-term program "Energy conservation and energy efficiency in the Krasnoyarsk Territory" in 2010 -2012 years, Krasnoyarsk Territory Governor Lev Kuznetsov was in kindergarten number 265, which was a pilot project for the effective use of resources.

The governor personally welcomed the work of energy-efficient technologies in the Krasnoyarsk kindergarten. These valves are turned on and off themselves, and this is also saving water.


265th kindergarten — a pilot project for energy efficiency. Here, everything is done with the mind. With the heating unit in the garden automatically

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In Krasnoyarsk rural housing built employers

Ministry of Agriculture of the Krasnoyarsk region made a change in the program "Providing affordable housing for young families and young professionals in rural areas for 2009-2011". Now, employers will be able to initiate the construction of housing. The region will support.

Under the terms of the program, young professionals agrarian and social professions who want to work in rural areas, are entitled to preferential provisions for lodging. 25% of the constructed or acquired housing they pay federal budget, 65% — the edge, 5% — and 5% of the municipality — the employer. Then within 5 years of

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