Super-weapon for the U.S. $ 32 billion


The Washington Post reported citing caught at its disposal the report of experts of the U.S. Army (Army), since 1995 only in the form of the Armed Forces (AF) America was discontinued perform 22 programs to create new types of weapons and military equipment (AME) , 15 of which have been eliminated in the last 10 years.

In total, the proprietary software from the military budget was pointless spent about $ 32 billion in bulk army appropriations were allocated unproductive spent on implementing a number of programs, including such major programs as the creation of multi-reconnaissance attack helicopter

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More than 5,000 engineers improved their skills under the presidential program

The press conference took stock of the Presidential Programme training of engineers in 2012

In 2012, 5209 people were trained on Presidential professional development program of the engineering staff for 2012-2014. Of these, 1,255 persons interned in Russia and 472 — abroad. These data led the Director of the National Training Foundation Sergei Kovalenko held on February 20, RIA "Novosti" press conference on the results of the first year of the program.

Engineering specialists working in enterprises of mechanical engineering, instrumentation, automotive and many other industries, were enrolled in 161 selected for the competition

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Samus shipyard launched the first two ship

Samus shipyard launched the first two ship made under the federal program "Development and construction of technical fleet to serve the eastern rivers." This is the first ships built at the plant in the last three years. But not the last. With this federal program Samus plant connects ambitious plans — to build within it must have at least 16 ships.

Ships of the born here in this shop. On one ship takes about 30 tons of special steel and shipbuilding few months of operation. Build a ship — it's the same as building a house, joke here: you have

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AN-124: History, Present and Prospects

Start of operation of turboprop military transport aircraft An-22 in 1965 marked a new phase in the confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States in the Cold War. This heavy military transport aircraft capable of lifting loads of up to 88.45 tons, forced the United States to redouble their efforts, which led to the emergence of the jet Lockheed C-5A Galaxy. The new military transport plane has significantly increased the possibility of the U.S. in strategic transport than in comparison with his adversary, the Soviet Union and the situation could not be ignored. July 21, 1966

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Are popular free utility for communication on the Web

In the days of IT-technology, web, social networks and copious amounts of personal pages, and do not forget about the fundamental factors linking the world's population — communication.

Communicating with different people, a person can markedly expand its own horizons and area of expertise. Web provides an opportunity to talk with at least what people who are in at least some part of the world. Why, then, to miss such an opportunity?

Using search engines, you can find out the best utility for communication are:• ICQ;• Skype;• QIP.What are the advantages of each?


Good and time-tested

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RusHydro equips the Stavropol Territory playgrounds

Playground RusHydro

The implementation of the charitable program JSC "RusHydro" "Clean Energy for children Stavropol". At the beginning of April this year, Set 107 playgrounds St. George, Ipatovsk, Grachevsky, Petrovsky, Izobilnenskaya, Krasnogvardejskiy areas of the Stavropol Territory. Ends installation of children's villages in Novoaleksandrovsk, Trunovskogo and Turkmen areas, and then begin to Kochubeyevo, Novoselytsya and Blagodarnenskogo areas of the province.

The program was launched in the autumn of 2011, when Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, Chairman of the Management Board of JSC "RusHydro" Yevgeny Dod, Governor of Stavropol Territory Valery Gajewski and director of the

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RusHydro has equipped in the Stavropol region has 400 playgrounds

The discovery platform near 35 Lyceum Stavropol

As part of a charitable program of JSC "RusHydro", "Clean Energy — Children Stavropol" today opened another playground near the high school number 35 of the city of Stavropol.

At the opening of the site director of the Kuban HPP Cascade Victor Macheyev: on behalf of the company RusHydro congratulated all the guys from the edge of International Children's Day! "Up front, you have a vacation, a lot of free time that you need to spend a bright and fun. Therefore, we continue to open across the Stavropol new children's

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RUSAL completed a drinking water supply project in Nigeria

Ikot Abasi, July 14, 2011 — UC RUSAL, the world's largest aluminum producer, announces the completion of a project to provide drinking water to over 10,000 people in seven villages Ikot Abasi (Nigeria).

As a result, the water supply program nearby villages are directly connected to the water system of the plant RUSAL ALSKON, and for the more distant settlements of individual wells were drilled. At the end of the program, all Ikot Abasi communities have access to clean drinking water.

The project was implemented by RUSAL during the year as part of a comprehensive

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China resolutely opposes sandstorms

China resolutely opposes sandstorms Facts

The problem of conflict sandstorms in Beijing and Tianjin went to the state level. In the next decade (2013-2022 gg.) In the region will try to strengthen the fight against this phenomenon, as well as environmental degradation.

In 2013, the program will include Shanxi Province, which generates most of the sand storms that attack the above two cities. The deeper question is will be engaged in 138 districts of 6 Chinese regions (previously the program operated in 75 districts 5-regions).

Achieve victory over sandstorms trying, landed between 1999 and 2006, about

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A court in the UK authorized bonded labor

In Europe, there is no forced labor. Or is there? In the UK, the state program «Workfare» provoked much discussion in the community. Under this program, unemployed people can make in 6 months to a year to work for a private company for free. Many well-known British brand corporations laying off their employees and instead to hire the unemployed. Those unemployed who have been forced to work for free, filed lawsuits, and lost the case.

Unemployed for corporations

UK hit particularly hard by the economic crisis. The country has a very high unemployment rate. And the program

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