As the world’s favourite crowdfunding site escalates from 3D-printed key rings to multi-million-dollar vanity projects for wealthy Hollywood directors, we ask…


Almost every big movie or game is now part of a franchise. Why? Investment. If it’s not a safe bet, it doesn’t happen. Akira, The Birds, Commando, RoboCop, Highlander, Scarface and Lethal Weapon are all set for unnecessary remakes, while original ideas are ignored.

When Kickstarter arrived, it promised to upset this stale system and sell new ideas straight to the audience. It worked. But then Zach Braff, star of simpering faux-indie whinge-fest Garden State, showed up, gigantic,



True to its name, TRENDS is a very stylish and an up-to-date magazine along with being the most informative amongst its contemporaries. The well-crafted content and lifelike images make every feature look fascinating and engaging. The range of projects, both national as well as international, are noteworthy and give one a global view of the industry. The presentation style not only makes it appealing for architects and interior designers but also for the common man.

Founded in 2000 by architect Bipratip Dhar, Epsilon believes in offering quality design and architectural solutions. The firm adopts an innovative design approach for all


Practise action photo skills with these simple projects

Action photography often involves trying to capture a fleeting and sometimes once-in-a-lifetime moment, so it’s a good idea to practise your skills beforehand. Getting to know your camera and how to access its important functions will shorten your set-up time and speed up the shooting process so that you can capture unexpected moments with ease. There are plenty of ways to put your skills to the test at home using everyday objects, or by enlisting friends and family to help. Use these projects to master shutter speeds and focusing, and in the process prepare yourself for the fast-paced world of

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NZ Defence Projects Update

NEW ZEALAND’S Minister of Defence, Mr Phil Goff, announced release of the third update on the country’s ten-year Long Term Development Plan (LTDP) for defence on October 17, including seven new defence acquisition projects. However, he noted that the significantly higher-than-expected cost of acquiring eight NH90 helicopters for the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF), ordered in July (see New Zealand Orders Eight NH90s, September, p27), left only NZ$1 billion (US$664 million) for other LTDP projects.

One of the seven new defence capital projects relating to the RNZAF is the examination of options to replace the five leased King Air

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Efficiency Expert

Commercial projects provide insight into increasing efficiency for all jobs

When Apter Remodeling/ Craftsman, in Annapolis, Md. , was hired to do an addition for a school, it had to complete three months of work during the two-month summer break, owner Andreas Apter says. “Having these über deadlines forced me to change old habits,” Apter says. And now, though only about 10% of the company’s work involves commercial projects, the extra Regs, codes, and inspections required in commercial work has led to adopt new processes for how the firm runs all jobs. Among the changes: Field employees review plans before

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Chelyabinsk region to 1.7 times increases the number of new jobs through investment

In 2013, in the Chelyabinsk region will increase by 1.7 times the number of additional jobs that will be created through the implementation of new investment projects.

    "In 2012, due to the introduction of new investment was up 3,5 thousand jobs this year will be 6.1 created thousands of new jobs," — said the governor of the Chelyabinsk region, Mikhail Yurevich at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin.

According to the head of the region, is being implemented in the region more than 100 investment projects, 30 of them — with a clean

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Kharkiv scientists have developed unique materials, which have no analogues in the world

Detectors for major international projects in high-energy physics, which created an international team of scientists from the Institute for Scintillation Materials, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kharkiv), and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia) have no analogues in the world.

  This writesUKRINFORMreferring to the deputy director of the Institute for Science and corresponding member of National Academy of Sciences Yuri Malyukina.

"Detection device based on plastic scintillators" — so the development, implementation at our institution, together with colleagues from Russia's Joint Institute for Nuclear Research. Work continued during the 1992-2012

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Ukraine and Poland are stepping up military cooperation


Ukraine and Poland will intensify military-technical cooperation.

As UNIAN correspondent, said today by representatives of the defense ministries of the countries on the Ukrainian-Polish Forum in Warsaw.

Deputy Defense Minister Arturo Babenko said in his speech that the country's under-utilize existing opportunities for cooperation, calling for defense companies to move from talk to action.

"We have a huge scientific and technical potential of the defense industry in Poland and Ukraine. Missing one — lack of specificity, not enough to fill our cooperation with specific projects and actions,"

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Tyumen Technopark technology is ready for use

Presentations developments resident business incubator Tyumen Technopark builders can become traditional. They will be held under the auspices of the General Directorate of Construction and Housing of the Tyumen region. This was one of the first presentations of the director of the West-Siberian Innovation Centre Alexander Sakevich.

"We try to represent those projects whose products can already be used in the construction of buildings, structures and other facilities. This is really new materials and technologies. Already have facilities where they apply. The builders may be interested to know about them and use at as a test

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Tyumen Technopark begins to make a profit

Costs incurred by the region and the Federation of the reconstruction DC "Geologist" in the amount of 800 million rubles, paid off. In 2012, the revenue of the business incubator residents of the Tyumen industrial park of more than 1 billion rubles. Start building the innovation system of the Tyumen region was initiated in 2008. Initially, this activity was carried out by the Strategic Development Department of the Tyumen region. A little later, was created operating unit — Committee on Innovation of the Tyumen region.

As noted by its chairman Alexey Sannikov, by far the region built

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