Fashion trends autumn


Jewellery Roman Lazar from the new collection Geo ME Try made of gilded silver or radio and decorated with emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Double ring (Roman Lazar, price on request) will certainly emphasize the individual style and give easy-chic way around.

Well forgotten old, or a collection inspired PAST

Clothes made of autumn-winter collection studio Ksenia Schnaider Bodywarmer for those who value practicality. The main topic was the classic quilted jacket — clothing, popular in the past, ex-accessible and most convenient. All things have the latest collection of quilted elements characteristic design padded jackets. Bad weather —

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V.Gorbaciov: I avenge strikes company markets

According to the source, the other day he vorachivalsya train from Ukraine "Kyiv-Gomel" together with her daughter Anastasia, and her friends Pokhabov Nicholas, who is chairman of the Minsk branch of the Belarusian trade union of electronic industry. "At the station Terehovo Belarusian customs officers began a search of our things — says Viktor Gorbachev, — some of them videotaped. Train was detained for half an hour. At the same time I was told, thereozhenniki make orders of superiors, they say, he povinet that "climb in politics, organized a strike in the markets on October 2."Victor Gorbachev proves that during

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Now about Baranovichi bullpen friends will meet Paul Sevyarinets

Now after serving 17 days in jail in Baranovichi bullpen freedom will Paul Seviarynets. This is the third in a row arrest after release from the "chemistry" of the small village Sitna where Paul was serving a sentence for a company of street demonstrations against the rigged elections and referendum 2004. Then, along with Paul tried Statkevich, devoid of registration of the party favorite "People’s Hulk." Now Statkevich will meet Paul approximately Baranovichy bullpen together with other democratic activists:"I came in Baranovichi, that meet Paul and someway pay homage to Paul. Certainly, I would recommend him to be careful, because

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Yellowish sand Vasily Bykov read the KGB

Says Dennis Sadowski:"They suspect that it may be, threatens national security, I peravozhu these things in Poland. Act gave me all this will be passed to the KGB for verification. And later I will tell: whether it is national security threat or not. If not — we will give. When there — then will untwist this case more ». By Dennis Sadowski, examination of his things, also a party member Aleksei Shein was conducted selectively and carefully. When Dennis was released, they went with the sovereign Shein in Poland — for the role of a seminar on "Prospects of Christian

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Through Belarus were not allowed things German World War II

According to the press service of disk imaging Customs "Western Bug," citizens of Russia and Belarus transported German services, documents, military ammunition and gun time II World War I.Preparatory examination assured that the detainees at the border things, among which nearly 100 awards, medals and badges of the German army symbols of historical value.Despite the fact that the discovery is not contraband, likely skanfiskuyuts its revenue in the country and give to one of the museums.

M.Zaleski: cancellation of preferences we will lose half a billion dollars

Zaleski: "The decision was made, and not in our favor. It’s very dramatic things happen. Competing such — not for people management. And through solving their own interests makes people worse. It just so I tract, so as» ; impartially I’ll take a pretty penny, others will be taken. "Reporter: "What are the real consequences for the country will be canceled if the June 21 trade benefits?"Zaleski: "In economics, everything is connected. This modern globalized economy. These floorbillion dollars, that we, in general, not immediately, not in the first day and by the end of the year to lose, these

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In Rakov on Thursday wives Peri blocks for prevention

In Rakov most famous people — brothers Yanushkevich: Valerian architect, painter and scholar Joseph Felix. Despite the rural status, there is only personal gallery in the country. On an area of 500 m2 — monuments, busts, works of art, a rich local history exhibition: books, household items, documents and unique attributes of the Polish, German and Russian times. Immediately — the only hotel in Rakov classical Belarusian cuisine and drink. A sign above the entrance — the Belarusian Academy of Fine Arts.

Academics without AcademyMy guide on the art site — Felix Yanushkevich: "For us it is important that

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Chyndogu: the invention of unnecessary things

What is chyndogu?The word is translated from Japanese means "a strange, unusual device." "Chindogu" from time to time pronounced "shyntoku" from time to time as "chyndogu." Fiction idea, or, more precisely, the concept, the Japanese journalist Kenji Cavaco, who wrote two books about chyndogu: "101 Japanese invention, from which no profit" and "99 more useless inventions: chyndogu art."Initially, in the Land of the Rising Sun was created "Society inventions, from which there is no utility" — "Chyndogu" appeared after the International Society chyndogu, numbering up to 50 thousand members who are committed to reinventing the only things that can be

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Politicians visited kids in the oncology center in Borovlyany

As said Vintsuk Vyachorka, children need toys with remote control, because many of they must keep bed rest. In large quantities desired pampersy and other household items for unhealthy kids and their parents, who also live in the clinic.This is the first visit after the announced actions to collect toys, books and things that carried members of the organizing committee and the BPF Chernobyl Way. As said "Freedom" party favorite Vintsuk Vyachorka, it will not be one-time initiative, dedicated to the anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy."We do not wish that our idea was" tied "only until 26 April This year.

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Exhibition opened Salty Childhood

As the chairman of this association Andrey Makhanko once a year in Europe and the whole world held so called Blue Ribbon campaign in April that should draw public attention to the dilemma of violence against the children in their families and schools. Visitors can dress in bolshennye father robe and shirt, wander in the dungeons tremendous closet a bit to get to the edge of the table and try to hold on to your mother’s tea cup, long climb on a stool to sit on the parent chair playing grandmother spoke. But the most fascinating is which can be

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