BPH: help green laser

Adenoma of the prostate gland — one of the most common urologic diseases. Suffers from it every second man over 50 years, and after 60 years — for 75% of men.

On what is dangerous BPH, and about which there are modern methods of dealing with it, we talked tochief physician of a multidisciplinary clinic "Capital Doktor", Doctor of Medical Sciences, Urologist Luxury Andrei Petrovich Morozov.

— Why there is BPH?

There may be a variety of factors play a role, but, as a rule, the development of adenomas associated with reduced levels of the male sex hormone

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BPH: the danger of inaction?

BPH — the problem of age, and she can not pass by! How to prevent? How to treat? To maintain health for many years to come.

According to statistics, every second man of 45-60 years suffer BPH, or benign growth of prostate tissue.

In most cases, the disease is caused by hormonal imbalance, which can be observed in this age period.

The first symptoms — the alarm!

Adenoma, usually grows slowly, so symptoms may not become apparent for a long time. However, when treatment is started,

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A blood test for PSA

A blood test for PSA (PSA, prostate specific antigen) — detection in the blood of men of a special substance that is produced by cells of the prostate gland. Oncomarker PSA is prostate cancer.

What are the indications for the analysis of the PSA test?

Monitoring the course of prostate cancer and the effectiveness of the treatment. Suspected prostate tumor after other studies (for example, after a digital rectal exam or ultrasound). Patients who received radical (anti-cancer) treatment for prostate cancer, it is recommended to analyze every 3-4 months. Preventive screening men older than 40 years, the identification of

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Analysis of prostatic fluid

Analysis of prostatic fluid — microscopic examination of prostatic fluid.

Analysis shows that the secretion of the prostate?

Using this analysis it is possible to evaluate the function of the prostate, to identify its inflammation (prostatitis).

How to get the secret of the prostate gland for analysis?

Urologist doing massage of the prostate and a drop of the released secret collects on a slide or in a test tube, pressing down lightly on the head of the penis. The analysis can be taken at any time of the day.

How to explore the secret of the prostate

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A biopsy of the prostate

A biopsy of the prostate gland — one of the binding studies for the final diagnosis of prostate cancer. In all patients suspected of having the disease after a full range of inspection:

digital rectal examination; transrectal ultrasound research; determine the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA).

Based on the results of the biopsy prostate addressed the issue of choice of treatment for each individual patient.

There are several methods of taking a biopsy of the prostate. The most common and least painful is the transrectal biopsy Prostate performed by the device for a biopsy, which consists of

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Chest. What should it be?

Teens, especially girls at puberty are critical to your body — it has always been. Our time is only multiplied the children's inferiority complexes. According to psychologists, every teenager happen "bouts of obsession" beauty or sexuality. The man in the13-16 years, still can not understand that now existing "ideals of beauty" is simply unrealistic. However, even some adult women want to look like a Barbie doll, whose waist almost three times less than the volume of the chest!

Girls and women often associate their "ugliness" with the face or chest. The explanation is simple: the girl becomes aware of

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Diagnosis and treatment of BPH


Methods of diagnosis of BPH:

examined by a urologist: examination and digital rectal examination of the prostate gland; Ultrasound of the prostate, including transrectal — transrectal (rectum) ultrasound prostate; urodynamic studies (uroflowmetry, videourodinamika) — methods for measuring the flow of urine, allowing to determine the nature and extent of violations of urination; determine the level of prostate-specific antigen (PSA, PSA) in the blood — is used for the diagnosis of early stage prostate cancer. PSA is produced by prostate cells, with an increase in its level may need to consult a urologist-oncologist and biopsy of the prostate.

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How to treat prostatitis?

Russian men to go to the doctors and do not like to live by the principle "Nothing hurts, he is healthy." It is not surprising that appeals urologists annually to apply them a visit in order to keep the condition under control prostate — "Heart of the second man," go to waste. A doctor can only bitterly joke that the number of men with prostatitis is directly proportional to their age: after 30 — 30%, after 40 — 40%, after 50 — 50%, etc.

The main cause of prostatitis is an infection of tissue prostate. In the presence of

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For the first time in Russia carried out with the use of prostate brachytherapy

domestic microsources

Needle implantation microsources

Two brachytherapy for prostate cancer with the use of Russian microsources produced by "Bebig" (subsidiary of JSC "NanoBrahiTek" created with the participation of RUSNANO) was conducted by specialists of the Moscow State Clinical Hospital № 50 under the supervision of a member of the Board of the Russian Society of Urology, k.m.n ., Professor Andrey V. Zaitsev at the department, headed by chief urologist Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation Dmitry Pushkar.  

Prostate Cancer — one of the most common cancers in men. One of the most promising and effective

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Completed preclinical studies of Russian drug for cancer

The company "Avionko", specializing in the development of original drugs for the treatment of cancer, today announced the completion of the early pre-clinical research of innovative drugs for prostate cancer (PC)

The studies were conducted under the state contract with the "Fund for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific field." This is stated in an official statement.

The drug, which has high activity and a novel mechanism of action, able to deal effectively with hormone independent form of prostate cancer, was obtained as a result of years of study.

According to the company, "Avionko", a new

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