Battery Charger with Overcharge and Deep-discharge Protection

Lead-acid storage cells are often used us stand-by source of electrical energy during the periods of supply line failure. The electrical energy stored in the cell is extracted during mains failure; when the mains supply sets on, the energy can be replenished from the mains source through a device known as charger. Both the discharging and charging of the cell arc chemical processes, one in the forward direction and the other in the reverse direction. But what may happen when the charger remains ‘on’ even after the electrical energy of the cell has been fully recovered?

Another important question to

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Alexander Kozulin colony visited lawyer

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Alexander Kozulin spent behind bars for more than 500 days. In conclusion, he held a political hunger strike, which lasted a day or 53. For this time politician has lost about 30 pounds of weight.In Last year A.Kozulin sentenced 5.5 years in prison on charges of disorderly conduct and organization of the riots. Last presidential candidate believes that he avenged the address criticism Alexander Lukashenko during presidential elections 2006.

• The government was not allowed 1st picket in defense Kozulin, 28.08.2007 • Action "Amnesty International" in Warsaw in

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European Parliament in defense of the historical part of Grodno

Committee representative Tadeusz Zvefka also prepared a special statement in which condemned programm reconstruction of architectural monuments of the historic center and a call to Grodno local authorities suspend such acts. • Poland defends Grodno monuments, 14.08.2007

Citations a day or — August 14

"Before Belarus really even matter now stands not only geopolitical choice and civilizational choice: either we will participate in the development of the Byzantine Empire, or we will participate in the integration process in Europe."Favourite movement "For Freedom" movement Alyaksandr Milinkevich — about European March Democratic Forces"Self-defense committees created in Svetlahorsk, an advocacy group of businessmen — Soligorsk group protection from seizure — Slutsk. Variously called them. But the essence is the same: to stop this looting of businessmen. Decree on certification — to perform mystical businessmen. Entrepreneurs — mobile people: bring a product to go to realize it. And

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Number of refugees seeking to Belarus, decreases

Today in Belarus official refugee status received 798 people from 13 countries in the world.More migrants from Afghanistan (about 75%), followed by refugees from Georgia (10%), 5% — from Ethiopia, 4% — from Tajikistan, 3% — from Azerbaijan. Other 2-3% are refugees from Iran, India, Liberia, Rwanda.Not every worker — RunawayMany migrants in the world — almost 200 million, but the real refugees in their midst least 10%, explains the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees Yuri Morgounov:"Migrants are different categories — economic, environmental, people who seek to arrange a better life. They maybe also need the support of

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Whether the authorities will allow a picket in support of historic buildings Grodno?

Meanwhile at the end of a day or in Grodno police detained Dmitry Liseenko and Sergei Polovkova that stuck on poles stickers "Defend Grodno!" Youths detained at the site less than an hour, taken from their explanations and released. Dmitri is the third arrest in Grodno for a day or four, and the second — in Sergei. They came from Minsk to participate in the campaign for the protection of historic buildings.

In Moscow, opened a global forum of journalists

Congress, which takes place every three years, is the most presentable meeting of journalists in the world. It brought together about 1,000 delegates and guests, representing about half a million members of the International Federation of Journalists from 100 countries.At a meeting in Moscow discusses the problems and safety of journalists — said the chairman of the Union of Journalists of Russia Vsevolod Bogdanov."Speaking at the Congress will go on several fronts: decent working conditions for journalists and their right to social protection, protection of journalists’ lives. One of the important topics, and perhaps the most basic — it must

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V.Shalkevich acted in concert against the destruction of an old Grodno

Bard states that joined the campaign in defense of the old Grodno, because he trusts her judgment initiators such as doctor of historical sciences Ales Krawcewicz. Own city, in what Victor lived 27 years, he takes no blind love: realizes his frail and strengths. Write a song about an old architecture is not so simple, he says. That one moment he stepped on the Grodno text on which to church spiers Farn — angels with trumpets, and over which the rain falls …With the next concert in defense of Grodno old Kasia Kamotskaya perform — this Mazhejka Paul said.As for

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Last visit to England Milinkevich

During a visit to the British Parliament Alexander Milinkevich held talks with the control commission Foreign Affairs ruling party leybaryskay Eric Joyce. Politicians discussed support applets civilian society in Belarus, the situation with the media are independent and political repression in the country. One of the main topics was the cooperation between the EU and Belarus on the criteria put up by the European Commission."I turned to the Emperor Eric Joyce requested to become an ambassador Democratic Forces Belarus in England. He often visited our country and knows the situation from within. Very fundamentally, so Belarusian topic did not disappear

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Terry Davis to speak in defense of the Young

Terry Davis made an unquestioning support of five activists "Junior Front"Who expects the tribunal. He also wants to make a public statement in defense of" Young Front "and seek Belarusian authorities with a call to release political prisoners and declare a moratorium on political repression.By Terry Davis democratic forces of Belarus will provided full-time support parliamentary elections in 2008. Terry Davis expressed intrigued support free press in Belarus, calling it an important factor of democracy, also supported the position Milinkevich that the cooperation strategy Council of Europe and official Minsk parents should step with the setup and execution of mandatory

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