New Iryda Variants

FURTHER DETAILS ON the entry into Polish Air Force service of the PZL1-22 Iryda are now available — only four Irydas will be delivered during 1993, not ten as previously planned. No further options for the type are being taken up due to limited availability of the 2,425lb st (10.79kN) PZL-5 SO-3W22 powerplants.

Making its first flight at Deblin on December 22 was the first prototype of the new Model 92 Iryda, fitted with two of the new more powerful l4.7kN PZL K-15 turbojets developed by the Warsaw Institute of Aviation. The I-22M-92 prototype has been converted from the fifth

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An-70 prototype crashes

DURING A TEST flight from Kiev on February 10, the prototype Antonov An-70 fourpropfan transport collided with its An-72 chase aircraft at about 1730hrs local time while flying at around 10,000ft (3,000m). It was totally destroyed when it plunged almost vertically into a forest near the town of Veliky, about 25 miles (40km) from Kiev.

All five crew and two test observers were killed on board the An-70. Despite severe damage and a fire, the An-72 was able to return to Gostomel Airport for a safe emergency landing. According to Russian sources, if is believed that the An-70 experienced control

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Why nobody saw the prototype «2003» J-20 FIGHTER?

Chinese portal now wondered why Internet users never have seen the layout with b / n 2003 J-20 fighter. Known models with b / n 2001, 2002, 2004 and 2011. According views portal layout with b / n 2003 (the crotch between 2002 and 2004) is perhaps the prototype aircraft for static tests and contained inside the plant in Chengdu. Also, the assumption is that the board in 2004 is a modernized prototype in 2002 (in the near future this number is missing), that are equipped with radar with active phased array. So Makar, aircraft flight models are

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Photofact / Resume test T-50-1

September 10, 2012 at the airport of "Flight Research Institute named after Gromov" in Zhukovsky was made spottersky picture committing ground runs of the first flying prototype of the PAK FA fighter — aircraft T-50-1 (tail number "51" / "051 "). Apparently, in the coming days, the T-50-1 will be raised again in the air. Thus, we can talk about the resumption of testing the board of T-50-1 after a year break — the last time before this prototype (the first took off January 29, 2010) was observed in flight in August 2011.

Enjoy a great

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A third Mi-38 is ready to join the flight test

Holding "Helicopters of Russia" has completed the assembly of an experienced third prototype of Mi-38 (OP-3), in the near future, this helicopter will be handed over to them design bureau. ML Mile for flight tests, told the CEO of the holding Dmitry Petrov. 

"The third prototype of the Mi-38 is equipped with the new Russian TV7-117V development of" Klimov ". This engine is a little longer than expected, under bench testing, and it is a bit constraining the testing program of the helicopter. However, until the end of May "Klimov" plans to transfer two experienced engine

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Poland presented a mock optionally piloted helicopter

Polish company PZL-Swidnik, a subsidiary of AgustaWestland, presented at the International Defence Exhibition MSPO-2012 in Kielce mock helicopter SW-4 Solo, which can be used as a drone. This was reported on the company's website.

According to the press service of the Polish company layout developed on the basis of light multipurpose helicopter SW-4, with the support of professionals from the Italian company AgustaWestland. As noted, the new helicopter will be able to prototype as well do puzzles in manned and unmanned mode.

Use helicopter means for intelligence and transport operations and for monitoring the environment and aerokartografii. In addition,

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Russian fifth-generation machine

The process of creating the latest development of the "Izhmash" trials and prospects of the AK-12 in an exclusive interview with RIA Novosti said the chief designer of NPO "Izhmash" Vladimir Zlobin.

Chief Designer of NPO "Izhmash" Vladimir Zlobin

Information about the creation of the newest Kalashnikov (AK), the fifth generation — the AK-12, which replaces the famous AK-74, in 2012, caused a great public outcry. Members of the media, Russian and foreign law enforcement agencies, community experts discuss prospects for the production of the newest machine, the ability to purchase products by the Russian army and its export potential.

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The new prototype perspective ACS Coalition CB with a new tower

ACS "Coalition CB" with a new turret with AZ.

The new prototype perspective ACS, in contrast to earlier is no longer just installed in the tower of the old "MSTA-S" tool. It already has a full tower that resembles what draw for her final appearance.

More about ACS "Coalition NE."

KAMAZ and Intel showed a prototype onboard media system

The company "KAMAZ" and Intel presented a prototype onboard infotainment system designed specifically for long-haul vehicles KAMAZ-5490.

Featured media center is localized for the Russian market. It includes navigation with current information about the workload of transport networks, radio, media player, a telephone application, calendar, browser, application for social networking, as well as voice control and integration with infrastructure services.

It is noted that in the prototype used the latest dual-core processor for embedded Atom (model not specified), and a software platform, open source, compatible with Tizen.

For satellite positioning in the media

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In NSU built a prototype detector for dark matter

In the laboratory, cosmology and elementary particle physics, Novosibirsk State University have designed a prototype detector to search for dark materii.Kak the press service of the NSU, the laboratory cosmology and elementary particle was created in 2011 by means of megagranta the Government.


Says Alexander Dolgov, head of the Laboratory:

— Made a big step with the construction of the detector. From a small model, we have moved to action prototype. This is a huge job. In the theoretical part of the research, we are working in two directions: cosmology and astrophysics.

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