In 2012, Russia was among the ten countries with the most transparent budget

Russia in 2012 was among the ten countries with the most "open" and transparent budget, according to the study International Budget Partnership.

Russia ranked 10th out of 100 in the ranking of budget transparency, receiving 74 points. In 2010, the Russian budget transparency index was 60 points.


The three leaders are New Zealand (93 points), South Africa (90 points) and the UK (88 points). Russia also bypassed Sweden, Norway, France, the U.S., South Korea and Chehiya.Gvineya, Myanmar and Qatar took the last three places rankings, getting 0 points for budget transparency.

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Uralvagonzavod — winner of the national competition.

According to the results of the All-Russian contest "The leaders of public procurement in 2012" UralVagonZavod won in three categories and included in the Federal Register of the basic organizations of the Russian economy, bona fide suppliers and customers and cost-. Contest was organized by the International Centre for Investment Consulting.

The joint stock company has confirmed compliance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation as a member of the budget process in the implementation of state and municipal contracts, the ability to efficiently use equity and debt budget. As

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First MFC Kurgan open for the cloud platform of Rostelecom

Kurgan branch of "Rostelecom" has provided modern telecommunication technologies first multifunctional center of public and municipal services to the public. These centers are being established in the regions to ensure that citizens receive public services, including in electronic form, with the "one window". The applicant is only required to apply and obtain the required service within the prescribed period, and all the rest of the work, including interagency coordination should hold employees MFC and the relevant state and local government agencies, the press-service of the operator.

At the moment, the center can provide people with 22 state and local

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Number of domain names in the. UA exceeded 700,000

Domain. UA crossed the mark of 700 thousand registrations. Compared to the same period last year, the number of names in the domain. UA has grown by 14% since the beginning of the year — by 12%. The press service of the company Hostmaster.

Of the total number of domain names 2% — the second level, and the rest — the third level registered in the public domain is 61, including 54 geographical and 7 — general purpose. The most popular is a public domain utility, which contains 38% of all the names in the. UA.

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53 mln. focus on new development for the coal industry

The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine on November 7 according to the results of tenders has concluded a number of contracts for the execution of research projects in the amount of 52.6 million USD. This is the website of Nashі groshі referring to the information in the Bulletin of Public Procurement.

Public research institutions commissioned 57 works. Longer — until the end of 2016 — will be carried out to develop a guidance document "The structure of the mines in the Ukraine and the production capacity of existing mines and quarries" for 1.06 mln.

For three

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Hospitals Tula region received new ambulances

November 1 was handed over 12 ambulances public health agencies Mother of God, Uzlovsky and Tula regions.

These cars were made to the charity program, one of the Tula industrial enterprises. Until the end, medical facilities Tula region will receive an additional 11 cars.

A total of 2012 in the framework of the modernization of health care in Tula region in 2011-2012 purchased 181 units of sanitary vehicles for 45 public health institutions.

Novgorod had the opportunity to monitor the movement of public transport online

MTS has launched a project to equip the public transport Novgorod monitoring system that allows citizens to track the movement of buses online.

Buses Novgorod equipped with navigation equipment MTS SIM-cards by which location information, itinerary, punctuality and fuel consumption is transmitted to the monitoring center, and residents of the city can monitor traffic over the Internet. The equipment is now installed on 80% of buses plying on the four main urban routes (№ 6, № 16, № 19, № 20). Since the new year the navigation system, which helps in monitoring the MTS will be

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In Kumertau opened MFC (Bashkortostan)

Multifunctional center of public and municipal services (MFC) opened on Wednesday, October 10, at Kumertau. This is the first in Bashkortostan branch MFC central office began work in June this year in Ufa.

— Residents will be able to get 71 Kumertau public service and community significance — told in the press service of the MFC. — In the near future the center will work bank, notary, insurance agency. For the convenience of visitors to the center has a coffee shop, children’s room, ATMs.

In Ufa, IFC clients are now available for more than 70 public services

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New MFC opened in Moscow and Smolensk

The new multi-purpose center providing public services opened last week in Marino in South-Eastern Administrative District of Moscow.

Currently, the district operates five such centers. In MFC Lefortovo district, Nizhny Novgorod, Printers, Marino, Ryazan provide 82 kinds of public services, issued more than 218 kinds of documents.

In Smolensk opened multi-purpose center for the provision of public and municipal services.

By this time in the Smolensk region multifunctional centers operate in Viazma, Gagarin, Roslavl and Safonov.

Upgrading public transport in Smolensk

Administration of Smolensk has acquired two new tram model 62103 with low-floor middle part of the total cost of 29.4 million rubles. The tender procedures were carried out twice. Select a vendor for the first time did not work due to lack of applicants. The second time his bid for a public auction provided a unique small company with registered capital of 10,000 rubles, established in February 2010, which was signed and municipal contract — at the initial (maximum) price.

The same company also was the only member of the City announced a public auction, put in

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