In the electric newspaper — lists of banned officials Grodno

One of the earlier publications, "Vedomosti" of the authorities concerned. Lenin district prosecutor’s office inspects Grodno, caused by days of Ivan Roman, what works for media-independent. Fact, that adjoins the prosecutor’s office building long standing carelessly, previously it was October the police department. Policemen moved, leaving a lot of office materials. The last section is not even guarded, photos positioned there "Vedomosti" in the last issue.The newspaper also writes about the construction of future hydropower plant on the Neman. Put under the swing of it must Editorial believes that the construction will cost 88 millions of dollars and pay off

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Independent press in subscription catalogs as before no

Subscription is the subject of attention of the country. But the beginning of the campaign bureaucrats not fun."Although we were given ads until the successes read early. We are people and organizations subscribe run in recent weeks," — says the manager of the enterprise subscription "Belsoyuzpechat" Marina Cherednyk."While not prescribe the newspaper, do not work"Practice push subscription to the official publication, which had place during the last campaign, and there is at the moment. For example, faced with this Krupky small businessmen."Urged to subscribe to the newspaper" Kurier Tax businessman "- says businessman Alexander. — And the list. Other words,

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Polotsk instead of bacon and glasses — press and coffee

There are two comfortable rooms, where they sell newspapers and coffee respectively. Guests enter the room first, laden with dozens of different newspapers and magazines. Press constantly updated: over how acquire publications stare. From the very beginning the cafe behind the counter then 32-year-old Svetlana. She moved to Belarus 5 years ago from Latvia. And now, as usual, got to work in half the fifth.

"Opposition edition? Not that would not take — do not give! .."

I asked: "And you’re an early bird itself?""No, — Svetlana smiling. — I like to take a nap, but I like the

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Lukashenko: is independent press is not ready to be printed in Belarus

Olga Abramova asked, is there a possibility that non-state newspapers such as "Narodnaya Volya"Will be able to be printed in Belarus. Lukashenko said that such a possibility exists. He added that these publications should "act strictly within the law.""I read the heads of these publications that I am ready to assist them, but with the proviso that they will abide by the law. They are not ready to print and innuendo" — said Lukashenko.

Brand new book came Bykov Bunker (refreshed)

The story "The Bunker" lay in the archive writer for nearly 20 years. Vasil Bykov vorachivalsya three times to her, but never graduated. This form of "Bunker" and was written in the first end last year 20 fourth issue of non-state magazine "verb". That room immediately became rarity. Says the chairman of the Union of Belarusian Writers Ales Pashkevich, who was preparing a story for publication:Paszkiewicz: "Number" verb ", which for the first time published" The Bunker ", sold out for two weeks and broke up. And it gave optimism encouraged to publish a separate book."In the book came next

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Alexander Lukashenko: I agree with at least some freedom of journalist

Lukashenko said in Belarus specifically held such a policy. "But the most important thing: a journalist should be responsible for what he wrote — separated from the article as a whole. Then articles in order not to be" — added President of Belarus.He also laid out his vision of journalistic ethics in greater detail: "When you talk about the person, you can criticize her position, but do not try something from his personal life to the surface and pull trample underfoot. I do not accept, when journalists roll on personality assessment and distort . All other — please let it

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Bykov book must be in bookstores always

This is the second edition of the national writer of parables. The first was during the life of the creator — in 1999."Vutsiny herd", "farmers", "Small reddish flower" and other parables Vasil Bykov written in recent years own life, which coincided with a time of enforced departure abroad. Published in 1999 in book form under the title "Pahadzhane" they caused extensive reader intrigued and literary controversy. Long book has become a rarity. What his homeland should not — convinced chief editor "Nasha Niva"Andrei Skurko.

"Bulls — it is such a writer, which must constantly be in bookstores. And if publishers

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Printers as censors

Now readers of regional independent newspaper "Borisov announcements" with a significant delay receive the next issue of this publication. Unexpected delay caused censorship in one of Minsk printing. By order of its management more than 3 thousand copies of the newspaper "Borisov announcements" went under the knife. Founder, publisher and chief editor of "Borisov announcements" Anatol Bukas refuses to call Minsk printing whose leaders acted as censors. Under their knife got a room with memo "third offspring Lukashenko." The editor claims that there are technical reasons for Kolya Lukashenko material did not appear in the restored impose. "It will be

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Why destroy the newspaper Slonim?

But at the moment, and Slonim Editorial faced a number of problems that threaten its existence forthcoming. Municipal lessors shall be removed to continue a contract to lease office edition, and local authorities are threatening to cancel the current system of distribution of the newspaper.Not so long ago the team "Newspapers Slonim" celebrated its 10th anniversary. But there is no guarantee that this anniversary will not be the last. About dilemmas that appeared before the editorial board, is responsible for the executive secretary of Publishing Nicholas Kononovich:"Since the end of May, we completed tenancy contract wording. June 1 we can

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Slonim evict newspaper. Such a setup

Director Unitary Enterprise "Slonimsky bytkombinat" Stanislav Ivanashka said "Freedom": "Well, this is my room. I’m supposed to put something of their own there. In a strange building forever do not they do not turn out budesh.Ya. I warned them in advance."Reporter: "Judging by your answer, with a little hunting you expose journalists on the street?"."Since hunting is not willing … Now this setting is to use the area under its creation and its services."Revision "Newspapers Slonim" leased floor in "Slonim bytkambinatse" for 7 years. In the editorial office employs 20 people. In 2007 the budget revision has paid 160 million

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