The Western press: Putin, the spirit of the Cheka and the crackpot intellectuals

All hopes for the development of democracy in Russia fell, the country is rapidly slipping into a totalitarian past under the "former KGB" Putin — about telling the world leading zabugornye edition. Introduce you to a regular review of Western publications on the political life of Russia.

"Existential Dilemma" foolish

The greatest memory for Western journalists made adoption of the "anti-democratic" laws in RF. None of the leading publication has not been spared this topic, do not forget to include in the article mentions that "Putin — last KGB agent." But there is a very sudden parallel. For example, former

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Ann Eplbavm: WikiLeaks hit the parole

Society Start publishing confidential diplomatic correspondence between the U.S. State Department and U.S. diplomatic missions on WikiLeaks caused Levinov commentary in the world press.

Famous American publitsystka Ann Eplbavm in today's edition of the Washington Post writes that really new in the publication of WikiLeaks is not the information contained in those documents, and the language in which this information is available.

According Eplbavm, after published by WikiLeaks diplomats will be much more cautious in his statements, both public and confidential, knowing that at any point in their negotiations may be published in tomorrow's newspaper.

"It seems that in the

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1014 cable from the U.S. Embassy in Minsk may be made public by WikiLeaks

Society Portal WikiLeaks published another batch of sensational U.S. Government classified materials. In this portal has announced the publication of an even greater array of documents, a total of a quarter million units. This is — the message in the U.S. State Department of the U.S. embassies around the world. Of these, 1,014 documents — from the U.S. Embassy in Minsk.

U.S. officials have said that the disclosure of secret documents Wikileaks is a security risk to many people, diplomats, intelligence officers, military and civilian. In a statement, the U.S. administration emphasized that the publication of these materials endangers those

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Journalists Rzeczpospolita would be fired for publishing misinformation

Editor in chief of the Polish newspaper "Speech Rzeczpospolita "Tomasz Wroblewski will be fired for publishing material on the traces of explosives, which Tipo was found on the ruins of the crashed Airbus Lech Kaczynski. Befitting recommendation announced in the evening on November 5th Supervisory Board of the company issuing the newspaper" Presspublika. "

Coupled with Vrublevsky leave their posts three others — his deputy, the head of the department of internal political and creator of the controversial material.

"After the investigation Monitoring Board concluded that the journalists involved in publishing, had no basis for the claim that, on the

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Court. Fine. Confiscation

Society Remnev Victor and his friends left the hall in protest. They deliberately did not listen to the judgment, as chairman of the District Court's Antonin Liozna Afanasyev did not work for about a dozen motions of the defendant. Decision that Victor Remnev, one of the founders of the "Vitebsk Courier", was found guilty of violating the order of distribution of the publication, Judge Antonin Afanasevoj had read out in an empty room. It decided to impose a fine on Mr. Remneva 35 base units, accounting for 1.225 million rubles, and also to confiscate 11000th circulation newspaper, arrested on October

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Today Lezne judge Vitebsk Courier

Society The trial of one of the founders of the newspaper, Victor Remneva to continue in Liozno District Court. The defendant is accused of illegally distributing publications.

The process started on October 8th — after Mr. Remneva car in which he drove the 11000th print run, detained Liozna police department. However Victor Remnev said that he needed to find a lawyer, and the meeting was moved to today.

Circulation "Vitebsk Courier" still remains in the area. Arrested in the latest issue of the newspaper readers could read interviews with two potential candidates for the presidency — Yuri Glushakova and Sergey

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