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USA: 22 pulsars found in the star cluster in our galaxy




According to the New Scientist, American astronomers who used the hundred-meter radio telescope in Green Bank, West Virginia, 21 were able to detect hitherto unknown pulsar. Pulsars are hiding in a cluster of ancient (not to say the oldest) stars in the globular star cluster Terzan 5 near

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Quirk of nature in the cube

Magnetar, pretending to be a pulsar, has puzzled astronomers

Using several large radio telescopes located on different continents, managed to clarify some of the amazing details of the "life" of a unique facility, opened in 2003 X-ray Observatory NASA Rossi (as transient anomalous X-ray pulsars) and the designation XTE J1810-197. Expected that XTE J1810-197 is a single rotating neutron star, which has a high-powered magnetic field — the so-called magnetars (magnetar).

However, despite the fact that all magnetars represent a very small class of objects, XTE J1810-197 and of magnetars was truly unique, capable of such tricks, which previously

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