Passion and Punishment

Today we would like to discuss the topic of homemade knife and clarify a number of issues and problems associated with it.

A visit to one of the editors of amateur artists, which in Russia are vast. He was not too unhappy about «light up», thereby making like a personal invitation to visit his vigilant precinct, so we use a pseudonym, but … this man — one of the many nozhevschikov craftsmen who, in spite of the risk of not very pleasant communication with representatives of the law, does not leave his hobbies.

— Tell us about yourself.

— Yes

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Malady urged judges to send portraits Sevyarinets

"We begin this action and appeal to all our colleagues with a request also print portrait of Paul Sevyarinets and send to the address in Baranovichi A.D.Kushavay judge that issued the policy last sentence," — reported the press service "Junior Front. "Last time Paul was detained on September 11 in the trial of the youth activist Yaroslav Hryshchenya. Paul Seviarynets received the same day the penalty — a fine of 620 000 rubles and 17 days in jail. Currently Paul Seviarynets serving his sentence in Baranovichi.• On-line conference with Paul Sevyarynets, 05/09/2007

Dmitry Dashkevich year is in custody

Dashkevich was arrested September 15 2006 on charges of acting on behalf of an unregistered organization (Article 193-1 of the Criminal Code Republic of Belarus). November 1 tribunal Kastrychnitski district of Minsk found him guilty and sentenced him to 18 months imprisonment.The trial was held behind closed doors. The human rights organization "Amnesty International" prisoner of conscience recognized Dashkevich. He is serving his sentence in Shklou regime penal colony number 17. July 20 he was 26 years old.The day after tomorrow, 17 September, another political prisoner, Andrei Klimov, already the fifth time experiences a own day of birth in the

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Kobrin farmer left to serve their sentences at home — without pants

Farmer accused the midst of the rest of the collection was growing and pharmaceutical herbs, which were later implemented through web unhealthy people. But the Ministry of Health considered that the private owner is not allowed engage in such activities without a license. So start a full scan. With all of this official position Minselkhozprod another — for harvesting herbs license is not necessary.Ultimately Vladimir Bantsevich sentenced to restriction of liberty for three and a half years, the acquired property confiscated and fined almost 90 thousands of dollars.Since at so called "Chemistry" there is nothing to feed the convicts, the

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Artur Finkevich denied premature release

In May 2006 Artur Finkevich was sentenced to two years restrictions on freedom of graffiti. Since the summer of the same year he is serving his sentence in Mogilev commandant.On present day Arthur has three warnings from the administration of the commandant’s office. If you get another, it can be transferred to jail. Artur Finkevich said: "If will be accepted a political decision for my release, then all of these warnings may be terminated within 5 minutes. "Artur Finkevich sentence comes in December This year.

After Paul Sevyarinets FREED Statkevich

"I did not ask. Court I did not recognize. Asked me to release. Wrote not a single complaint. With this power, even in official relations not going to lead. Especially since, it all reminds ransom hostages.If you purchase the 1st hostage, then need to be alert to the possibility that there will be new hostage. Because I do not it is very padabaetstsa.Tym not more that the condition — humiliating. I have a criterion … Even so 20 years would add — I will not ask. "Statkevich serving his sentence "chemistry" in the first Baranavichi later — in the village

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Paul Seviarynets prepares to leave his place of exile

Paul preparing for parole, reports Radio Liberty his mother Tatiana Seviarynets:"Ordered him to appear tomorrow, as they say, with things — to the output. Now it is calculated, signs sheet bypass. Tomorrow afternoon should be in Novopolotsk. There will be a tribunal. Paul uttered that this tribunal — a formality. And then — at will! At the moment I have one problem — looking car. For almost two years there he had accumulated books, papers, letters, some things. Need to take the same. "Paul Seviarynets serving a sentence of 15 August 2005. On charges of organizing protests against rigged parliamentary

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Political prisoner M. Statkevich visited salting Germany

Martin Geker expressed support Nikolai Statkevich and assured that looks over the fate of all political prisoners. Statkevich asked the Ambassador first support of political prisoners serving sentences in jail, — Dmitry Dashkevich, Alexander Kozulin and Catherine Sadouskaya.Statkevich said the administration denied him special settlement in the short vacation in March — the prisoner was going to visit his family. During the punishment for "chemistry" in the village of Blon Statkievich still not allowed to visit Minsk. In the past month he peravedav own father in Baranovichi.

In Asipovichy detained Artem Dubskiy

He managed to say a favorite organization Dmitry Dashkevich that he would be kept in prison for three days. Artemov supporters do not know the prerequisites detention. They do not exclude that the Young as 10’s other democratic activists, to be questioned in the case of 4 July blast during a gala concert in Minsk. Artem Dubskiy punished by restriction of freedom for the "Case 14". So referred "Chemistry" it should serve the community. Several administrative penalties may entail a change of regime of punishment to imprisonment.

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Inevitability of punishment has become a practice

Human rights activist, longtime manager of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee Tatiana Protko believes that in the case of arrest Radovan Karadzic international community has shown most importantly — the inevitability of punishment for the crime before humanity: "In the history of mankind inevitability of punishment for a long Time wasand dream. Democratic regimes based on the fact that people are punished not aggressive, but inevitably. And in international relations concerning those people, Offenders who were bolshennymi, it’s not always worked. And specifically, the twentieth century was a turning point in history when it’s the inevitability of punishment has become a

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