Australia to purchase F-111Gs

AUSTRALIA HAS FORMALLY requested Congressional approval through the US DoD for purchase of 15 surplus USAF F-111G aircraft as part of a $110 million sale which includes 12 spare engines and logistics support. Four of the aircraft have already been moved to McClellan AFB, California, for preparation, but the remainder are still in USAF service in the training role with the 27th FW/428th FTS at Cannon AFB, New Mexico. The F-111G is now being supplanted by the F-111E in the training role, making all 30 examples of the variant, a conversion of the FB111A, redundant.

The aircraft will join 18

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Cost of Japanese F-35 CAN zashkalivalo

Last Japanese defense minister, «architect» buy American F-35 fighter Satoshi Morimoto (Satoshi Morimoto) in an interview with Defense News (June 10) expressed the view that in today’s acquisition criteria in order to contain China may linger low pressure of the yen against to the U.S. greenback. Japan plans to buy 42 stealth fighter.   The course of the national currency in the last 6 months fell to 100 yen per dollar. Planned to buy the first four aircraft at the rate of 83 yen to the dollar, in other words, for 10.2 billion yen at the rate of 124 million

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Or a large selection of products for Belarusian students?

Exclusively in Minsk school markets are organized into 10 large stores. Interested buyers happy with the choice of the guests of the capital CUM somewhere» and Savanovich:Lady: "In principle, no problems. All in one place you can buy, there are. Only now got hold of one jacket, and it is worth 58 thousand. And more … "Man: "I think 200 thousand in handy. Know, slightly expensive. Could would be slightly cheaper. "In crowded These days are and Trade House Nyamiha. Section Chief Tatiana Makas states that» and the volume and variety of product need to meet not only the inhabitants

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Sweden called fault conditions from developing fighter Gripen NG

Swedish Ministry of Defence refuses to finance the development and procurement of promising fighter JAS 39 Gripen E / F NG, if the purchase of such aircraft refuses Switzerland, reports Defense News. Currently, Switzerland is considering buying 22 fighter Gripen NG, won the tender for the Air Force. Sweden previously hoped to share with one of the prospective buyers the cost of establishing a new aircraft. At the end of August 2012 the Swiss government approved the purchase of 22 Swedish fighter Gripen NG, but the deal is still in question. Namely, against the purchase of aircraft previously acted

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MiG-29 from collapsing before the dawn

Sales prospects known family of fighters Bad advertising strategy management «MiG», generated high expectations after the extraordinary Malaysian agreement in 1994 and aimed at completely unrealistic price performance has led to the fact that during the second half of the 90 concluded only two small contract to supply first 3-fighters in Peru, and then eight — in Bangladesh. Constructively to change the situation was until 1999 the brand new management «MiG», headed by Nikolai Nikitin, supported by the Russian government. Efforts of the new management have been focused on the first activation of a corporate building. On the basis

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U.S. strategic nuclear forces in the near the thirtieth

Their support will need one trillion dollars Nicholas Beginners California Institute of the international research in Monterey (The Monterey Institute of International Studies) and the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation of nuclear weapons (The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies) conducted a study on the costs of maintaining rassredotachivaniyu strategic nuclear forces (SNF) U.S. combat ready during the subsequent 30 anniversary. For a specified period the Americans plan to spend for this purpose about the 1st trillion dollars, which is meant to restore the purchase of new vehicles for nuclear weapons, improving the armament aviation nuclear weapons warheads and

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SU-35 DAN «green light» to the Chinese market

  Russian delegation, which included representatives of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC RF), Rosoboronexport, the company «Sukhoi», discussed at the talks in Beijing, China procurement issue new functional Russian Su-35 fighter.   The meeting resulted in the signing of a joint document authorizing virtually «green light» to promote the Su-35 to the Chinese market. China has long been showing enthusiasm for the brand new Russian fighter, but the parties could not agree on the way the planned volumes of purchases. Beijing announced its intention to purchase the first step of a small batch of 4 — 6 cars,

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And our country acquired independence weird way

In an interview with the newspaper "Nasha Niva"Kalyakin said that" and our country acquired independence is also quite weird method … ""Abkhazia and Ossetia nothing worse than Kosovo Albanians. When whole world recognized the independence of Kosovo, why not withdo it with respect to these states? The peoples of Abkhazia and South Ossetia have expressed a desire to live in-independent states. That there can be disgusting? Recognition of independence not only can be, and need. Belarus also has to recognize the will of these peoples. It’s no secret that our country acquired its independence in a rather weird way, when

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CTZ sent to Belarus tractor sets the first of six of its equipment

Dealer Company — the company "Monolittrans" — will gather in Minsk are bulldozers B-10M, which later will be available to local authorities and road builders.

The first tractor kits already shipped its CIS neighbors. The rest should be sent before the end of August.

This is the first major delivery of Minsk this year. Since January, the Belarusian partners have acquired a few tractor sets — impact of the financial crisis in 2011, when the companies of the republic have problems with the purchase of currencies, including the Russian rubles. But now the situation is improving. In the second

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Procure all — and the crisis is not terrible

Man: "All have prepared — from tomatoes to cucumbers. And potatoes, sugar and flour. All procured! Dacha thrown, buy on the market."Spades: "Health is not. Quit working in the country. Cheaper to buy here. If padrahavats — road manure expensive, it is better to buy in Gomel in the market. Even merchants brought to the apartment."Man: "I — one that had become a man. Bought ate — as necessary.’ll Take the mesh potatoes and head of cabbage. Again eat and go. To me a lot?"Spades: "All completely harvested. Potatoes before. On 3 — take three kg. And onions and garlic.

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