Новый студийный альбом Deep Purple Now What?!, вышедший спустя долгие 8 лет после своего предшественника, похоже, оправдал все ожидания. А возможно, даже превзошёл их — ведь некоторые опрометчиво заявляют, что группа никогда не звучала настолько хорошо. Интересно, что же скажет по этому поводу человек, который всегда был в Deep Purple.

Дамы и господа: мистер Иэн Пейс!

Иэн, прежде всего, хотелось бы поздравить вас с выходом долгожданного альбома. И надеюсь, что вы довольны полученным результатом.

Да, мы весьма и весьма довольны. Фактически, ещё в процессе работы над пластинкой, заведомо можно понять, какой она получится. Ведь некоторые записи даются легко, а некоторые

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Fight in the night sky

Meet a friend. In addition to the square eyes, a lot of incomprehensible speech. It turns out in the sky, considered by many people 'hanging' round object surrounded by a dark cloud round. So he moved, and the dark clouds drew a dark figure 8. Eight lasted about thirty minutes, and was gone. In the words of the people, and also my friend. It is judged that that wait eighth.

The eighth of May, two in the morning, I'm at a party at a friend's. The children are asleep, we are looking first cable tv in our town.

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In the Arizona desert discovered a mysterious purple sphere

January 31, 2013 21:53

According to local TV station KGUN-9, thousands of mysterious, translucent purple spheres have recently been found in the Arizona desert.

It was a normal Sunday in the town of Wa'il Zheradiny Vargas. Normal, while she and her husband came across something a little strange.

Thousands of tiny, purple shade areas appeared out of nowhere.

They were watery, some translucent, and a bunch of spheres lying by itself, it did not keep the tracks and it was isolated from the plant. Zheradina was shocked, and she wanted answers.

We spoke with Darlene Buhrov of Botanical

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Already weekend, December 4-5

Society Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history. 


Pasnezhyts Saturday and Sunday perastsihne. Temperature: -12 — 2 C. 

Do not pass:

December 4, debates, and on December 5 radio debates of presidential candidates (17.00 — 18.00).

4 December at 13.00 in the "Book Fair" in Minsk (Kalinin, 5) will be presented uncensored "Rapidly despair," Vladimir Karatkevich. At the presentation promises to be Ryhor Baradulin, Basil Trinity, Gennady Buraukin, Vladimir Orlov, Sergei Poniznik. 


December 4

In 1875 born Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke (d. 1926).

In 1971, during a concert by Frank

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Hen laid an egg, but not simple — purple

June 14, 2012 14:41

You would have made scrambled eggs purple? In the Palestinian village near Dahar found a rare natural phenomenon — the chicken was regularly carry colored eggs. Her owner says that the power of chicken has not changed, it is based on all of the same wheat and barley. In addition, the eggs have a normal flavor and color of their internal contents as normal. This phenomenon has not been studied in the laboratory.

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