TO toxic waste production does not turn into a time bomb must be reliably buried. Relatively simple and economical way




Water collected on the ground, maybe a hundred years ago, slowly seeping through the Great Filter — soil and porous rocks and accumulate in large underground aquifers, free from any chemical and bacteriological contaminants. This drink water safely. But if we safely bury toxic waste petrochemical industries, we can lose an invaluable source of drinking water. Somewhere toxic substances that dumped many years ago, it was considered the safest way are

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Delicious Council

SALAD «smoked»

Prepare this salad is quick and easy. Besides, he is very rich. Ingredients:

2 beet;

3 potatoes;

1 onion;

200 g of any raw sausage; mayonnaise; greenery; salt pepper.

Boil potatoes and beets. Cut into strips. Add the chopped onion, herbs and crumbled sausage. Fill with mayonnaise. If necessary, salt and pepper.

Soup of asparagus

Treat your loved ones an easy and tasty soup of asparagus.

In a saucepan melt the butter and gently fry the onion in it 1. 500 g asparagus, wash, cut thick slices, cut into pieces and put in the onions. Season with

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Criminal case Dmitry Dashkevich was brought to the prosecutor

The criminal case against Dmitry Dashkevich for refusing to testify against their colleagues filed Shklou police. Earlier on offer investigator Soligorsk prosecutors prosecute the Young Shklou colleagues gave a negative answer. As a result, agreed to conduct business Shklou police. Zmitser Dashkevich did not cooperate with the investigation, considering the illegal acts of policemen. Despite this, the police handed over criminal case in the prosecutor’s office to get approval for the transfer to the court. Favourite devoid Registered Social Democratic Party "Narodnaya Gromada" Statkevich Zmiter support and also finds a new criminal case in violation of procedural rules:"This article may

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The Tribunal dismissed the appeal on the Council of Ministers of the BHC

Three years reverse the Belarusian Helsinki Committee taxed on foreign assistance for the TACIS program there. Meanwhile, previously from this tax did not take care. The authorities explained to innovation changes in tax law that has brought Parliament. BHC arrested property, which evaluated 250 thousand rubles. But most importantly, they say human rights activists, the tribunal decided to collect from 155 million rubles organization taxes and penalties for non-payment. Since funds for this organization’s budget was not due to BHC arrested and brought against her control criminal case. Later it was closed, but the chairman of BHC Tatiana Protko not

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Repression of opposition activists marched to the European amplified

September 27 after 10 days of arrest to freedom came UCP Sergei Klyuyev. Sergei commandos arrested on the street and forced to show that in the pocket. For some flyers about the "European march" Man was taken to the police. There he called "fast", since it was the highest temperature. The clinic doctors diagnosed bronchitis and prescribed bed rest. Despite this, Sergei was taken to the tribunal, and later in jail serving arrest. Favourite games Anatoly Lebedko with his colleagues met at the gate by Sergei bullpen."All the same, there are young people who, despite all kinds of obstacles, doing

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775 thousand rubles fine for the issue of the book comments

Case activist Tatiana Tatiana Tsishkevich considered referee Paulyuchuk. Previously, the arbitrator to hear cases of administrative violations of opposition activists.Tatiana Tsishkevich not hesitate, it is recognized that the guilty:"What else to expect from a judge? She had previously endured such sentences."September 7 Tsishkevich Tatiana came to Minsk Central district police station to wait for the release of friends, who were detained for distributing stickers of the "European march".Police officer Metel’skii by damsel rudely expelled her from the premises. Tatiana was indignant and asked the book of comments and suggestions. Whereupon, as Tatiana said in court, she was detained "for disobedience."

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Brest tribunal saw business journalist

Anastasia Myaleshka performing an editorial job, attended the presentation on August 19, Paul Sevyarinets book "Letters from the forest." Law enforcement authorities considered it an unauthorized meeting. On 14 participants were drawn, seven appeared before the tribunal. Yury Bakur Eugene Belasin, Vyacheslav Kruglov, Sergey and Vasily Bathhouse Vavrenyuk were fined from 60 000 to 100 000 rubles.Magazine journalist "Shade" Love Pronevich, also as Myaleshka Anastasia, was present at the presentation of the book on an editorial assignment, the court issued a warning. Now came the turn to the correspondent of "Brest Courier". Anastasia Myaleshka shares his impressions with Radio Liberty:

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Tribunal over public activists Novapolatsk

Case Valery Shevchenko leads referee Peter Lyavchonak and Igor Sukhorukov and Anton Yasinovich — Alexander Fedyukevich referee. Igor Sukhorukov, Valery Shevchenko and Anton Yasinovich on the porch Novopolotsk court before the hearingThe morning session, which lasted for three hours listening to witnesses. Then he announced the break up to 14 hours.From June 27 to July 27 in Novapolatsk conducted Month protest against the abolition of privileges.In the midst of other shares of the Month and was collecting signatures for a review of the MPs of Novopolotsk who supported the decision.Since the organizers of the action, on the views of the

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Courts over the opposition in the Brest region will continue until October

Now in court in Brest metropolitan area will be judged Anastasia Myaleshka, a correspondent for the newspaper "Brest Courier", which came on August 19 presentation book Paul Sevyarinets "Letters from the forest" on the instructions of the publisher. She was detained along with other meeting participants. At the police station were 28 people. On 15 of them accounted for administrative reports. Observers do not exclude the possibility that the case against Anastasia can finish. Significantly worsened the situation in Catherine Belsky. Referee returned to the police report, that’s his pererablotali. As a result, on new charges Catherine can get behind

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Navapolack 100 thousand rubles fine for decomposed fire

3rd August, a group of Democratic Youth organized a camp in Volozhin district. But as young people gathered, they were surrounded by police. As a result, the camp was broken up, 9 people were detained. Midst of detainees was novopolochanin Alexei Trubkin. In Volozhin district police department on Young people amounted to a breach of protocols Art. 15:58 KoAPP: lighting fires in the wrong place.Case of Trubkin was mailed in Novopolotsk City Council, then the administrative commission ordered the punishment activist fine.Cases involving public activities Alexei Trubkin mentioned commission considers not the first time. But if earlier he was invited

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