Night Siege — 16 July

The forums portal guests commented detention in Belarus next spies. In espionage suspect former Belarusian military Russkina, Bogdan, and Korneliuk Petkevicha. According to the KGB, the last major Russian Armed Forces Yurenya, which also passes through this case, he said about his own activities FSB Russia. Yesterday, the TV channel ONT vice-chairman KGB Viktor Weger said that spies — former soldiers who were collecting information for Polish intelligence. As reported in the air, one of the detainees Vladimir Ruskin said that he was recruited Polish intelligence on the ground in Poland. By Russkina, upon arrival in Poland border guards found

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American sea power

December 20 The media has "Christmas" photos of U.S. Naval Base Norfolk — The largest in the world. The photo shows the five nuclear aircraft carriers — CVN69 «Dwight Eisenhower», CVN77 «George Bush», CVN75 «Harry Truman», CVN72 «Abraham Lincoln" and written off not long ago from the Navy CVN-65 "Enterprise."

In total, in the naval base Norfolk (Virginia) attributed 6 nuclear aircraft carriers, missile cruisers 5 "Ticonderoga", 24 missile destroyer "Arleigh Burke", four missile frigate "Oliver Perry," eight landing ships and 6 atomic submarines.

Khalip: I think my husband a national hero

In court, Op Society of Minsk ended the trial of the three participants in the events of December 19. Sentenced co-chair of the organizing committee of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" and the campaign manager of former presidential candidate Vital Rymasheuski Paul Seviarynets, the journalist, the wife of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov and Irina Khalip campaign manager of former candidate Nikolai Statkevich Sergei Martseleva. Judge Joan Brysina awarded: Paul Seviarynets — 3 years of "chemistry", Sergei Martseleva — 2 years on probation, Irina Khalip — 2 years with a grace.  Go to the courthouse well before the announcement of

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Prophecies about UFOs — revelations

Prophecies about UFOs — an interesting video

To the service of the people Vyacheslav boy went five and a half years — in 1987. And exactly five and a half years of his ministry lasted …

Russian army was still 5 Su-34 bombers

"Dry" passed the Defense Ministry has 5 series of front-line Su-34 bombers, said on Saturday the press service of the company.

"Another 5 series of front-line Su-34 bombers transferred to the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation company "Dry". The necessary documents are signed on its Novosibirsk plant — NAPO. VP Chkalov, "- said in a statement.

Transfer of aircraft carried out within the framework of the state defense order in 2012. Their stage to the place of deployment at the Voronezh air base in the Western Military Area (WEST) "Baltimore" is scheduled for the last time.


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Bet on war watch online

5 years later, the world almost forgotten about the events of August 8, 2008. A total of 5 days of fighting and not enough comparable victims. But the conflict around like the bloodiest war in history. Political posturing, backstage intrigue, dramatic effects and finishing strong actions: the role of the military operation of large numbers of troops and military equipment …

Chechnya, Afghanistan and other regions of the Caucasus

Disease of the century. Who’s who? watch online

In 1972, in the Italian town of Bologna in an abandoned monastery was discovered manuscript — book of prophecy the fate of mankind in the May 1000-lety forward. Creator — a Franciscan monk Federico Martelli, nicknamed Spiderman Dark. Back in the 15th century, with amazing accuracy, he described the actions of the 20th century: the beginning of 2-world wars, the atomic blast and even cloning animals. In the middle there is a prophecy: "At the end of the 20th century over Europe will be deadly disease that will kill half the population. Total new diseases will be a 5."

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