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PE-редакторы — инструменты не новые, и давно зарекомендовали себя как must have в арсенале любого реверсера. Но в последнее время в данной области образовался какой-то застой и ничего нового и действительно интересного не появлялось.

Хочется представить твоему вниманию новый инструмент для реверсинга исполняемых файлов — PE-bear. Утилита может похвастаться весьма богатым арсеналом возможностей, в том числе парой уникальных фишек:

• поддержка как PE32, так и PE64;

• просмотр нескольких файлов одновременно;

• сигнатурное определение упаковщиков с помощью сигнатурного анализа (работает очень неплохо);

• быстрый дизассемблер в комплекте (можно натравить на любое RVA/File-смещение);

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Pythons went hares from Ukraine to Belarus

As necessary from the border posts, "pythons were on the train, but no tribute comfort. They were in the coupe conductors is accused of working clothes of the box."Illegal pythons removed from the train, along with 19-year-old Belarusian the conductor. Currently Ukrainian border guards set her involvement in smuggling pythons, UNIAN news agency reported.

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Python died, having made the two-hour flight to the wing of an airplane

Tragically ended a two-hour flight from Australia to Papua — New Guinea for three-meter python, unwittingly make the journey on the wing of the aircraft, the snake died, but she still managed to stay on the wing before landing ship, reported Friday by the Associated Press.

According to passengers, who watched a python during the trip, the snake coiled on the wing, trying to keep, and it seems to give the injury, as the aircraft was stained with the blood of reptiles.

As a result, a python managed to gain a foothold in which wind could drop it from the

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In kindergarten, found a snake den with 40 pythons

December 27, 2012 20:45

Photo: abcnews

Australian officials were forced to close the day care in the Northern Territory because of its territory inhabited by at least 25 young pythons, and their much larger mother.

It all started on Wednesday when one of the young Australian carpet python was spotted on the playground of a kindergarten "Mitchell Center" in Darwin. The next day, seven more small snakes were seen crawling through the kindergarten, which take care of children aged from six weeks to five years.

Preschool director Luisa De Bomfort invited representatives of city services and two

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Snakes can overhear people talking

January 9, 2012 2:30

Photo ITAR-TASS Vladimir Leron

Danish scientists after experiments with pythons found that reptiles can detect vibrations in the air, despite the lack of ears. For a long time it was believed that snakes are deaf, because they have no ears. Scientists have dispelled this misconception.

Reptiles have almost complete analog of our inner ear with his usual ear bone and hair cells, but without the ear drum. Instead, their inner ear is connected to the jawbone. Jaw perceives vibrations from the ground and transfers it the inner ear — as a snake and

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Giant python weighing 75 kg was caught scientists in the National Park of Florida

The largest Burmese python ever found in the U.S. state of Florida, caught in the Everglades National Park, said agentstvoFrans Press.

"This is just horrible beast, about a foot (30.5 cm) in width," — told reporters herpetologist Kenneth Crisco (Kenneth Krysko).

Crisco added that the length of the python to be about 5.35 m, weight — 74.5 pounds. Moreover, pregnant 87 reptile eggs.

The study population of Burmese pythons in Florida, scientists will conduct a thorough study of the reptile. The fact that the first such python was found only in the state in 1979. Since then, the population

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In his own family home in Canada caught two pythons

Family living in the Canadian city of Toronto, in his own house caught two adults pitonov.Pervaya king snake was found in the bathroom. Chris Ford and wife Janet Wilkinson started to repair their homes. On opening the floor in the bathroom, they were faced with the first reptile. Python scared of people and disappeared. Only after the five-week search and attempts to catch the python with lures, spouses were able to rediscover the snake. The reptile was found and caught near the refrigerator. The length of a python, which hosts named Monty and sent to a pet store, was 90

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The snake was lying in a clearing with mushrooms


Learned the details of discovery in the woods Pustoshka four-meter snake. In the newspaper Pustoshka district "Forward" came villager Verbilovo Vladimir Vasiliev, whose photo next to the 4-hmetrovoy snake dispersed over the Internet. Talk with him managed to district police chief of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations and mobilization training Viktor Vladimirov, who gave some details of the incident.

— Young people are five of us went for mushrooms, chanterelles just went — says Victor Y.. — One of the young men saw a small clearing with chanterelles, and she was lying in

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