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Beauty — not just good looks




Now three new studies on human perception of physical beauty showed that the degree of beauty determine not only the external data. It turns out that people have different perceptions of familiar and unfamiliar. In many studies evaluating the human attractiveness, people show a set of photos

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The way of Vedic Estates

DELENI classes in Vedic society was caused only by the fact that different social groups perform different functional obyazannosti.No society representing a single, smoothly running system, because the Vedas say that all living beings are of equal value, equal area. Academy is not only a porter, and a housewife is the President, and every living creature that has received any body of the material world from God to man, a sparrow or a worm, still need in the universal harmony and performs its functions, in accordance with their qualities. Inplace so the material world all living beings,

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Methods of chakra development in children and how to praise a child

There are many ways a positive impact on the child, which is achieved by means of different educational objectives. Adults often use them, are not always aware of what the results give one or another way. Proper encouraging children can do wonders — to motivate them for the necessary steps to strengthen the positive qualities, improve self-confidence, helping to absorb the rules of behavior in society. At the same time, if you select a wrong way to encourage a situation or use continuously only one of them, we can get a result opposite to that expected.

Perhaps the most

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