Water Quality and Health

Water quality is an extremely important concept in fish keeping, as deviations from ideal conditions can lead to direct or indirect damage to fish. By maintaining good water quality you can therefore keep your fish healthy & in top condition.

Water Quality Requirements Most fish keepers are aware of the need for maintaining certain water quality standards, in order to keep their fish healthy. Deviations from these requirements can lead to stress, physical damage, and eventually ill-health. For the purposes of keeping fish, it is perhaps useful to think of water quality in two parts — basic requirements and specific

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The Curtain Exchange

The designer solution for every window treatment and curtain need is at The Curtain Exchange. Whether it’s in-stock curtains ready to take home on the spot or custom beauties made and measured to order — for residential or commercial properties — you’ll be inspired by the store’s exquisite quality, large selection and fresh style.

An endless selection of fabrics and materials is available for sheers, solars, shades, blinds and shutters, with manual or motorized control, and abundant hardware options — they can even perform installation for you, and also offer unique bedding and pillows.

Professional consultants, in-home consultations and the

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A basic guide to getting the beat gear and the beat photo of awesome sport

Buying a camera has never been easier thanks to the overall quality of the hardware — and never been more difficult thanks to the overwhelming amount of choice. There are a few simple guidelines and truths we can pass on here so you get the right camera and use it in a way that gets you the best dirtbike shots. It can get pretty funky and techno but if you follow these simple tips you’ll be on the right track to get the best gear

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Quality from Quangsheng

I purchased my first Quangsheng plane just over a year ago and since then I’ve slowly been replacing my Stanley and Record family with their cousins from the Far East. What has really impressed me is the consistent quality that comes throughout the range, and this latest addition — a stainless steel spokeshave — is every bit as good.

It arrived housed in the Quangsheng trademark wooden box with its sliding lid, in which it will live safely for years to come.

Quality casting

The spokeshave is fractionally larger than the standard adjustable Stanley model, with an attractive gull-wing design

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Double Four bass combo

Setting a new mark in the ‘more decibels per kilogram’ arms race, this tiny 70W combo packs some staggeringly grown-up tone. Review by Gareth Morgan

The modern trend for downsizing and weight reduction in bass amps is something that should be applauded by bass players of all generations and all stylistic leanings – and Phil Jones Bass, alongside the likes of markbass, Genz Benz and euphonic audio, has been at the forefront of such developments with its Briefcase and Bass Cub models. PJB’s Double Four combo is the latest addition to this excellent line.

Built at

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Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G6.

With the Looks of a small DSLR and many helpful features, is this the perfect beginner’s camera?

The Panasonic LUMIX DMC-G6 looks, on paper, like a feature-packed camera that’s perfect for the aspiring amateur, and it certainly lived up to our expectations.

The 16.05MP sensor might not be winning the megapixel race, and its Micro Four Thirds size is smaller than the APS-C sensors found in the likes of Samsung’s NX300, but its feature set makes up for that. While the smaller sensor may mean a small drop in image quality, this does mean it’s compatible with other MFT lenses.

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Mass produced means better quality

Professor Bob Newman’s recent article on build quality ( AP 10 August) was certainly food for thought. I have always thought the term ‘build quality’ to be a strange one, and I am not even sure if it is grammatically correct. I prefer to use the term ‘well made’ rather than ‘good build quality’, and to my mind they both mean the same thing, although I am sure that some will disagree. If we have to use the term, however, my understanding has always been that mass-produced items generally exhibit the best build quality, because all the parts have to

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The modern market, and competition among furniture manufacturers are known to dictate increasingly higher demands on the quality of finished products. However, ready to buy, many of us do not think about the fact that lies at the heart of this concept. How it is achieved high quality upholstered furniture can be seen in the Finnish factories POHJANMAAN.

Creating comfortable sofas and chairs for many years, master POHJANMAAN not change its main rule, namely to make furniture by hand. The quality of the finished product begins with the frame, convinced POHJANMAAN, because it is the «soul» of the

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For quality must fight!


I work at JSC «Kyrgyz-lift.» Catered accommodation, a variety of organizations, including the White House of the Kyrgyz Republic.

We in Bishkek different lifts «karacharovtsy», «Shcherbinka» old «Samarkand» many more. Recently, the Belarusian party mounted a Frequentists «Danfoss». At the White House have «Sigma» the system «Panorama», also assembled themselves. Technology class. The revolution, however, they kicked a little bit, but we have restored, are working properly.

Of course, not all of us radiantly, but not as bad as it is fed to the media.

Many of the city elevators that need to be replaced, have worked 25

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Build quality

WHAT a photographer wants in a camera is a very personal affair, but the marketing executives of the big camera companies pick out their ‘unique selling propositions’ from amongst those attributes that they think will have a broad appeal to the photographic community For a camera, megapixels, as a proxy for detail and resolution is one such attribute. Noise, as a proxy for ‘image quality’ is another Speed, both related to frame rate and focus performance gives another hook on which marketing people can hang their hat. More recently, more esoteric concerns such as dynamic range and colour gamut have

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