Personal trainer.

Four months of intensive training behind. Verify how much you can endure.

Text and Methodology: Dmitry Smirnov.

* This is the third part of the annual program of home exercises for the integrated development of motor skills. The first two parts seek to

oic part of an annual program — new challenges for you and your body. The priority of the next 2 months will be endurance. To do this, we are somewhat simplify the set of exercises and workout temporarily get rid of speed, endurance and speed because, alas, can not develop at the same time. Plus your

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Belarus — the world’s favorite in the number of tax

In Belarus there are 124 taxes and fees. This one paying less than in the past. In Last year favorite of the number of tax penalties was Uzbekistan, in This year He lowered that number to 118, giving first place in Belarus. Ukraine retained third place, increasing the number of tax payments from 98 to 99. Largest tax burden Belarus retained first place among the CIS states and the sixth largest in the world, second only to the Gambia, Burundi, Sierra Leone, Congo and the Central African Republic. But progress is being made: in Last year, when the Belarusian company

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Human Trafficking: Belarus has been in Watch List

Such reports are prepared every year since 2001.State Coordinator applets "La strada" Ira Olhovka read the report yesterday.She notes that the document has many critical remarks in the address of Belarus:"Maybe the State Department aimed to compare the situation, assess the progress in comparison with previous years. "Since 2001, Belarus was in the midst of such reports second category of countries — the countries that make significant, but had not done enough to stop human trafficking.A recent report of Belarus has moved closer to the third category of countries where the situation is alarming. Belarus has been in so called

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To receive a Lithuanian visa can now register by phone

With the advent of summer, the number of Belarusians who want to visit Lithuania, increases significantly.Press Attache at the Lithuanian Embassy Christina Pakonite notes:"Of course, simplifying visa function through preparatory record, our embassy has taken on additional responsibilities. But practice shows that we deal with this.In the summer we also increase the number of contacts with tourist firms. This means, Any company that is accredited by the embassy, can now once a week to bring documents. Earlier this practiced only twice in the past month. "Once a day the Lithuanian embassy issues visas to above five hundred. But this figure

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V.Semashko: will be sharply reduced the number of duty-free shops

"We have produced duty-free in every village," said Semashko during a speech to the deputies of the National Assembly.First Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus said that the number of stores byazmytavaga trade will "drastically reduced."Bureaucrat referred to foreign experience. In other statesah, he singled out such shops have extremely large Fri crossing the border.Chap. also: • Will be closed on the duty-free shops? 11.04.2007• Belarus will eliminate stores duty free? 27.10.2005• Or increase in the stores "duty-free" Belarusian alcoholic beverages and cigarettes? 27.06.2005

Turkey against Syria: the correlation of forces

First days of October brought with dull announcements Near East. It all started with the fact that Turkey had fallen on the ground artillery shells, allegedly issued by Syria. Turks responded to this vsepolnotsennym fire. Over the next couple of days the situation is repeated again: someone with the Syrian countryside produces several shells, then Turkey inflicts fire attack on the positions of Syrian troops. Such a choice target Turks motivated by the fact that impinge on their armed forces can only Syria. Why are guilty or guilty specifically assigned military, not the rebels? The official answer is no,

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Overview of the Western press: Reddish forest in the Chernobyl zone. As malicious salt.

On the results of their own work in the Chernobyl zone said French and South American scientists. German newspaper "Die Welt" wrote: "Amazing results obtained from the study of animal behavior in the districts Charnabylyu — birds that nest there, find a place for themselves with low background radiation. As birds find out force contamination remains a mystery to scientists." Nests in the reddish woodsScientists working in the so-called "Reddish woods," which is just 3 km away. from the reactor. Forest so christened so after tragedy trees there became reddish. Those reddish trees, however, have already cut down, and the

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Minsk apartment in February rose by 20%

Currently, the average Minsk studio apartment costs about 60 thousands of dollars. In real estate agencies explain this decrease in new home construction, also decrease the number of proposals on the secondary market. Another of the circumstances referred to as increasing the number of buyers from Russia, which have the right receive property flush with Belarusian citizens.Details — later on the website and in the evening air.

Dzh.Mur: I think the new sanctions will rapidly

Diplomats must leave the area of Belarus, reports the press service of the Foreign Ministry.Foreign Ministry officials explained to Moore: These acts — the answer is that the South American side did not accept the advice of the official Minsk and did not reduce the number of employees of the embassy.Interfax, citing embassy officials reported that at 15.00 now expired, during which the U.S. State Department must respond to the demands of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry to reduce the number of employees of the Embassy in Minsk to 5 people. Now in their 15 diplomatic consulate.

This case may lead

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Businessmen are going to rally and strike

Of the eight thousand individual entrepreneurs registered with the tax office of the 1st district of Minsk, reregistered 360 people.Winner of several kiosks Nicholas Romashin expressed such a world:"The state put up an ultimatum. Began to talk with his people ultimatums. After the New Year, according to sources from the Council of Ministers of disk imaging, the full program there will excuse the expression, "dryuchit" businessmen. For example, the documents that just do not work, such as "book-keeping and promotion of goods" will inspect one hundred percent. "But the total number of personal business grows. On this day, it is

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