Tangerine Dream And Brian May

Starmus: Sonic Universe

Первопроходцы синтезаторной музыки и гитарист Queen сходятся на сцене.

На первый взгляд, Tangerine Dream и Брайан Мэй кажутся странными партнерами. Queen всегда воспевали людей, защитников и спасителей вселенной. Tangerine Dream, во всем своем мрачном эмбиентном великолепии, в 70-х изображали космос, как безгитарную, беззвездную черную массу, совершенно безразличную к человечеству. Тем не менее, оказалось, что у Брайана Мэя есть склонность к космологии, в то время как Tangerine Dream давно стали, скорее, коммерческим предложением, нежели вызывающим страх проектом. В итоге они идеально сработались вместе на этом концертном альбоме, записанном в 2011 году на фестивале Starmus в рамках празднования 50-летия

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Russian artist at home Andersen.

Work in Denmark at the invitation of Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II Dmitry Žilina went from a country where the profession of the artist over the last seven or eight years has lost its former social recognition, prestige began, outside the range of concerns of high state institutions. Although once, remembered by many artists not without a nostalgic warmth, these «care» pestered much free creator. But there were exhibitions, contracts, titles, awards, creative journey, large orders, systematic purchases. Now, if you’re lucky if someone help myself pretty tired with running, then you can, for example, to go to work on

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A new rise of beekeeping

The new labor victories of the Soviet people met thirty-fourth anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Millions of workers in town and country, by participating in socialist competition, have made and achieve significant growth in industrial and agricultural production and improve its quality. Our people are proud of the great builders labor successes of hydraulic structures of the Stalinist era of the Volga, the Dnieper, the Amu Darya and Don, proud of the success in transforming the nature and achievements of the Stakhanovite industry, transport and agriculture.

The Soviet people are not spared his

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Prepare to winter

With the approach of autumn beekeeper must use all his experience and knowledge to wintering bees was successful.

Spending poslevzyatochnuyu audit.

After removing the extensions necessary to find out the condition of families and try to create the conditions for building the bees going into winter. Such work in any case can not be postponed, because bribes can completely stop and come bees theft, resulting in a detailed examination of the families will be reduced to zero.

During the examination, the family need to determine its strength (number of frames occupied) and the quality of brood (seeding density), food

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Ira Kozulin fights cancer and helps others

Statistics show that cases of breast cancer in Belarus annually grows about three thousand women. This sad figure said Ira Kozulin, wife of the well-known opposition leader, former presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin.But not for political reasons Ira joined a public campaign to support cancer patients ladies. Here’s a couple of years this problem As for her personally. Ira knows about chemotherapy may be associated methods of treatment of cancer in different countries.She notes that more fundamental psychological assistance unhealthy ladies:"This government does not. It is only concerned with healing. Once a lady with such a diagnosis are discharged from the

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Mogilev factory workers filed to the court on the vertical

Repair plant in Mogilev have not yet commented conflict-refer to the absence of a lawyer.Workers at the factory gates also declined to comment.But we have learned that the debt is a joint stock company is now two and a half billion. Monetary recovery for employees offered a transfer to the State all of the shares.People do not mind saving the company. But they do not recognize the ways in which use regional administration and bureaucrats.Thus, at a general meeting of shareholders for a vote for a resolution on the reorganization, which was prepared without preliminary agreement with them. In protest,

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Poll: Affects whether Congress on the affairs of government and the opposition?

Listen:Reporter: "How do you think things will swap power and the opposition after the Congress?"Guy: "How do I know several members were not allowed to Congress, opposition was very indignant. Because I think not. "Man: "With our power the opposition can not cope. For there is one citizen who wishes all lay their hands on. I think not. "Lady: "I think nothing will improve and not worsen. This Congress, I think, just for the" swoosh " so to speak. Nothing will change. "Woman: "I do not know."Man: "I believe that this question at the moment is very serious and it

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We do not need such freedom …

Man: "Ladies Radio Liberty! March 8 Orlov spoke about artist Peter Sergievich. His I listen to every day, and love. But This time He said nothing about the post-war years and his life Sergievich in Maysagose. These years He spent the priest near Vilnius, now more centennial Joseph Abrenskaga. Here he lived and going to ruin outstanding Vilna svetary department and with Dawn, who were forced by the Bolsheviks. Sergievich there was one with them: they are Renders redecorated Maysagoskaga church, he even made two side altars. As we see, he was not only a painter, and architect. Second. On

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Beijing sky became wet

More several days reversing the dream of "wet" the sky could be practically unattainable. Even here there is a perception that the rain in Beijing is a day or two or three a year. And here — pouring. Forecasters promised that the weather still remain … True, disgrace office of heaven can not be an obstacle to the conquest Awards XXIX Games athletes, especially the Chinese, who in a very short period could already 6 times get rich. Although at present the group race in the midst of the ladies, accompanied shower, Chinese and Korean cyclist counties majestically Chinese walls

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Refuse meat from fish, from fruits, vegetables …

For other healthy eating candidacy remains unused advice of doctors.The State programmke Demographic Security of Belarus for 2007-2010 argues that mortality from digestive diseases from 1990 to 2005 increased by 96.8%. More than a quarter of the population is overweight. Do these people even higher risk for developing kidney tumor, lung, of diabetes, etc.My companion — at the Department of General Hygiene Grodno meduniversitetu Eugene Maysienak directly connects it with the patient nutrition. It must consist of first of grain products, fresh fruits and vegetables have less — meat and dairy products, you should limit the use of salt and

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