Inhabitants of 3 houses Minsk vote shall be removed

Confrontation nursing home number 14, 16 and 18 on the street Belsky with local authorities has been going on for a long time. And a refusal to vote was the last chance for a solution prepyadstviya, says one of the applicants Dmitry Usov:"I live at Belsky, 14. This is such a big house. Among the houses we have an entry arch. And through this arch allowed highway. Gazuyut cars, children have nowhere to play. We have appealed to the administration of the town, the presidential administration, the president, the prosecutor’s office — no result. Because our three houses, we wrote

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In Germany, an act of Gazprom is considered in the context of trust in the Russian Federation

Coordinator of the Energy Policy of the Free Democratic Party faction in the German Bundestag Gudrun cop said that new approaches to "Gazprom" to Belarus should be considered in the context of the upcoming confidence in Germany and the Euro Union to the Russian Federation as an economic partner.By Gudrun cop "theme suddenly reliability Russian fuel deliveries again became the order of the Days", and it said the deputy, "shows a certain nedeyazdolnasts Chancellor Angela Merkel.""Bundeskatsler should bother about, that the economy, security of supply and environmental safety are equally regarded as fundamental components of energy policy," — said Gudrun

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The new head of Beltransgaz — Gomel

As saidand now the press service of the Belarusian head of the country, the new CEO of "Beltransgaz" appointed Vladimir Mayorov.Our disk imaging, it will come to this place with the deputy manager of the Gomel regional executive committee, where he was responsible for economic issues.Earlier Vladimir Mayorov some time engaged in the executive committee with the economy and external trade. After kutsee time worked in the Council of Ministers in Minsk, where he returned to Gomel in rank Deputy Chairman Executive Committee. In Gomel Mayorov often referred to as a "man Sidorsky."New human destiny concern first economic sphere, 23.07.2007

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End quote: 23.06.2007-29.06.2007

"I’m so independent, as it may be, to defend the country’s interests, besides, is the managing party and a deputy.", Owed, the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party, was appointed special representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry in talks with the European institutions — in an interview with "Freedom." "The program Kalinowski obviously not designed for classroom training programmers or economists, on the other participants would not store the database for organizing terrorist attacks … Preparing militants in a European country — very specific occupation. Hence zasakrechanasts Kalinouski disk imaging and demand control applets Jan Malitsky not disseminate its results.

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The representative of the official Minsk met with the management of the European Union

According to the press service of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, the visit to the capital Voronetsky EU will last one day and "would be the logical continuation of the contacts between Belarus and the European Union, which had in soon. "The official report says nothing about the discussion is the question as the abolition of EU trade preferences Belarus. It was adopted on Last year decision of the European Commission should take action on June 21.Meanwhile on the website of the Belarusian Embassy in Berlin reported that the recently proposed Minsk Brussels to start the negotiation process on mutual trips

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Cyberwar between U.S. and China do not cease

In the meantime, the parties agreed to halt global warming After the meeting in California, U.S. President Barack Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping called for strengthening cooperation between countries with 2. Agreement on greenhouse gases and nuclear programmke DPRK. But neither side has made concessions on areas of impact in Asia and supplying weapons to Taiwan. According to experts, geopolitical contradictions persist, Washington and Beijing will have to make an effort to prevent the deterioration of relations. Obama and Xi Jinping pledged to make the latest model of the relationship between with 2 powers. During the two-day summit, held

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Radkov: European centers democracy Belarusian universities are not needed

The initiative for the creation of such centers by the chairman of the Political Council of the» united democratic Alexander Milinkevich forces in Strasbourg during the meetings with the management of the Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe. According to Milinkevich, European centers can be made according to the standard of European Documentation Centre and disk imaging that operates at BSU, but fundamentally the difference — centers should appear in all the universities of the country, and their work should be coordinated by representatives Council of Europe or the European Union."We have special courses, even at school we go these questions

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Oral: the police know, or drink Uneven

They says, the Uneven, hinder the work of the company’s petition for his nomination candidates:"Came policeman with different questions began to turn to neighbors: Uneven or drink vodka or quarrel with his wife. Also came with about such matters to my friend active group Kudryavtseva, the city and Gerd. "Sergei Nerovny still summoned to the police to find out where he was during the explosion on the night of July 3 and 4.The prosecutor’s office forwarded the complaint to the police department Krichevsky. There is no answer.Meanwhile Investigation Department of the State control of money claimed the editor-independent weekly report

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CIS-independent and bilateral meetings

As usual in the case of similar summits, the intrigue is not what issues are on the agenda a day or, as in who the post-Soviet space of Governors will hold bilateral talks and with whom.It seems the main intrigue of the CIS summit in Minsk have a question, will find whether the new Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, the time to talk with Yulia Tymoshenko and the head of the Georgian Minister Vladimir Gurgenidze. In soon issues of Russian-Ukrainian and Russian-Georgian relations have become the leading country in posts with the CIS.Over the past two months relationship between Russia

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Return whether Russian deposits?

Some Belarusian media announced this meeting as very fundamental. Say, soon the people who lost their ashchadki in Russian time, begin to return their funds. Perhaps influenced reports from Ukraine, where the government of Yulia Tymoshenko This year began to pay such compensation.But the bill, which is now considered the Commission has no business to the times of the USSR, Radio Liberty explains Deputy Chairman Gleb Ivanov:

Bill about saving deposits, and not on the return

"The document deals with the future and real-time. This is a bill about saving deposits, rather than the return of any deposits that were

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