Quiet Spike To Suppress Sonic Booms

A RESEARCH project called Quiet Spike, which investigates suppression of sonic booms, has begun at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center, at Edwards AFB, California. A joint team of Gulfstream Aerospace and NASA Dryden engineers and technicians has fitted a 24ft (7.3m) retractable spike on the nose of Dryden’s F-15B research test-bed aircraft. Made of composite materials, Quiet Spike weighs 4701b (213kg) and extends from 14ft (4.26m) in subsonic flight to 24ft (7.3m) in supersonic flight.

It creates three small shock waves that travel to the ground, parallel with each other. These produce less noise than the typical shock waves which

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Adding a power switch to an external drive

I bought my 80GB Maxtor Personal Storage 1394 drive with a plan for it to act as an offline file server and backup depository.

To my surprise, there was no power switch on the unit. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that any product that isn’t required to be on all the time should provide some method for the user to turn it or and off. Maxtor’s design decision didn’t make sen se to me, so it was time to take matters into my own hands.

Since I only use the


JAPAN: The earthquake in the Pacific Ocean

Syndicate Mitsubishi Electric Group in March announced that two of its major businesses affected by the earthquake in the Pacific Ocean force 9 points on March 11 this year, but serious injuries to employees is not observed. Office branch of the company in Tohoku, located in Sendai, damaged but still functional. The plant Koriyama, Fukushima Prefecture, reportedly damaged the building. Manufacture of TV sets with closed-loop and communication equipment at the plant temporarily suspended.

Syndicate stated that he donates $ 500 million Japanese yen ($ 6.16 million) on assistance and support to the earthquake victims. Taking into account the needs

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The next burst of activity on the Sun

The next burst of activity on the Sun's interesting

On the dark side of the sun satellite STEREO-Behind (NASA) was recorded powerful flash. Despite the fact that the blast wave shut down the solar disk, it can be seen from Earth with the help of special equipment. It is established that the explosion occurred near the eastern limb of a two-day rotation of the visible part of the Sun. At the moment, the spot number 1393 is located in the western part of the limb, and it is not visible from Earth. But as the rotation of our planet, it

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Found the victim Pacific Tsunami

February 7, 2013. According to some data, the victims of the tsunami that struck the Solomon Islands after a powerful earthquake, were six people, including one child.

Rescuers napralyayutsya in areas difficult to access, where they can be found new victims of the disaster.

Several people are still considered missing. Hardest-hit villages on the islands of Santa Cruz, who were the closest to the epicenter. Were flooded even remote villages deep in the islands.

Earthquake magnitude 8 occurred in the Pacific Ocean on Wednesday.

Source: BBC Russian Service

Russian silent weapon. Silent Revolver brothers Mitya

Lower the sound of the shot firearm was davneshney dream of many designers. At What tricks do not go just for gunsmiths, that it is their standard managed called silent. Amidst all the abundance of really excellent designs and many samples of Russian origin. Many of them are fairly well known, some have received wide distribution, and some have remained in single experimental copies. Let's try to go through the history of development of Russian silent guns of this series of articles, well, as it may be, carefully analyze the individual standards. Unfortunately, the promise that will undergo review fully

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From the Atlantic to the Pacific: Putin suggests Europes common market

President Vladimir Putin believes that the level of cooperation between Russia and the EU does not correspond to the potential parties, and invites Europeans to make a single market, extending from Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

According to "Interfax" Putin said at a meeting in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that "we are with Europe could set an ambitious goal — to build a single market by Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in the trillions of euros. "

But Russian business in the outer markets are often confronted with unfounded restrictions, the president, so it requires constant support from

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A series of earthquakes occurred in the western Pacific Ocean

January 31, 2013. Series Earthquakes magnitude from 4.9 to 6.2 occurred on Thursday in the Pacific Ocean off the east coast of Santa Cruz Islands, belonging to the Solomon Islands government, the website of the U.S. Geological Survey.

The most powerful tremors (magnitude 6.2) were recorded at 07:33 Moscow time. These were followed series Earthquakes magnitude 4, 9 to 5.6 from 7:58 to 10:50 Moscow time.

The epicenter of the quake was located 30 kilometers to the east of the island of Nendo (Nendo). Center lies at a depth of 9.2 kilometers. The epicenters of three more earthquakes were located

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U.S. will increase its presence in the Pacific

Any statements by senior military officials always cause a public outcry. Who can turn even the word scandal South American Defense Minister L. Panetta. Currently, the Pentagon chief is touring the countries of Southeast Asia and holds the appropriate negotiations with their management. Second of June (Moscow time), while in Singapore, Panetta made one statement perceptible. Besides the usual word for the continuation and strengthening of military cooperation, he said plaintext plans its institutions capacity U.S. naval group in the Pacific. According to the Minister of Defense, already this year in the designated region is airlifted several ships serving

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Beneath the Pacific Ocean is growing supervolcano

February 13, 2013. According to the Huffington UK, U.S. researchers from the University of Utah found at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean supervolcano, which is able to destroy the Earth.

Scientists say that two chemical bladder the size of a continent of partially molten rock, converge beneath the Pacific Ocean, and it seems that will create new supervolcano.

It can bring the world scale disaster.

Geologist Michael Thorne of the University of Utah in the message for Earth and Planetary Science, says that the collision takes place slowly at a depth of 2900 km under the ocean.

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