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Kuban breeders have something to show people!

At the beginning of 2013 the number of rabbits in the livestock smallholdings Kuban reached 160.8 thousand. 

For comparison, in 2011 in the province, there were 140.5 thousand rabbits. According to the operative data coming from the municipalities, the number of population of rabbits on private farms today reaches 177 thousand. In farms in the two years it has increased from 4 million to 12 million heads.

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Rabbit named The Seagull

In Russia the first time in 20 years a new breed of rabbits

Faced with a shortage of large purebred rabbits in the Primorsky Territory, Vladimir and Lyudmila Kurbatova have decided to withdraw the right breed for the benefit of Russian agriculture hozyaystvu.A appealed for support to the Agricultural Bank. And it has paid off.

The State Commission for Testing and Protection of New Varieties of Plants of the Russian Federation has registered in the Register of Protected Selection Achievements large breed rabbits "The Seagull," which brought Vladimir KURBATOV in his nursery. By the way, in the

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In Chelyabinsk appeared chupacabra. Video


26.09.11.V Chelyabinsk another case of attack by unknown creatures for pets. The mistress of a garden site found broken-cell, dead rabbits and strange tracks. As you know, there have been similar cases in Kopeisk (summer) and the Upper Ufalej (autumn).

Elvira Mistress of garden site still can not understand what kind of animal to break the cage and break rabbits. At night, the hosts did not hear anything. Traces of carnage discovered in the morning. "Dogs do not bark all night — emphasizes Sheremet Elvira, Mistress garden. — In the morning when we got up, the dog was

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09.08.12.V Tver region killed fauna. Video


Photo: Vitaly Osipov

09.08.12.Mnogotysyachnoe number of pigs and wild boars destroyed chickens struck tuberculosis, and now the rabbits — a source of dietary meat — on the brink of life and death.

The measure of control, as in others, have already hit the Upper Volga zooepidemiyah one — all the slaughter.

Day by day the sad statistics updated with new victims among the fauna. ASF takes region by storm. At present population of wild boar in the region of 16 000 individuals, 80% of them will be destroyed. Already granted permission to shoot.

But the village Rozhdestveno Kalinin

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13.07.12. The death of the rabbits in the Urals. Video


13.07.12.V Beloyarsky district alarmed all veterinarians. It had a massive case of rabbits. Farmers are huge losses. Disease that affects animals — not treated, they just die. Infected several settlements. Benjamin learned to identify a sick animal eyes. No other signs: rabbits behave normally and die obscure death. The farm animals killed 40 men, usually effective folk remedies have not delivered.

For forty years, the rabbit is the first of Benjamin. However, this is not the limit: a neighbor killed 100 rabbits by about 50 thousand rubles. Dozens of animals are dying all over the village, carcasses are taken

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Unknown beast perfume domestic animals in western Ukraine. Talking about Chupacabra

July 10, 2012 20:51

Ravished Chupacabra rabbits. Photo:

Farm private sector margins Uzhgorod suffer from attacks of unknown animals. Predator kills rabbits, hens, chickens, turkeys …

As a resident of the neighborhood told reporters "Dravtsy" Olga Badida in the yard where an unknown animal killed 20 chickens and about fifty rabbits, animal destroys all living creatures, which he finds out. "In the morning, when she came outside to feed the chickens, got a shock: the yard strewn with carcasses of rabbits, chickens, chicks. Most of them were cut off the head, viscera released, "- she said.


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In the Kirov region began to die en masse rabbits


25.10.12.V Vyatskiye Glades began mass die rabbits. Local veterinarians suspect that the massive marine animals involves gemorrologicheskoy viral disease, mortality from which reaches one hundred percent of the medication from her yet.

— We have identified three foci. In one, killing 20, another 48, and the third sector about two hundred rabbits — said "Komsomolskaya Pravda" veterinarian veterinary station Vyatskiye Polian Elena Kalinina.

According to Elena Alexandrovna, rabbit epidemic — a dangerous disease, although in humans and other animals, it has no effect. The danger is that the virus that spreads very rapidly, and the incubation period of the

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Chupacabra strangles scare rabbits and dogs

January 8, 2013 21:46

Showed up again in the Carpathian mysterious Chupacabra — Beast "pohozyaynichat" in the village Golyn Ivano-Frankivsk region, reports citing BNN TV channel "Inter".

Chupacabra night strangled a dozen rabbits, whose corpses hostess found in the garden of the cells. The woman claims that a well-locked cells, but the unknown beast, traces of which it found "in the act", it did not stop.

According to the owner, the night she heard a strange sound, and the neighbor's dog Lyme Caucasian breed very strange behavior — "the night has not filed a sound, and now from his

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Chupacabra in the suburbs

October 26, 2012 17:28

Mysterious creatures terrorizing the village, Moscow region, leaving bloodless bodies of chickens and rabbits. Villagers say the invasion chupacabra.

Residents of the village near Moscow Petrovsky declared hunting Chupacabra. Mysterious beast has killed about 30 chickens, dozens of rabbits and a few goats. Catch a predator no one can, but many managed to see it.

To save the animals, the farmer Vladimir overnight spikes cell boards. He had already lost four rabbits and three chickens. Hearing a noise in the street, the man ran out of the house and saw the strange creatures.

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The Belarusian village Chupacabra brutal way to kill all the rabbits

October 21, 2012 1:42

While forums fun of Chupacabra, at the courtyard of the village Zenaida Sedcha (PUKHOVICHY district) unknown beast recently held a "massacre of St. Bartholomew."

In one night, the animal "brutal way" to destroy all the rabbits (12 pieces), where a woman with love and care was grown for six months.

— From one rabbit were only foot-and-guts, the second gutted belly. The rest are simply thrown out of the cell, as if someone had some fun, — she said. — And how much force is necessary to have in order to break even thin, but the

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