In Transcarpathia case of rabies in a cow


21.01.11.Zhitelnitsa village Vydrichka Rakhiv district said in his cow intense salivation, there was photophobia. Vets, do your best, the animal could not be saved. January 17 cows died.

Studies conducted in the regional veterinary laboratory showed that the cause of death is infuriating.

As Deputy Chief of Veterinary Medicine in the Transcarpathian region Yuri Sadvari, animal died from the usual, and not mad-cow disease (which has done so much noise in the world in the early 2000s). Until October last year, a cow grazed on the meadows, probably there she became infected through contact with foxes, which

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In Dagestan, killed livestock


5.02.12.V Dagestan found evidence of rabies. The hearth is in the village of New Bay Kizlyar district. According to local residents, for about a week here dying cattle.

"The loss of cattle there almost every day — said the imam of the local mosque. — Recently, a cat infected with rabies bit a local resident. According to my information a few days already lost 6 goals, perhaps this figure and more. "

According to the state veterinary inspector Vladimir Kostrizhkina Volsky area, vehicle, most likely a fox, "Fox this year divorced sea! Wander from house to house, to the

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In Buryatia recorded four cases of rabies cattle


25.03.11.Beshenstvo cattle in Buryatia. On a farm village Mikhailovka — the fourth case of the disease. Specialists from Moscow, Irkutsk and Buryatia discussed how to prevent the spread of disease. Experts have confirmed cases of rabies in the country — migratory nature. The farm is located near the Mongolian border. Scientists believe: to save from harm can only mass vaccination.


STRC "Irtysh"

Invasion of wolves on Azeri village. Photo


13.05.11.Kak reports APA, in the village of Barda Ugurbeyli wolves attacked and devoured livestock. Local residents reported the Veterinary Department in Barda.

Contact with pets predators cause the spread of rabies and other infectious diseases.

The fact of mass death from rabies in domestic animals registered Agjabedi region. In Agdam and Tartar district rabies killed several people.

Photo: ARA


In Samara region quarantined for rabies


1.02.11.V some areas of Samara region from January 28 to March 28, quarantine animals for rabies, the correspondent of IA REGNUM-VolgaInform in the Department of Information Policy and Public Affairs of the government of Samara region.

According to the Department of Veterinary Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Food at the end of January are 8 cases of rabies in animals in four foxes and dogs.

Areas of concern for animal rabies recognized village Avgustovka Bolshechernigovsky area Avtozavodskaya District Togliatti, village Pokrovka Bor district, village Obsharovka Volga region, the village of Old Hatchet Krasnoyarsk region.


Seven children died from rabies after biting bats in Peru

Seven children died from rabies after biting bats in Peru, according to local media.

According to the Ministry of Health, we are talking about cases of bites children from Indian villages. Attacks were reported in April and May of this year in the south-east of the South American country.

All victims of bites children lived in one of the villages in the region of Cusco. Victims were from 11 months to 13 years. Now working in the medical teams that conduct vaccination Indian population.

This is not the first time that the attack bat rabies in Peru lead to tragic

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In Buryatia rabies outbreak


ULAN-UDE, March 4 — RIA Novosti. Veterinary doctors discovered a deadly animal and human diseases — rabies — the three cows in the village Mikhailovka Zakamensky region of Buryatia, where control measures have already begun, experts destroy stray animals and teach pet cats and dogs in the village will be quarantined, told RIA Novosti on Friday Representative of the Government of Buryatia.

"The decision on the introduction of quarantine in the village, where the dangerous infection sick three head of cattle, this order to be published on Friday, according to preliminary data, the contamination of livestock comes

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Rabies virus was detected in wild animals in Yakutia

Veterinarians discovered in Yakutia animal cases of rabies virus, according to Department of Veterinary Medicine of the Republic.

The virus is found in the study sample materials animals introduced from Tomponsky, Abyyskogo Nizhnekolymskiy and Yakutia.

"As a result of research materials from ermine, red fox, wolf, brought from the villages of Cross-Haldzhay, Aby and settlement Chersky, experts Yakut republican virology laboratory diagnosis — rabies," — said in a statement.

Veterinary Service of the Republic takes measures to prevent the spread of rabies.

The Office notes that the leaders of livestock and pet owners are required to check their pets at

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In the Rostov region quarantined for rabies



26.01.11.Na days in Matveyev Kurgan district was found with signs of fox rabies

In Matveyev Kurgan district of Rostov region quarantined for rabies. It will last until March 22. Reported by the press service of the governor. Quarantine due to the fact that the region was found with signs of a wild fox rabies. She was shot off in a hunting economy? near the rural settlement Ryazhenskogo.

We know that in the last year recorded 52 cases of this disease in 22 districts of the Rostov region. Most outbreaks were in the north and east of

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Quarantine for rabies introduced in eight districts of the Altai region


BARNAUL, February 1 — RIA Novosti, Olesya Krechetova. Quarantine for rabies introduced in eight districts of the Altai region, animal disease laboratory-confirmed rabies, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday, a representative of Department of Veterinary edge.

Territory Governor Alexander Karlin signed the decree "On the introduction of quarantine for rabies in the Altai region." The basis for the signing of the document was information about the origin of veterinary control rabies in domestic animals in the region.

"Diseases recorded in dogs and cats, in this regard, in areas where the quarantine to prohibit exhibition of dogs, cats and

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