He ran the Marlboro Yamaha Motocross Team from under his mum’s house in the 80s, was Australia’s No 1KTM dealer in the 90s and now channels years of race-team experience through his own performance workshop. This is the story of Ross McWatters …

I grew up in the 60s in Brisbane and was basically surrounded by motorcycling. Unfortunately, my dad passed away when I was two years old but he was already a prominent identity in the racing scene and my mum’s side of the family actually had a speedway track in Nudgee as well. Her family lived bikes; they

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On the afternoon of October 8, 1953, eight assorted aircraft came under starter’s orders at London Airport. As HRH The Duke of Gloucester waved his flag he would have witnessed a cornucopia of aircraft, including the latest military jets, an assortment of older machines and a smattering of airliners. Included in the latter was the pride of BEA — the latest Vickers Viscount turboprop.


Arrangements for the race began in 1948 and it had originally been planned to mark the centenary of the Province of Canterbury, NZ in 1950 but delays meant the race slipped until 1953. Modelled on

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The fast and the curious

International acclaim and only 25 years old, Jamey Price started his rise to fame as an automotive photographer in May 2011: «It was a NASCAR truck race where I was being paid to cover Kimi Raikkonen, the 2007 F1 World Champion, who was running in his first stock car race,» he says. «I’m very early in my career in the grand scheme of things. I grew up just loving car racing — I’m a very passionate fan. If I’m not at a race, I’m certainly watching one on TV.»

Getting the WOW!

Jamey’s WOW! image was taken during Formula One’s

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Last month you may have seen the beat-up standard pipe attached to the 3-hunge following its journey to the Melbourne Enduro-X. Well, all pride in the KTM has been restored with a new expansion chamber and silencer from KTM’s Powerparts division. This top-quality factory-spec exhaust system is specially built for KTM by FMF, which has been building performance pipes for longer than I can remember. Apart from looks, the new pipe and muffler combo feels lighter yet also fits to the bike with the same alignment and precision

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Night Siege. October 11

Blogger freedommm society made a proposal: "There are many in the community conscious and close to our all-powerful (Milinkevich Ivashkevicha etc.) .. I remember at one point yelled Milinkevich that the Internet community should not chat on forums, and out into the streets and fight. So here I think that many want to ask them a couple of direct and provocative questions. There is an opportunity to ask those same questions for our opposition nemaderavanyya favorite so to speak, live and get their public response? Ask them to make LJ and join the group minsk_by ".In the comments aquamber shares

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Extreme sports in extreme weather» and

The tournament consisted of Trials competition, which need not speed, and skill of the pilot and the navigator, and the Pursuit. Knows one of the competitors:"Carousel race but a trial, as we know, although they are different disciplines, but it is one of the types of motorsport. And then there is the trophy, but the trophy brings more harm to the environment, because it is necessary to carefully think about. But it is very exciting. Occasionally more cars come to participate in the trophy since less cooked machines can participate, so more people can come to rest, and not just

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New restrictions on the arrival in the United States for the Belarusian government officials

A press release from the U.S. Embassy in Belarus provides motivation solutions: "Through year after President Bush orders the adoption of 8015 on Belarus regime Alexander Lukashenko continues the practice of detention and persecution of people for expression in defense of democracy, peaceful demonstrations and protests against the repressive policies of the regime. Despite the fact that last spring, there has been a certain weakening of repressive measures, over the past few weeks we have witnessed another worsening human rights, and the presidential decree suspends check in U.S. immigration or non-immigration visas of those responsible for the policies or actions

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25 Weeks Pregnant


Now is the time to discuss the prospects for the upcoming birth with a specialist — in particular, to learn more about labor pain relief.

In addition, it is useful to view symptoms threats abortion (Premature birth). In the event of such symptoms should immediately seek medical attention. Treatment threats abortion conducted in specialized clinics.


Fruit length — about 30 cm Weight 700 g is an intensive development of the bone marrow, which is the primary blood-forming organ.


Businessmen shall be removed from the boycott

"If Abyadanyya democratic forces announce boycott elections Sept. 21, will be called to remove the democratic candidates, we decided to continue until the end of the election race. Even if we have to stop their activities within the SLM" — said the deputy chairman of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise ". Victor ColeyCandidates entrepreneurs explain his decision by saying that in case of withdrawal from the election race usvoyut not their voters and members activities of the group.DECs recorded as candidates 6 members of the campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise."


Ales Taustyka     

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St. George’s won the individual race in Estonia

Catherine St. George won the individual race over 15 km on the 4th stage of IBU Cup Biathlon. Competitions are held in the Estonian Otepaa.

Result of Russian athletes, who allowed her to win — 47 minutes 12.0 seconds. In this case, St. George's two penalties. The second place was taken by another representative of Russian Anastasia Zagoruiko — 8.2 sec gap, the third — Norwegian Anne-Skruve Nossum — 1.18,6.

The results of other Russians Larisa Kuznetsova came to finish sixth with a score — 2.21,0, Irina Old — ninth with a time of 3.06,8, Yana Romanova —

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