Yes, we know Ron is well-known and hardly ‘unsung’, but read on: Bertie Simmonds makes the case for Rocket Ron being knighted for the passion he’s put into motorcycling, despite the odds and some tragic personal losses.

It’s always those people who are quiet and unassuming whose talents and efforts get ignored, or passed over by those more willing to talk about themselves or big up their achievements.

I think this of Ron Haslam and I’m making a pitch for final recognition of the passion, dedication and sheer effort that Ron has put into motorcycle racing and two-wheels in general

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We go from stock red to racin’ while this month on our TE449

This has been a great month on the TE449 and I have a heap of photos to show what we’ve been up to. We’ve done a lot of riding that included three epic rides on some prime trails. We’ve also made our first real changes to the ТЕ with a heap of genuine parts and the Husqvama Racing Kit that’s available for both the 449 and 511.

The riding has been a mixed bag in terms of weather and that’s partly what made the rides so good.

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Brett Metcalfe

I’ve had minimal involvement with racing since my injuries. I watch it on TV, I train and practise during the week and that’s about it. I knew It wouldn’t be easy to watch a whole SX season go by without wanting to race, but so far I’m handling that OK. My body just isn’t ready yet, period.

I have a lot to live for in my household now, being a new dad, and that’s something I’ve directed a lot of my time to. I’ve considered a lot of different racing options and put some attention into what I’d

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Undefined Released

Genre Comprehensive car simulator


West Racing

Tell me, how do you see the perfect car simulator? Imagine that there is no such thing as a «budget», «expensive», «very heavy», the «problem» … Let’s just dream. So, how do you think he will? Go ahead!

— Of course, it will be beautiful. — Oh yeah. — Cars will be very real. — Of course. — Physics is so fancy that, just like in life. — Of course. — The sound is beautiful, energetic, and indistinguishable from the real. — No problem. — Will be modeled all-all

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Russian travel!

Racer Racing Engineering Fabio Leimer won the first race of the weekend, the GP2 Series in Monza. The Swiss finished second ahead of Sam Bird Russian Time by 0.8 seconds. Third place went to Byrd's partner, Tom Dillman.

Byrd started not the best way, once passed Leimer.


Sam Bird commented on his second in the first race of the Italian stageGP2and speculate as to whether the title in the series to help him break into Formula 1.

"I enjoyed the race. Most importantly, the Russian Time scored a lot of

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Ctartoval official site of Cup racing series» LADA Granta»

The official web site racing series‘ Cup LADA Granta »- Visitors can appreciate the resource specification race car LADA Granta, see the event calendar and find out which one of the pilots confirmed participation in monoserii.

Cup LADA Granta — a new racing series on the road circuit racing, which involves the "stars" of the Russian motor sport. The championship of the seven stages of travel special sports version of the new model LADA Granta. Geography competition embraces the most modern racetracks Russia "Moscow Motor Speedway", "Nizhny Novgorod ring", Smolensk Ring ", the track" Canyon "in Kazan.

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Completed the construction of the racing complex class Formula 1 in the Olympic Park

Builders completed constructionracing complex class "Formula 1"Sochi Olympic Park for at least two-thirds. September 27 as part of XII International Investment Forum "Sochi-2013" will be held on the track racing show "Formula Sochi".

Highway construction is not yet complete, but it is already time to try out the famous pilots.

German company has designed a line Tilke GmbH & Co. KG, and Russian designers Ltd. "Stroiproekt-XXI» adapted the project to local conditions and our building codes. The general contractor construction — "Corporation INZHTRANSSTROY".

Told about the readiness of the racing complex

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KAMAZ-Master: the fastest from Paris to Dakar on Tutaevsky diesel!

Probably for experts racing on heavy trucks that fact is not a novelty.

However, for me personally was a complete (and very nice!) Surprise that our invincible racing kAMAz banging most that gorge "made us" diesel from Tutaev.

That’s how it happens with us — so quietly, modestly in the Yaroslavl outback made the world’s best racing diesels!

We discovered this delightful news unexpectedly — of commentsto articleDeclassified BAZ. Production and testing  a link to the Web Bazovskaya engines — Tutaevsky machine factorya three-minute video (actually about the Kamaz-Master — for 1

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In the Rostov region were XI race tractors Bison Track Show (photos and video)

In the vicinity of Rostov passed XI tractor race "Bison Track Show". It was attended by 33 tractor drivers from different regions of Russia and CIS countries. For the first time in the world to race on the tractor participated woman Olga Stebihova.

The track competition was full of jumps, banked turns and steep climbs, risky high-speed sections, twin circular race track with the change gave more entertainment. Not without coups tractors, unmanaged drifts, and high-speed sections of the tractor racing accelerated to 70 miles per hour.

According to the regulations, now traditional, the

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The Russian car East

May 19 at the circuit ADM Myachkovo will introduce a new formula-car "East". Connoisseurs of Russian and Soviet history of motor racing is the name seems very familiar. It is no coincidence!


New formula and the truth is the successor to the Soviet car. Honoring tradition, the designers have left not only the name but also the main principle of the racing class — the car is generated and collected in Russia. The monocoque, shock absorbers, brakes, etc. In short, all the components of domestic production. Already at this time the creators

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