Mapping Radiation Patterns

Imaging technologies enable detection of frequencies far beyond the visible range of the electromagnetic spectrum. These have radically extended human perception, allowing us to peer deep into our cosmic environment. This photograph of the cosmic microwave background, or CMB, visualizes our primeval origins, what is believed to be radiation shortly after the birth of the universe. It’s a cosmic baby picture, whose patterns represent slight energetic variations that eventually gave rise to quasars, galaxies, stars, planets, and us.

This image appears spherical because it’s a panorama of humanity’s cosmic horizon, taken from the Planck satellite. Because of the limited speed

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Liquidator-Chernobylets V.Siliverst continues hunger strike

This decision took Siliverstov after, as scientific and medical consultation Center announced that he could not qualify his illness and disability as a consequence of Chernobyl without additional inquiries from the military unit to which the 1988 Senior Lieutenant supplies Siliverstov served and worked on decontamination and military ammunition.Siliverstov "consultation of the National Center for Radiation Medicine gave my opinion on the diseases. Because I was here encompassing study of health. Eventually council recommended: the origin of my disease (radiation they are justified or not) must be installed at the National advisory council, which is so engaged in the examination

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Savichi — Village squatters Chernobyl

In ’96, the year, visiting Savichi, Alexander Lukashenko announced here a new approach to citizens residing in contaminated territories: "Do you want to live — live". And ordered to rescue squatters yes Harvester tractor. But after a decade, and life in the village has placed accents.Village Savichi never revived. Overgrown with weeds streets, human gardens. Village shop, which included the head of the country, has long been closed. 100 of the former squatters in eighty Savic now have only 59 people.Knows the 77-year-old grandmother Maria:"Oh, my darling, my nightingale, life is hard. Hard that people do not. Already people were

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ELOS — a breakthrough in the field of aesthetic medicine

Today in fashion beauty and youth. Movie stars andshow business, whose faces we see regularly on the screen, at forty look at twenty, and thirty-sixty-five. There is something to strive for and to us! Not so long ago the only way to get rid of wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and firmness was an appeal to the plastic surgeon, but now, a host of high-tech non-invasive techniques. She is one of the latest innovations — Elos technology (ELOS — Electro-Optical Synergy).

To get rid of spider veins, age spots and excessive hair growth, improve skin tone, you need

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ELOS figure correction

Recently, in aesthetic medicine more often used the combined effect of several physical factors at the same time. Do not just infrared radiation, and in combination with specific radio waves. Do not just vacuum massage, and in combination with the roller. This is not just cosmetologists. It is scientifically proven that the combined effect of more effectively because First, comes to the problem, so to speak, on all fronts. Secondly, properly chosen combination of factors leads to the fact that each action is enhanced.

The latest advancement in body shaping and anti-cellulite — apparatus VELA SMOOTH, Israeli

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UN Secretary-General — the resumption of activity in the dirty areas

The proclamation issued to the 21 th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, it is emphasized afterdnie studies demonstrate the ability of a gradual return to normal life in the areas affected by radiation. Ban Ki-moon said. affected areas that need "new jobs, new investment and restore the people’s sense that they can host on their own land."Yesterday and Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko called for the resumption of activity in the area around Chernobyl. He expressed the belief that the area uniformly alive and that Ukraine will develop the ability of the neighborhood. "President said that" after the tragedy in the

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In Byalynichy held a procession with the icon of the mother of God

Belynichi journalist and local historian Misha Karpechanka procession recently anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster is considering revival of the tradition as a sign of holiness and glorification of the people’s faith in the speedy recovery from disasters.According to one version, the icon of God Belynichi mother appeared on Belynechey during the second half of the 13th century. Here it was brought monks from Kiev, who fled from the Mongol-Tatars. Misha says Karpechanka:"In the first day of their same night on earth Belynichi icon made his first magic. He began to exude light, light, and, according to legend, was the NIGHT

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Khoiniki: Anything I say will be used against me

Reporter: "Good day. As for you live here? "Old Woman: "Cheer. All people are sick. And so, it seems, nothing. Total enough we have. Meat, sausages, breads, everything. Sulk nothing."Reporter: "And what kind of disease are you?"Ancient "from radiation. For example, I have asthma. Second disease — diabetes sweet.’m On the pill. Such life. And so all the people. All polls. All in all unhealthy. Basedow That disease is cancer. Write, that radiation ruined people. Richly ruined. "This dialogue takes place on the dusty village street Khoiniki. The one where, according to his superiors, one can live a normal life

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As noted in the infected Radunitsa radiation zone?

Reporter: "I am motivated to Pershai village, which is 17 kilometers from Volozhin."Voice: "Do Pershai 1.42 curies per square kilometer. Norma — up to 1 curie. This overvalued level", — explained the employee of the Department of Radiation Control Belgidramettsentru.Reporter: "Here in the radiation spot live mostly Catholics. Because the cemetery is not as crowded as other parts of Belarus. According to church tradition, the main day when fathers are remembered zmerlyya — All Saints day or Dzyady. You are here now so as Radunitsa?Lady: "No, because the output."Reporter: "The old cemetery near the village Pershai. Largest town in the

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Chernobyl liquidators make the latest company

Chernobyl was a meeting of living in the Minsk region. The participants endorsed the idea of the modern organization. Coordinates the creation of a member of the Joint civilian party, liquidator Alexander Volchanin"The organization is created in order to protect the rights of the liquidators of the Chernobyl tragedy. Historically, we have to Republic of Belarus No such strong Chernobyl unions, as in Russia and Ukraine. We have the same for 20 years did not happen either 1st union members. People are calling from all over the country, they say that we need such an organization, "- says Volchanin.In the

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