To accelerate the pace of development of the village radio service.

The Soviet people greeted his native XX Congress of the Communist Party as a great historic event in the life of our country. Nationwide socialist competition, which developed in the country after the XX Congress of the Communist Party, promoted a new upsurge of the entire national economy, labor productivity growth, early implementation of the state plan.

Meet its socialist obligations radio service workers came to the XX Congress of the Communist Party with great achievements in the radio service of the collective farm village. In implementing the decision of the Council of Ministers of the USSR and the Central

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To develop ultrashort sport.

Work on the amateur radio ultrashort waves, since the summer of 1955, has become much livelier. In the air there and began work on a regular basis, but with a long delay, the radio station of the Central Radio Club DOSAAF — UAZKBG; during the summer actively conducted communication ukavisty Moscow region: 064,004 (of Babushkin, the operator Korshunov), 064,010 (Reutov, Shish operator). Daily were also broadcast radio UAZAR (Dmitrov village) and 077,516 (village Usovo). Often you could hear the work stations 077 510 (operated by soldiers), 077 509 (operator Gorodetsky) and 064,002 (operator Nekrasov). But the revival that has occurred

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AM/FM Radio Receiver using BEL7220

The BEL, 7220 is an integrated AM/FM IC designed for economical and high quality receivers. The BEL

7220 IC can be used in battery or mains operated AM/FM receivers working from a nominal voltage of 1.6 to 6 volts. The functional block diagram is shown in Fig.l. With the exception of FM front end and audio output stage, the following functions are integrated.

(a) Pre-amplifier and double balanced mixer with AGC

(b) One pin local oscillator

(c) IF amplifier with internal AGC

(d) FM/IF amplifier and limiter

(e) Detector

(f) FM quadrature detector

(g) Audio pre-amplifier

The audio power amplifier

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Bosnias First Modernised Hip Delivered

THE FIRST overhauled and modernised Bosnia and Herzegovina Air Force and Air Defence (BiH ZSiPZO) Mil Mi-8MTV-1 Hip-H medium transport helicopter arrived at Rajlovac Heliport near Sarajevo on February 8. The upgrade was carried out at the Aviakon aviation repair plant at Konotop, Ukraine (see feature on p38-39). Under a contract with Ukrspetsexport, five Mi-8s are being modernized, comprising two Mil Mi-8MTV-ls, a Mi-17 based at Rajlovac, and two older Mi-8T Hip-Cs from Zaluzani Heliport near Banja Luka.

The two Mi-8MTV-ls will also be adapted to NATO/ICAO standards under the Package 1 programme, making them compatible for night vision goggles

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The great Russian scientist Alexander Popov — izobritatel radio.

Great discoveries and inventions sum up certain stages in the development of science and technology made by many people, past generations and contemporaries. The greatness of individual scientists and inventors, their invaluable service to humanity is that they have the power of his genius and selfless work managed on the basis of previously acquired knowledge to discover new phenomena of nature and apply them for the benefit of society.

The great Russian scientist Alexander Popov — inventor of radio — summed up the work of a huge number of scientists around the world. Even in the middle of the

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Vasily Saltykov.

November 10, 1955 death snatched from our ranks Vasily Saltykov.

B. Saltykov was born in 1907 in Bialystok. Since 1924, he became engaged in amateur radio, which defined his career. B. Saltykov was actively involved in the first experiments on the use of shortwave radio communications in parts of the Leningrad Military District.

Beginning in 1932, Vasily worked continuously in the field of radio communications and radio. In 1940, having passed the external examinations and defended a thesis project at the Leningrad Institute of Communications Engineers, he was qualified as an electrical engineer on the radio.

During the Great

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Guest on Freedom — Alexander Milinkevich

Last presidential candidate presentable at the Prague meeting FORUM-2000 called in his speech before the world leaders "not to transfer to us your freedom, and to build our assist." Today’s Managing unregistered movement "For Freedom", one of the organizers of Euro March in a small interview our radio Pronunciation: "We were historical and Europeans have. Event that awaits us on Sunday, is not a manifestation of another — it is even more. Impossible to sit in today Housing. You can not! In Europe, a lot of enthusiasm to Belarus. And we do not have the right to be passive. "

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Vaclav Havel: Courage — the only way to success

Vaclav Havel often support acts Belarusian opposition and cultural elite. Recently "Euro march" on October 14, I asked him what he thinks about such forms of protest?"There are, of course, a variety of methods and forms to express their position, as well as the situation in Belarus also approached, to a form of protest, and it is necessary. Role in these demonstrations multivalued. Detain people, etc.. But courage — this is the only way to success. " In soon strengthened position in Russia’s current president, Moscow is a special information policy towards countries that are out of the impact of.

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Anniversary of the murder of Politkovskaya: People have lost the chance to find out the truth about Chechnya

Dmitry Muratov, editor in chief of "The latest newspaper" where Anna Politkovskaya worked styled mobile phone journalist:"By calling this number, hundreds of persons. By Anna Politkovskaya went from failure. It was obliged take over some functions of the state in helping people affected by war in Chechnya. This phone she heard a lot of curses and threats. Heard the words of gratitude. This phone is assigned a meeting at which she received the most important information about corruption in the Russian Federation. "Dmitry Muratov said that "newcomer newspaper" resume phone number — so that people can call now employees Politkovskaya.

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Reporter Iranian our radio service could leave Iran

In United States her family» I met the president and our radio Jeffrey Gedmin. Parnaz Asimov — a citizen of the United States and Iran, first, she went to Iran to visit ailing mother. January 25, Iranian authorities confiscated her passport. She returned the passport only on September 4. Meetings, Jeffrey Gedmin said:"I and all the staff of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty express our deep gratitude to all who strove for in Parnaz throughout this long tests. Many people in government and outside it, the Yankees, Iranians, Europeans also worked for her release. We attach your own voice

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