North India is suffering from flood

September 2, 2013. That's how these Indian children now have to travel to school — on a boat. As a result of the torrential rains that almost do not stop in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh for a few months, flooded homes and farmland, a local river burst its banks.

Someone goes out of flooded homes, while others remain, especially since there is no place to go, besides, the children have to learn.

In the village of Qala manjhi flooded about 300 households. Family Sangeeta remained.

Schoolgirl: "Our home and flooded sugar cane field. Have to swim

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Haze over Southeast Asia

Haze over Southeast Asia Facts

Northern Thailand, Laos and Myanmar, part covered by a dense veil of fog and haze due to large-scale agricultural and forest fire in March 2012, fueled prior to planting. Concentration of dust particles in the air has risen to a level that is considered dangerous.

The number of particles in Thailand twice the safe rate — 120 micrograms per cubic meter. Pollution Control Department, said that in most provinces after heavy rains on 11-12 March 2012 number of small suspended particles PM10 fell below levels considered dangerous. Before the rains occurred on the northern region

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Livni in China overturned cars and destroying homes

May 24, 2013. Two thousand people were evacuated from China's Hubei province due to heavy rains that did not subside in the eastern and central parts of the country.

There are raging flood water has destroyed dozens of homes, damaged two roads and flooded fields, destroying crops.

Reports of casualties in Hubei is not, but people are afraid of a repeat of last week, when the southern provinces due to rains, floods and landslides killed more than 100 people.

Just suffered from bad weather and a half million Chinese.

The power of helping those who were in the open,

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River floods in the northern U.S.

May 18, 2013. Heavy rains returned to the northern plains and become a threat for flooding of the Red River of the North and its tributaries. Spreading the storm in the northern plains this weekend will also be accompanied by heavy rains in the area from the Dakotas to Minnesota.

Meteorologists predict some places up to 10 inches of rain through Monday in Fargo, Symposium and other cities in North Dakota.

The heaviest rains will pass along the Red River and its tributaries, so that floods the local people can not be avoided.

Data about the time when

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Weather anomalies in the world in February 2010

Last winter was in Russia the coldest in 30 years, said Monday the head of Hydromet Alexander Frolov.

"In Siberia, it will probably be the coldest on record," — Frolov said at a press conference dedicated to the Day of the meteorologist, is celebrated on March 23.

But not only in Russia was strangely cold and snowy, and around the world. Climatic variations, the heat, the cold … An incredible amount of snow, and in the southern latitudes of rain. All of this begs the question — what's going on in the world?

RIA Novosti has collected a consolidated

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Flooding in China: crumbling bridges with vehicles and people. Photos from the

July 9, 2013. As a result of heavy rains that caused flooding in the south-western Chinese province of Sichuan in Jiang Tunkou over the river bridge collapsed. In the water fell cars and pedestrians, the number of dead and injured have not yet received messages. According to media reports, the bridge had a lot of cars. Rescue work underway.

On Saturday, two people were killed in the collapse of the bridge over the river Mayhe in the north-east of the country.

Now under the brunt of the disaster hit bridge in the city of Wuhan in central Hubei Province

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Over the past 10 years in the Philippines happened almost 5,000 landslides

July 8, 2013. Since 2003, the Philippines was 4907 landslide. This was announced by Mahar Laghman — Executive Director of Project NOAH, which is administered by the State Administration of Science and Technology.

The data on landslides managed to get through the study of satellite images. Further study of satellite images taken before 2003, will allow scientists to draw a more complete picture of what is happening.

According to him, the Philippines, there are constant torrential rains and floods occur. Accordingly, and landslides are occurring more frequently than in other places. In addition, the country is often bombarded cyclones

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Monsoon rains have been on the southern shores of Sri Lanka

Monsoon rains have been on the southern shores of Sri Lanka, Natural disasters

The monsoon rains that hit 25 October 2011 on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, were devastating. According to estimates of the Centre for Management in critical situations on the date of November 27 killed 19 people, 43 fishermen were missing, more than 53 thousand people have fled their destroyed homes.

Heavy rains in Italy and Spain

Heavy rains in Italy and Spain Natural Disasters

The southern regions of Italy and Spain are covered by heavy rains. After several deaths in the last month Italians tend to think that the country is a magnet for heavy rains.

Recent flood occurred in the afternoon of 24 November 2011. As a result of a massive landslide in the municipality of soapwort in the region of Sicily killed 4 people. In the neighboring region of Calabria floodwaters and landslides disrupted transport trains and destroyed a number of railway bridges. At last count, 21 people were killed in floods in Italy.

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Floods in the Kenyan capital

Floods in the Kenyan capital of Natural Disasters

Several days of heavy rains caused damage to many residents of Nairobi. While the whole country is celebrating the rains, anticipating a bumper crop, the capital's residents are struggling to cope with the consequences of showers Sunday: blackout, violation of traffic, flooded houses.

In connection with the continuing rains and storms caused by high humidity, moving to the west of the Indian Ocean, is not expected to improve the situation.

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