A day or figure: 5.2% — increase in tariffs of housing and communal services

With all this electricity tariffs and gas increased by 20%. Yesterday the Minister of Housing and Communal Services Vladimir Belohvostov during report head of state stated that there is no reason for a sharp increase in tariffs for housing and communal services to the public in connection with the growth of gas prices.

Belarus increased the price of transit Russian oil

According to Belarusian professionals, Minsk will receive an additional fee of about 50 Russian oil millions of dollars.Head of Russian Economic Development and Trade German Gref said: "While we are of any response can not keep." He noted that the increase in the rates of transit can only occur with the consent of the Russian Federation: "This can only be by bilateral agreement." According to Gref, currently studying Russian side offered Belarus rate calculations is appropriate "Transneft". "If these rates are within the boundaries of existing indexing products, I think it is applicable," — said the Minister.

Russian tariffs for the transit of oil to grow by a third part

"Taking into account the long-term actions previously set tariffs for the transit of oil through terrain Republic of Belarus and significant rise in its pumping during this period (in primarily due to the increase of energy prices), RUE "Gomeltransneft Friendship" and concern "Belneftekhim" to compensate for the cost of naming addressed a proposal to change the tariffs for transit transportation of oil through the pipelines by regions Republic of Belarus "- The report says the Ministry of Economy.New tariffs introduced February 15, reports BelaPAN. By Unecha-Mozyr-Adam (country of delivery — Germany and Poland) rate per 1 ton of oil net

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Tchaikovsky — favorable city

The birth rate in the Perm region is higher than the death rate

In the first 8 months of 2012 were born more than 26 thousand children, while all died about 25 thousand inhabitants.

The city Tchaikovsky also created a favorable environment for life. The number of births in the first half of the year was 534, up 34 young residents of the city more than in the first half of 2011. The death rate in the city dropped by 52 people. The natural population growth in the first half of the year amounted to 51

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World leader disbelieve

Research project entitled WorldPublicOpinion.org, which kaardynavavsya Maryland Institute in the U.S., was implemented in January-May and enveloped almost 20,000 people in 20 countries, in which lives about 60 percent of the population of our planet. Midst these states were China, India, USA, Indonesia, Our homeland, Mexico, England, France, Ukraine, Egipet, Thailand.Respondents rated their confidence in the way of world favorites to administer international affairs at chatyrohstupennay scale: "a lot of confidence," "little confidence", "not very much confidence," "no confidence." Answers "a lot of confidence" and "little confidence" klyasyfikavalisya as positive for the favorite, but "not much confidence" and "no confidence"

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Take a step forward and two steps later reversed

Ivan Shun’ko: Shadow turnover Income not deduce Deputy Minister of Finance in an interview with Liberty he explained it, where did the 12% rate. Stanislav Bogdanovich for small income without tax Past chairman of the National Bank of Belarus S.Bogdankevich believes that it is necessary to welcome the introduction of a single rate of 12%, as in Belarus very large shadow economy. V.Marahin: "The poor do not become poorer" Victor Marahin, Deputy Chairman of the budget, money and tax policy in the House, says that a few configuration options considered tax. Leonid Zaika: do not need 12% and 10%

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The unemployment rate in Chuvashia dropped to 0.9%

According to the weekly monitoring, the number of officially registered unemployed amounted to 6154 people (as of 1 January 2012 — 8062 persons). The unemployment rate in relation to the number of the economically active population — 0.9% (as of January 1, 2012 — 1.18%).

The lowest unemployment rates registered in Morgaushskiy (0.17% relative to the working age population), Yantikovsky (0.26%) and Tsivilskaya (0.31%) regions.

The number of workers organizations of the country, are in part-time employment accounted for 1,203 people.

The need for employees claimed in the employment services accounted for

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The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime released statistics Kill

Recently spread the good news: in New York, the day passed without a killing. True forgot to add that in Moscow, the murder rate is even lower. Here are the statistics from the UN report:

The murder rate in metropolitan areas, based on the 100,000 people according to the UN:

Country City Ubiystv/100.000

Caracas Venezuela 122

Guatemala Guatemala 118.3

Panama Panama 34.6

28.5 Nassau Bahamas

Jamaica Kingston 26.8

Colombia Bogota 17.4

Brazil Sao Paulo 10.8

Mongolia Ulan Bator 10.2

Mexico Mexico 8.4

Estonia Tallinn 7.3

Belarus Minsk 5.7

USA, New York 5.6

Moldova Chisinau 5.5

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Who is increased birth rate?

To deny the birth rate and life expectancy is quite difficult, because in the course are more subtle arguments:

1) The birth rate increased in Caucasians and other non-Russians.

2) They also got maternal capital.

3) Stop feeding the Caucasus! 111.

The most intelligent fighters against the regime are well able to keep your nose to the wind, respectively adapted to the traditional nationalist discourse.

Another argument 4) is all echo baby boom in the '80s — the merit of the USSR. And there are not fighters acquires a brownish and pinkish hue. They

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In Belarus ruble stronger influence President

On what areas of the Belarusian economy affects more global monetary crisis? Can remain steadfast Belarusian ruble? On these and other issues in the transfer of "Examination of Freedom" responsible economists Mike Zaleski and Dmitry Babicki.

Vitaly TsigankovTsigankov: "Despite assurances by the authorities, the cash crisis has already started to affect Belarus. Significantly decreased the number of Belarusian banks providing loans to housing. October 15, many banks increase interest rates on loans issued, and some foreign banks have limited or ended Belarus cash loans for the purchase of products, automobiles and construction of dwellings. In your opinion, how high strength

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