Siege April 27

The forums portal discussions are actions in Estonia — the night after the rally started pogroms against the reburial Russian soldier at a military cemetery.Comments: "Estonians wish to spend the function of identification and reburied with dignity in the received location. If the building houses the burial place of the repressed — this better?";"Read about the atrocities of the NKVD — the same is not the Gestapo?";"Do not meddle to Estonians. For their Russian fighter — not a liberator, and the invader. For us, by the way, too. History should be taught";"What reburied — true! What moved the monument

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ISPs operate according to the rules Beltelekom

Not counting the monopoly on the Belarusian market of communication services company "Beltelecom", his shield at the exhibition "TIBO-2007" shows one Internet Service Provider — "Business Network".Well, its representatives, referring to the specifics of the Belarusian criteria refused talk about the prospects of the industry in Belarus.Only streamers advertising tariff plan "Slap brownie" reminds about themselves independent provider "Atlant Telecom".As the representative of the company "Atlant Telecom" Julia Dayneko, at the moment all have to play by the rules of monopoly:"Stand as it is not. Format our role a little different: Marketing staff will walk, hang streamers and shield will

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Poll: what are the criteria you mentioned would Belarusian?

Reporter: "the first person to whom I consulted told me in Belarusian. What is the reason that you own Belarusian language? "Young Man: "I live in Belarus. Which can be more background?"Man: "The most important thing, so the government said. "Student: "Education should work. Media should pay more attention to whiteRussian language … "Reporter: "And you would have read in Belarusian?"Student: "Well … It would have impacted me somehow."Man: "I understand in Belarusian." Reporter: "And to get you started read Belarusian?"Man: "The media and education. My wife studied at the Institute of Belarusian, and read in Belarusian. Online Masters in

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V.Orlov: advise the girls read Belarusian, feel confident when

The first teacher of the Belarusian language writer Vladimir Orlov was his grandmother Avginya, and he began to read Belarusian student years under the influence of other Gennady Kulazhenko. Then, the writer admits, the first time he has overcome the mental barrier and spoke Belarusian.Orlov: "I advise the girls read Belarusian, if they feel very confident when they are in a tone that is called. I advise to overcome this barrier anywhere on the market. If you remove 100 bucks and prytsenvaetsesya to any product, then you are even beginning to speak Belarusian Azerbaijanis.In general, I’m going to offer listeners

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