New products. Decking.

1. Cornerstone’s ResinDek.

These engineered wood panels from Cornerstone Specialty Wood Products are designed for material-handling businesses, meaning they are extra durable and capable of supporting weight loads up to 8,000 pounds. Higher stain resistance is the other hallmark of this durable line. Panels can be installed on top of existing flooring, allowing homeowners to continue their daily routine during repairs. For more information, circle No. 800 on reader service card.

2. Ultra Cork, Panorama Post Topless Glass System.

Duradek’s newest offerings include three new shades of its Ultra Cork line and a new Panorama Post topless glass system. Ultra

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Feedle vs. DiggReader


When Google decided to pull the plug on its popular news reader, millions of users were left in a state of shock. The service they relied on to deliver their headlines and content since its 2005 launch came to an end on July 1, leaving a gaping hole in the market. However, with plenty of alternative RSS readers out there, it’s fair to say users won’t be stuck when it comes to choice. Feedly and Digg Reader are the two services that are in prime position to wear the vacated crown, but which one is the best

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Migrant worker who fled on foot in Belarus, he reached home

Molodechno "Regional Newspaper" reports that on the highway Minsk-Grodno several motorists have been victims of swindlers. Those car stopped and offered to buy them from a gold ring cost more than 100 bucks. Fraudsters were that out of funds for gasoline. Drivers only later learned that the ring is not gold and the dollar is worth less. Militiamen people detained in Romania, but has not yet found the evidence of their guilt.Krichevskaya newspaper "Free City" in the article "Unsubscribe" reports on correspondence working farm "Light" with the State control. People sent a letter of cash irregularities and malpractice svinakompleksu administration.

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Press review: which countries can provide loans to Belarus?

Newspaper "Belarusians and Market" offers readers an article by Tatiana Manyanok "Installing on profits." Belarus looks for ways to increase exports of petroleum products. Export companies "Belneftekhim" in Last year exceeded six billion dollars, while in the main due to the export of oil products. So that in This year provide cash flow from refining, municipal bureaucrats had planned to do an oil company before 1 July 2007. The concern "Belneftekhim" believe that in the future the Belarusian oil company can take on issues associated with finding a good circuits petroleum exports, frahtavannya vessels, including through the creation of its

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In Grodno Institute are not allowed Belarusian Writers

Reporter: "In Grodno Ipatova writer Olga came from Minsk. We are located near rivers Gorodnichanka, on one side of the house where writer Eliza Orzeszkowa, and the second — filfak institute Kupala where no meeting was accomplished Olga Ipatovoj with readers." Ipatova: "You see: this institute building for I was very expensive. Why? So there standing branch of our orphanage, and once I was there for many years — here in Grodno, where she studied to be Belarusian. I was lucky, Grodno writers need to take care of me. I only have regrets, not hurt, the students do not hear

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Tsikavinki new Dzeyaslova

Beginning of a new historical novel Olga Ipatovoj "Lofty Symbol Master" poems in different years Nile Gilevich, Continued documentary books Sergei Shapran about Vasil Bykov readers went out and brought in the next 36 th issue of the journal "verb". But this room is devoted to self-contained literary and artistic publications memory Anatolia Sys.The October issue of "Dzeyaslova" dedicated to the memory of Anatoly Sys already the third year in a row. This tradition was established immediately after the revision untimely death cult poet generation "Tuteyshyh." Says Editor in Chief Boris:

Boris"In this room the young poet published memoirs Valerie

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Vitebsk: defender made a gift to the library

According Lyavinau, constant reader of the regional library, literature on international law and Human Rights in library collections is not far enough. Also, in his opinion, may intrigue readers Vitebsk materials monitors international observers during the last parliamentary and presidential elections in Belarus, in particular the other day for new elections 2008.Director of the Vitebsk Regional Library Alexander Siomkin knows how swiftly sovereign Lyavinau donated books will fall to the reader, since they first need to register and submit to the appropriate departments. He noted that some publications willingly read himself.Thanking sovereign Levinau, library director noted that his gift This

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The first test of the electronic textbook Plastic Logic in Zelenograd

50% of respondents believe — "It’s time to replace paper books» summarized the results of testing of a new electronic textbook company Plastic Logic, a key element of which — a plastic screen — will be produced at the new plant of Zelenograd. Testing was organized by the portal in the fair of science and technology, and innovative ideas and projects of youth "Rhythm of Zelenograd 2011", which took place in October 2011. About 300 visitors to the fair the first of Zelenograd could pick up and "drive" real "tablet» Plastic Logic 100 with loaded text books for

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The lake is big again Nanoga fish kills. Photo


Photo: A reader

18.01.12.V Ozersk Chelyabinsk region on Lake Big Nanoga began again fish kills. Where there are open channels, the fish comes to the surface. It seems necessary to take action again …

I recall that in March 2011, a few weeks residents Ozersk same mass mortality of fish in the lake Big Nanoga

Source: Ozersk online

Photo: A reader

Photo: A reader

Photo: A reader

Photo: A reader

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Unusual glow in the sky over Baku — Photo

In the project "Mobile reporter" regular reader sent Day.Az interesting photo.

The reader who sent this photograph, said the unusual phenomenon was filmed them in the airport in Baku. Bright glow may result from the play of light in the clouds at sunset. And maybe …  

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