Germany noted orders 2-Belarusians

As noted by Martin Geker salting, hedid it on behalf of the Federal President — as a symbol of recognition of the huge awards tagged individuals to Germany.The diplomat stressed that the award "compensation considered not only as a technical project, and mainly as a contribution to reconciliation between Belarus and Germany."Under this project, the compensation paid tyscham 120 former prisoners of Nazi concentration camps and working adjective Third Reich.Payments were made from the Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future", which was created at the expense of the country and the German business circles of Germany. Belarus benefit fund engaged in

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Brawl at Ravens end reconciliation with kisses

Ornithologists have found that vorony quarreled shortly after intense clashes begin to make up, touching each other's beak and feathers mutually scrubbing. This behavior was first observed in birds. In the behavior of primates, as well as other social mammals, is common practice reconciliation: after an argument, the participants behave with each other far more cordial and attentive. This is manifested particularly clearly, if the participants were skirmishes in the "friendly" allied relations within the group.

According to zoologists, such reconciliation make "friendship stronger" — in other words, do not allow the group to remain under the influence of

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