A.Kozulin third time punished for breach of prison discipline

In the family Alexander Kozulin learned that the prison authorities punished him by deprivation of short-term appointment, which is scheduled for October. So Makar, another policy meeting with his wife and daughters will be held in late November and will have his day of birth. Wife of former presidential candidate says Ira Kozulin."I hope that we will go to him in the colony, and mark the 25th November, together with him, his day of birth. 25th just falls on a Sunday. I already wrote a letter about his wife."Clear prerequisites punishment Ira Alexander Kozulin unidentified. The lady says that the

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Regional Tribunal refused Tatiana Seviarynets in reinstatement

Mother of a prominent politician, teacher Russian language highest category with almost 35 years of experience dismissed from high school number 40, allegedly for absenteeism. In court, she was trying to prove that from the 26th to the 31st of March, it was granted leave of absence. Konstantin Seviarynets, trustee Tatiana interested colleagues to the fact that the management of the district education department used nevnarmavanasts individual acts of labor laws to fire teacher-oppositionist.Tatiana Seviarynets believes that her dismissal has political background, because the head of the education department not once reproached her opposition eyes. • The Tribunal refused Tatiana

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Mogilev city hall will build through the year

Victor Shorikov assured that build the town hall will begin in This year. Town Hall will be rebuilt on the ground inspection and watches. Has announced a tender for the construction.Last weekend public activists collected over a thousand signatures for the restoration of the Town Hall.In July 1957 Mogilev city hall destroyed. From 1926 she was under the protection of the country. For the first time about her recovery began read back in 1975.• collected 1,000 signatures for the restoration of the town hall of Mogilev, 04.07.2007

Vika Moroz: My great desire — see the mom and dad

As saidFreedom and a source close to the couple Alessandro Giusto and Maria Chiara-Bornachin, and those This year invited to a girlfriend for yourself, which is considered a daughter. But the Belarusian side was rejected.I recall that in September 2006 10-year-old Belarusian orphan Vika Moroz did not return home after the next vacation in an Italian family-Bornachin Giusto. Spouses of Cogoleto decided not to give it back to Vialejka boarding. Within 20 days my mother both spouses, Alessandro and Maria Chiara, Vick hid in a monastery in the Swiss Alps. As a result, energetic requirements Minsk girlfriend eventually accompanied by

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Artur Finkevich threatens stir

The incident occurred in the evening after curfew, when Arthur went to another room for validol. The staff thought it was a violation of the commandant regime and claimed that the youth wrote an explanation.Says Artur Finkevich:"If you still decide to give me a penalty, it will mean that I will be transferred to remand, and later in the new court criminal case by Article 415 of the Criminal Code (evasion or violationyl regulations while serving his sentence.) I can be punished up to 3 years imprisonment . "Artur Finkevich 29 June last year serving his sentence in Mogilev special

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The Tribunal refused Tatiana Seviarynets in reinstatement

Mrs. Seviarynets and its trustee Konstantin Seviarynets intend to submit the appeal and a new suit to the court of higher jurisdiction.Cpadarynya Seviarynets seeks to recover at work through the tribunal. She was fired from the high school number 40 Tipo for truancy.In late March, she wrote a statement on vacation at his own expense, signed by the head of the district education department Vladimir Shlomo. But through several days He removed his own decision, and returned from vacation, Tatiana Seviarynets found that missed 6 working days.• Tatiana Seviarynets find out the verdict on June 18, 15.06.2007 • Tatiana Seviarynets

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This year, 65 percent of kids healthier Chernobyl

This was stated by Deputy National Center for rehabilitation and sanatorium healing Gennady Bolbatovsky population.In 2007 at improving the kids affected by the Chernobyl tragedy, the republican budget allocated 82 billion rubles. Babes going 9 of Belarusian children’s sanatoriums and 11 rehabilitation centers. In addition, kids fed and in a sanatorium other states.

Catherine Sadovskaya: Ladies in the bullpen was not given a warm odezhki

Not cold or in Belarusian bullpen during freezing weather today? Head of Department for Execution of Punishment of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kovchur February 23 assured me that in all the colonies maintained at a temperature at a rate no tragedy heating systems not doomed to cold did not complain. But in a letter home defenders Catherine Sadouskaya who is serving a sentence in the Gomel women’s prison, that complaint is. Catherine’s husband told Sadouskaya Victor:"Yesterday, a letter came from Catherine Petrovna. Writes that there scoff at them. Returns no tights, no warm pants and chase in the yard in the

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Effective technologies of enhanced oil recovery

For enhanced oil recovery specialists of JSC "Tatneft" use modern technology, including enhanced oil recovery using composite systems based on xanthan biopolymer ("Xanthan" technology).

The technology, developed by scientists TatNIPIneft used in the oil fields of the Company at a late stage of development with heterogeneous permeability, and is designed to increase the current oil production by blocking watered areas and redistribution pathways of injected water in reservoir.

These results, oil and gas specialists controls "Tatneft" sought by aligning the heterogeneity of the reservoir, as well as regulation of sweep efficiency and impact of the redistribution of flow through

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Belarusian kids have canceled trips to Holland and Germany

As reported by the Dutch news agencies in this regard Managing Foreign Minister of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Maxime Verhagen summoned to an interview in The Hague, the Ambassador of Belarus Lena Gritsenko.

Guess kids interests should come first. Babes eagerly awaiting this prazdnichka. Trip Cancellation can be for them not small disappointment  

Due to the refusal of the Belarusian authorities to bring healthy babies group Chernobyl Minister Verhagen said that "it is impossible to ignore the interests of the kids." The Minister noted that the organizers expect Belarusian kids stay and that they have created a lot,

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