Teachers will take away part of the holiday?

On January 26, come into force amendments to the Labour Code Republic of Belarus, whereby abilities rest Belarusians will be less. In including configuration expect teachers. Although the specifics yet. Teacher knows Russian language literature and one of the Minsk Lena Lenchyts schools:Lenchyts "While still unclear what, when and how. We still only sent notification that the configuration assumed in the legislation. Indicated that the stay will not be a day or less than 24, and most of its duration — with the agreement with the employer. "Deputy Chairman of the Joint civilian party Shynkaryk Igor believes that in case

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In Khanty-Mansiysk opened children’s recreation center

In Khanty-Mansiysk, the grand opening of children’s recreation center, which housed under one roof: the music school, a children’s art center for young naturalists and the city library.In music school piano classes are scheduled, dobro, guitar, violin, vocals and choreography. The house of children‘s creativity — School of Early Childhood Development, class chess animation studio in which children themselves will make cartoons. All of these studios will welcome children immediately after the Christmas holidays. Just a children’s recreation center will be able to deal with five hundred children. In addition, the new complex — it’s more than a

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In Vladivostok, opened a new quay

The grand opening of the waterfront in a residential area, "Patroclus," was held in Vladivostok in October 18. Walkup length of 2.5 km will be available to all residents of the seaside capital.

Residential Zone "Patroclus" — one of the largest integrated development projects in Russia, which is part of the APEC summit in 2012.

In addition to housing, the district will erect all the elements of infrastructure: kindergartens, schools, sports complexes and stadiums, shopping, social and business centers, recreation facilities, sports and recreation and beach area.


Photo by: Anton Balashov PrimaMedia

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The new recreation area appeared in Vladikavkaz

New recreation area on the banks of the river Terek opened Monday in Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia)."Today in Vladikavkaz was solemnly opened another recreation area for residents and visitors of our capital. This segment of the embankment length of 600 meters in the area of the bridge Pozharsky", — the press-service of the City Hall.

At the opening of the waterfront in this place was the sculpture of a boy with car camera, which, like white-water rafting, jumping over the parapet.

The author of the sculpture was a young sculptor Ibrahim Hai, whose works adorn parks have Vladikavkaz. Thus,

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In the Navy are commissioned newest universal sports and recreation complex

In some parts of the compounds of the Airborne Forces are commissioned newest universal sports and recreation complex. Infrastructure systems designed and built taking into account the specificity and specialization of specific airborne units.

In the spring of 2012 will be put into operation two universal sports and recreation complex "Start-15", one of which is located in 51 Parachute Regiment 106 Airborne Division (Tula), the second in the Ryazan Higher Airborne Command School named after VF Margelov. Typical complexes "Start-15" include: a sports hall, a martial arts gym, jogging track and swimming pool.

According to the head of

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Adult toys for children

Today’s kids are lucky, as more and more available to them "serious" toys. One of these "serious" toys released "Plant them. VA Degtyareva "- this is the ATV" Robinson ".

ATV "Robinson" — ideal for teaching children how to control the ATV and recreation in parks, children‘s camps, recreation centers, in nature.

ATV "Robinson" may also find practical application for adults. It is perfect for travel over rough terrain and to patrol the area. Comfortable to ride on an ATV on fishing and hunting. With relatively modest size and light weight ATV "Robinson" lets you

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News from Ekaterinburg

Thus, in 2011 the network facilities of the consumer market in Yekaterinburg increased by 8 new supermarkets, 2 universal and 14 food stores, logistics terminals 3, 6 catering and two product markets. According to the Office for the Development of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism Administration of Yekaterinburg, at the end of 2011 the number of sports facilities has increased by 11 units: 1 swimming pool, 2 gyms and 1 gym, 7 playgrounds. The reconstruction of the Central Stadium, now increased its capacity to 27,000 seats. In Yekaterinburg, implemented a strategic project "The stadium in the yard", according to which

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Azov sea overflowed


28.01.12.Iz due to increased water levels in the Sea of Azov in the Kherson region was interrupted by road to four villages.

As the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the country in connection with the onset of the northern cyclone and strong winds of up to 30 m / s, the water level has reached critical levels. Flooded road of regional significance "Genichesk — Shooting." Terminated by road to the villages Gengirka, Priozernoye, Schastlivtsevo and Light. It is home to 879 3000.

Flooded a large number of recreation centers, and village Genichesk Gorka Priozernoye Schaslivtsevo

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Rest in Russia is becoming more and more urgent

In planning its own long-awaited vacation, obviously we expect from it the maximum of positive memories. The right choice destinations is key to a successful, good memoir filled vacation.

Of course, all people have different tastes. Some love the exotic African tropical undergrowth, some prefer a European luxury. But amusing that in the near future, the market of tourist services interestnaya marked tendency — the inhabitants of RF have come to prefer staying in home in their home country and latitudes. Affordable and close to recreation RF summer became so are popular for many reasons.

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Two orphaned bear cub settled in the safari park in Primorye

Safari park in Primorye Shkotovsky area, inhabited mostly young animals, added two Himalayan cubs, which brought on the basis of local recreation workers, told RIA Novosti park director Dmitry Mezentsev.

"The two little cubs, which was named Misha and Bead brought tourists. Bears lived in a recreation center in a nearby guerrilla zone, close to the coastal village of Wrangell," — told the agency.

According to him, the tiny cubs found in the forest by local residents. Most likely, their mother was killed by poachers. Helpless animals could be killed in the forest, so they were brought to the local

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