Moon: Results of SAAM Project

Archaeological exploration of the Moon: Results of SAAM Project

AV Arkhipov ( "The Moon — Secret Zone"

Institute of Radio Astronomy, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the proceedings of the conference "SETI-XXI"

"It was the excursion. Our aim was to review surface rather for planning future research than for make them ourselves. A number of sites were examined and recommended for selection the most appropriate site excavation. "

John Wyndham, "The Last Lunarians"

The relevance of the search of ancient human artifacts on the surface of the celestial bodies pointed out by many authors (eg A.Klark,

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Valley of square trees …

October 30, 2011 14:51

Not far from the Panama Canal is the famous Valley of square trees (Panama El Valle de Anton). These trees are a unique attraction, as many poplars here for unknown reasons, have rectangular trunks

It is believed that this strange natural anomaly is not found anywhere else in the world. Thanks to its right angles and precise rectangular shape, trees baffled tourists and scientists for years. Experts from the University of Florida took a few young trees to see if they keep their rectangular shape of the barrel, if they grow in other areas. It turned

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UFO bodanul shuttle Discovery?


Photo: from the site

NASA issued a statement in which he said that "After the standard review of the complex steering the ship, a day before planting the steering jets, the crew indicated that he had seen flying away from the ship rectangular object 1-1.5 feet long."

In other words, the space shuttle Discovery astronauts observed an unidentified object flying behind the ship that came to port and its steering part.

Currently, the land, the experts involved in the treatment and study of information received,

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