For many years, the aquarium is in use red miriofillum grown under the name Myriophillum ma-togrossense. Bright red color delicate lacy leaves, pleasant contrast with the background of the rest of the greenery, and are not always easy maintenance — these are the qualities that attract the attention of fans of this plant water flora. Under this title the red peristolistnik periodically available for sale and from the premises firms breeders of aquatic plants. For example, at the «Zo-2001 continue to evolve,» I met him, even a representative of the world-renowned specialist Karl Rataya hydrophytes.

About the color.

Our magazine has repeatedly put the materials on color science, and each publication provoked letters from readers who have asked to continue stories on this topic.

Previously, we published Japanese book «Colorful circus» where the authors presented in its own color system for children.

Today we introduce to you, dear children, with chapters from the book by Danish artist B. Weber’s «experiments with color» specially translated into Russian for «young artist».

Maybe some judgments of the Danish author will seem controversial, but because each specialist has his point of view in the complex field of color science. Notice how

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Red Garden

This name is given to specialized farms in the Rostov region.

— It’s a good farm — assured me at the Rostov Regional Committee of the Communist Party — it is a member of the Exhibition of Achievements of the national economy. Organized in 1932. Gardens there! Yes, you go, you will see.

Recommendation given to the farm, inspired me and I forget about a thirty-heat, immediately I went to this farm.

On the territory of the farm goes Azov irrigation canal, which draws cool nice and pleasing to the eye wildflowers, interspersed by green shores. The gardens here

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What color dinner?

Since childhood we all know that fruits and vegetables — this set of health vitamin. With this truth can not argue (even meat eaters will not find passionate arguments against). However, not all plant foods is equally useful, each vegetable or fruit bears its targeted benefit to a specific organ or system of the human body. About what kind, with the help of color tells us Mother Nature herself. For a healthy balanced diet is necessary to include in the diet of representatives of all the color groups.

Green. Representatives. Kiwi, avocado, asparagus, cabbage, cucumbers, lettuce, parsley, zucchini, green

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To say that the game Codename: Eagle focuses on consoles, so — to say nothing. Even in the screenshots visible all the charm of its proprietary «engine», a kind of accelerated-light version Hidden & Dangerous. The plot — an alternative history to the «Russian theme», and indeed, this seriously superproject no one took. So simple rasslabon on the snowy expanses of the vast country, primitive, to give children with head of sugar a bit of sugar.

But life turned out very even nothing. At this point, I have been authorized to make a short statement to the side: Codename: Eagle,

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Intoxicated priest catch GAI

As a result, his father was fined for three years and was denied the right to drive a car. Colleagues priest drew attention to the fact that such liberties for himself he has permitted during the period of fasting stateliness.This story happened near Mogilev, where the village of East father, of course, a little fun skirovvavsya (inner with him was a young lady, too drunk). Samples SAI employees to check driver’s documents have not yielded fruit BMW: father, though hesitant, but insisted that it is not vodka. Police found the extraordinary humanity and released a servant of God. What a

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Diet in color

Design of the house and office, choice of clothing, makeup and hair — all this, one way or another, is based on the idea of exploring the color space. Even in psychology emerged tsvetopsikhologii and color therapy. A few years ago the color revolution has come and dietetics.

Followers of the diet color guarantee weight loss of 10 kg after the monthly cycle.

"Move" in a healthy way of life Americans, followed by Europeans and for some reason decided that the therapeutic effects of color on the psyche must be related not only to the fact the color

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Why Saudi Arabia can be that which can not Libya?

"TASS is authorized to declare that the party and municipal leaders of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic addressed to the Russian Union and other allies, with a request for fraternal Czechoslovak people of emergency, including assistance to the armed forces … Russian military units, together with the military units of naming the allied states on August 21, entered the area of Czechoslovakia … Anyone and will never be allowed to pull and 1st level of the community of socialist states. "

During this TASS statement hitherto cursed and multinational Russian people, and even more cosmopolitan Warsaw contract and his kids,

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Why Kolchak reached the Volga?

Snow-white movement has trouble at first on the war fronts civilian clothes. Scientists have so far can not give a definite answer to the question about the causes of the defeat of the armies of white, meanwhile, pretty to look at the relative strengths of the parties during the decisive operations plainclothes war, and they will become a natural fundamental and growing inequality, not allowing the crisp white count on success . In addition, more serious causes troubles of white were big flaws in military planning and fatal underestimation of the enemy. But the white continued to fight and

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Why in the civilian war was won Project Red

During the war, civilian clothes, after the February Revolution, several projects were presented to the future of the Russian Federation "Snow-white design"Project" Anarchy ","Reddish Project ", a project Outdoor forces.

Won by Reddish the project. The question arises — why?

— This project was more coherent and meet the interests of the peoples of the Russian civilization. He kept coming to Russia and to enable a decent life for minorities, and for most people. It was their idea, a concept of the good life than in the Russian Empire.

— The Bolsheviks, a greater portion of their own, were fanatically

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