Night Siege — August 27

The forums website discussions are current statements Russian Ambassador Alexander Surikov that our homeland does not preclude placement of nuclear weapons in Belarus. Introduction of the participants:"Uh-huh. And Shushkevich Walesa recommended for the Nobel Peace Prize for the conclusion of this very weapon.""Well, if you send us your rockets those who need it. To cut on takeoff.""Neuzh Our homeland is invested in building a nuclear power plant?"Arshanski blogger talks about whether it was worth allocate Stanislav Shushkevich for the Nobel Prize:"In the midst of all threw the former speaker Supreme Council HII convocation often bombarded with "obstruction" of a

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Or assure Bush in Prague South American enemies radar?

Before the arrival of George W. Bush in Prague Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke ill again over plans to organize objects» American antyraketnay system in Central Europe. Putin referred antyraketnuyu system "part of the U.S. nuclear shield" and said that for the first time in the history of the objects» U.S. nuclear arsenal will be available in Europe.USA wants to install 10 interceptor missiles in Poland and on the ground radar station — in the Czech Republic, 70 km south-west of Prague. These plans not only caused resentment of, and the shared public opinion of America’s closest allies.60% of Czechs

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Or adequate referendum May 14, 1995 the Constitution and laws?

On the non-recognition of the state symbols Alexander Lukashenko declared a year before the presidential election in 1993, he wore a revealing "beseserovsky" red-green deputy badge. And the idea of a referendum was the first time Lukashenko declared at the session of the Supreme Council in March 1995. As later became clear outline of a new "coat of arms" was developed in the manager’s office Presidential Administration Leonid Sinitsyna. April 11 opposition deputies nineteen BPF headed by Zenon Pozniak a symbol of protest hunger strike, but were beaten in the hall of the parliament and expelled from the structure of

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Ales Krawcewicz: Wednesday Blotting unique town Belarus

Correspondent "Ales, please remind the listener that occurs directly in Grodno. For what structure and why you need to fight?"Krawcewicz: "The situation is very difficult in our town since Wednesday destroyed virtually unique in our country town, the euro itself town Belarus. Not counting the fact that individual buildings are destroyed (for example, on the street in the heart of the Socialist town Art Nouveau building in one of the wings of time Tyzengauz in Vilnius street), so still going, despite the protests of the public, carry out the reconstruction of the central square, an old bridge . And all

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Patrons an old Grodno offer local referendum

Reporter: "In the Company of Belarus Grodno schools gathered historians, even came from Krakow Yuri Gordeev, who teaches at the Jagiellonian Institute. As with distance from Krakow looks situation in Grodno picture really terrible how else would not?"Gordeev: "You know, a nightmare can begin at any moment. We litsezreem that destroyed the mill and destroy individual buildings, for example, at the moment would be to demolish the house on the Socialist. Folks, this building — one of the few examples of" modernity. "I I know that they are able to do it later layout, dummy, and notit is clear that

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Night Siege April 9

On forums portal guests commented expression Alexander Lukashenko during a visit at Easter Cathedral. Head of State said: "a powerful blow that was dealt to the East on the Belarusian economy, we overcome in the first quarter."4elovek writes: "How tired of all this … You can not politicize prazdnichkom though …"nigga: "We can see that Lukashenko simply non-existent spiritual culture, not a drop of respect for religious emotions of citizens. While in the temple, during the 1st of the greatest prazdnichkom virtually all believers in Belarus, he raves about the dilemmas of the countries that emerged from it ,

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Americans love the referendums more than Belarusians

It turns out that Americans love more referendums Belarusians. The only thing that national referendums are held there. But local — as they want, every four years.In reality, the American term referendum generally refers to the vote, which offers power (executive or legislative). But local referendums organized on the initiative of voters — about What does the talking — are classified title ballot initiative or ballot proposition (Electoral initiative or election bid).In California and 3 other states, voters in November 4th day supported the initiative to ban gay marriage.In the state of Washington passed a proposal to allow euthanasia, in

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City share our accomplished almost 20 towns

Share "our city" spent specifically on the anniversary of the referendum in 1995. Favourite organization Dashkevich said "Freedom", that present a day or kicks off a two-month marathon to towns and cities throughout the country. Within 2 months of the Young will distribute stickers and information booklets about the history of the national flag and coat of arms "race."Malady will also conduct a quiz about the history of the state signs among young people. 

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Historical lessons of the referendum of 1995

Tsigankov: "Can I call a referendum that particular turning point in the history of the new Belarusian, and if it was the turn, then — where, in what way?"Barshcheuski: "This point, by contrast, recorded what was previously. Rescues that could irrevocably lose the people who ran for many years — ancient namenklaturnaya power. And she was able to do just turn toward democratization reforms, formation of modern busy Belarusian culture . " Tsigankov: "When we say that history teaching for some reason, then — whether that dark, views on many day to give some lessons that should be learned?"Barshcheuski: "Lesson

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Miron noted anniversary of the referendum

Flag appeared in the 10th and the morning on the roof of a 16-storey building in Vitebsk, at the intersection of Metropolitan Avenue, Chernyakhovskogo Avenue and Lenin Street. Local opposition leader Boris Khamaida recalled that just 13 years ago there was the first action of the famous Myron: he raised a white-red-white flag on the tube boiler in district Liozno a symbol protest official results of the referendum in 1995, after which the municipal flag Republic of Belarus became a modern red and green sign, and white-red-white flag was declared "unregistered symbols." According Khamajda now Myron again reminded of past

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