You have not seen themselves in the mirror

By the nature of my work, I am dealing with mirrors, what he wrote in Ira, 8, 75. And every time I think: is it possible to extract more from them something interesting artist, biologist, physicist, astronomer? Imagine, sometimes unlucky. Shard mirror — a good, smooth, not very elongated, is closer to a circle or square, across centimeter or two — position in front of the house so that the sunbeam of bliss came from the street through the window at the bright wall shaded areas (for example through the open north window , while other windows should be

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An eerie reflection in the mirror

We have a very friendly yard, all are friends identical both boys and girls. But we have our own company. Here we have created a society OVDD-inducing good spirits, well, causing all sorts of candy gnomes ruminant kings, and the like … That somehow start talking about brownies. I do such-and-tell me something of paranormal phenomena, I will not sleep. We in the hallway is a large mirror, and a few times I saw the reflection of a strange gray-haired grandfather, or a black silhouette.

I am very scared and went to bed just after the pray.

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How to make a magic mirror to develop clairvoyance?

January 15, 2012 17:44

In this experiment, we will create own magic mirror for the development of clairvoyance. Careful contemplation of the flame, now are making next to the mirror in which we clearly see the reflection of your face. The exercise is performed in the morning or in the evening, in the twilight in a calm atmosphere, turn off the phone in advance and ask relatives to you during this time did not bother …

Magic Mirror

Prepare pre-mirror is best to buy a new full-length mirror, but if this is not possible, fit the old. Try

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The narcissist Narcissus

In Greek mythology, there is a mythical hero like Narcissus, he is the son of a beautiful nymph Liriope and the river god Kefissa.


You look forward to the output of the new game — Dota 2? Then, the site dota 2 — you are now very handy. On the website you can find out when is the release of the game, watch the video and photo materials on the game.

The parents wanted a good future for their child and the soothsayer

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The greatest problem in the world — the lack of self-awareness. People do evil, because I do not see what they are doing. Only our reflection can give us immunity from kneeling slavery reflexology. Self-awareness breaks the spell. Our only chance — to be able to create the reflection itself. Otherwise, we will remain slaves, controlled by external stimuli. Reflection allows you to base their actions on the internal tendencies, and this choice is born.

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Mirror, mirror on the wall / Mirror, Mirror watch online

The documentary film "Mirror, Mirror on the wall. "Proper reflection in the mirror — one of the most mind-blowing things. The behavior of the mirror is so accusatory that a group of scientists began the study of behavioral responses to their own reflection both animals and humans. The results of these studies allow us to look into the depths of human psychology. Secrets zazerkalnogo world which is a reflection, can tell us much about the many fascinating intellectual capacity of many species of animals and human consciousness, which at first glance, can be hidden from prying eyes.


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