Lets get FRUITY!

No matter what skin type you have, every girl deserves a fabulously clear complexion — so look no further than Clearasils new Daily Clear Supefruits range

No one should have to put up with spots, and that’s exactly why Clearasil has created the Daily Clear Superfruits range — so you’ll never have to. It includes four brand-new products, all infused with effective skinclearing ingredients, plus superfruits known for their antioxidant properties. Each product is kind to skin and suitable for everyday use-and because it’s Clearasil, you know they’ll work.

Achieving and maintaining that spot-free, beautifully clear skin every girl dreams

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Habitat: The Elixir of cheerfulness

Tea and coffee — very refreshing morning drinks. Today, on the shelves, and dozens of varieties of tea and coffee.We figured out how to choose the most refreshing drink, what a tea bag can be called tea and why robusta sold as Arabica.

From being on the shelves flock only a packet of tea with the elephant, much time has passed. Now from the diversity of varieties and brands of tea scatter eyes. Dear elite teas many can not afford. But among the cheapest varieties, too, can find a real tea. Together with an expert from the Plekhanov Academy,

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