Mogilev bureaucrats they say about the rehabilitation of Chernobyl-

During the 2-day participants make out the results of the implementation of international programs from Belarus "Cooperation for Rehabilitation".With Belarusian side seminar uchavstvujut only employees of municipal structures.According to the official disk imaging, the seminar will undergo consideration the difficulty of providing radiological safety, health, culture, education, youth and kids education, socio-economic development of rural dirty radiation.The program "Cooperation for Rehabilitation" operates in Belarus August 25 2004. Projects implemented in the programs from Bragin, Chechersk, Slavgorod and Stolin districts. The program is funded by a global network of United Nations in the development and positive changes people’s lives. Network covers

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Will Dmitry Dmitry Lukashenko Cancer?

In the past year, December 10, in preparation for the World Cup in step Jilin Chinese 30-year-old Dmitry Cancer complex received a head injury. More than a month was unconscious and only 1 February Israeli aircraft delivered in Minsk fifth clinical clinic. Week reversal doctors considered: the process must translate into active rehabilitation and transferred to the clinic Cancer "Aksakovschina" near Minsk. It clarifies the press attache of the State Olympic Committee Peter Riabukhin rehabilitation process — a very important point, which requires significant costs. There is no guarantee that will not have the ability to find rehabilitation abroad, where

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Belarus stops healthy babies in the U.S.

"We stop applets improvement kids terrain United States in connection with the situation around underage citizen of Belarus Tatiana Kozyro that has not returned to Belarus," — said the bureaucrat.He explained to that programm suspended until an agreement is signed oboestoronnee about wellness, "Interfax"."To exclude such cases are, Kozyro as Tatiana in the future, Belarusian side U.S. offers to sign with an intergovernmental agreement on the criteria for rehabilitation of juvenile kids. The draft agreement will be directed to the American side in Lately "- Said A.Kolyada.16-year-old resident Tatiana Borisova Kozyro vorachivatsya refused to Belarus after, how was the improvement

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Better drugs than the Bible?

The center was created at the end of the last century by German nationals, the husband and wife Anita and Egbertam Shoane.From media reports it is clear that Egbert and Anita purchased an old building in Ostrovchitsy village school, where he made a rehabilitation center for those svetlagortsav who wanted to get rid of drug addiction. How principled this assistance, knows one of the former addicts Svetlahorsk: "Many of net hard to adjust to life. If they shall be removed from the drug, they behold the that already divorced from social life. Did not find the case, understanding at work,

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Rehabilitation center for soldiers in Afghanistan opened in Ulan-Ude (video)

It will have both medical care and psychological support. The center was established by a grant obtained by the public organization of veterans

For equipment and repairs took half a million rubles, and the building was donated to the city government has provided rental.

Rehabilitation center for veterans of the Afghanistan Geological Survey located on the street next to the People's Court of October district. Afghans hand and congratulate we launched with the opening.

— The fact that today it is the center open for our children who participated in the

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Center for training and rehabilitation of rescuers Ergaki opened in Khakassia

Ergaki. Rainbow Lake.

In Khakassia has opened a regional center for training and rehabilitation of rescuers "Ergaki", which is designed to respond quickly to emergencies and accidents in remote areas.

Experts of the center will register the tour groups, monitor their movement, the center will provide assistance to the affected tourists and climbers, to ensure fire safety in Natural Park "Ergaki" and surrounding areas, to respond to accidents and avalanches on the mountain site of the federal highway M-54.

Siberian regional center of sports training and rehabilitation rescue "Ergaki" started to be built in 2009 and

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HONG STARTED active rehabilitation

After a month of immobilization due to a knee injury linebacker "Rostov" Hong Yong Jo began active rehabilitation: it is engaged on a stationary bike and walking on fizeoprotsedury.

Another midfielder Rostovites Arthur Valikaev from day to day should be back from Germany, where he was successfully operated in connection with a fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone. The following week, after removing the splint he will begin rehabilitation.

On the individual program trained goalkeeper Anton Amel'chenko and forward Roman Adamov.


When Stalin’s repressions were injustice and crime, if carried losses and hurt people and if we all recognize — what next? The idea is that you need to return justice to punish those responsible, compensate losses and soothe hurt by the fact that it is the Word satisfaction that Vaclav Lastouski translated into Belarusian language as zdavolenne. But in fact, none of this happened. No wonder in Russian dictionaries satisfaction or not, or it is intended as an outdated concept. Repay — not modern (!). From the perspective of the debtor — in this case, the country — and so

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Larissa Heniyush — still the enemy to the authorities

Next to the building in Minsk Philharmonic they set portrait of the poet, crowned white-red-white flowers, and read poems. Passers they porazdavali about 200 leaflets with poetry and biography Larisa Heniyush. In the text, namely, reported on its socio-political activities in the Czech Republic and the work of the Secretary General of the Government of the Byelorussian People’s Republic of in exile, also that human rights organizations in Belarus twice appealed to the Prosecutor’s Office and Supreme Tribunal rehabilitation of the poet, but it was not made.

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Larissa Heniyush not lost a chance at rehabilitation

With the request to rehabilitate the poet Attorney General Peter Miklashevich accessed Organizing Committee, the Belarusian Writers Alliance and the Belarusian Helsinki Committee. General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus refused rehabilitation Larissa Heniyush. As thesmiling in the appeal, "Larissa Heniyush havent long for this world. It has long been known poetess named i patriot homeland became a legend for the Belarusians. A release at least a good memory of it from injecting wires Gulag unreal. To power it as before the enemy. I is not subject to rehabilitation. "General Prosecutor proves its decision by saying that in 1999, the Bureau Supreme

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