The legacy of their ancestors. Day Goddess Karna

Day Goddess Karna. Karna — patron goddess of reincarnation (ie temporary incarnation incarnation, the reincarnation of that new incarnation), the giver of human rights to get rid of the mistakes and fulfill its destiny. The holiday time is the second international conference of Orthodox Old Believers, the same ceremony was held imenarecheniya and name. Well, it all starts with a holiday goddess Karni.

The man of a thousand lives




For centuries, mankind has tried to find an answer to the main questions of existence: life, death, immortality. On this account there and there are a lot of opinions and views, mostly wearing a mystical character. The oldest and the mass of them — is the doctrine

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Born twice …

October 15, 2012 1:00

The great religions of the East — Buddhism and Hinduism — are taught that the death of man in the dust becomes a material substance — his body. The real content of human nature — the spirit, the soul — the sequence of transitions to new, successive body shell and lives every time a new life on earth, but in a way completely different person. Such a transformation, rebirth of the soul in another body is called reincarnation and, from the point of view of the major religions of the law defining the destiny of

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Unknown. The fifth dimension. Reincarnation. Online

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What was I in the past?

November 13, 2012 0:05

The theory of reincarnation — one of the tenets of Hinduism and Buddhist teachings basis

Life and death are in front of each person. While you're young, you think you'll live forever. After forty years, gradually becoming sad thought of the impermanence of life. Old age puts the question squarely: who would want my life? What happens to me then, after death? Is my soul reincarnated into another person or is it a fairy tale? Optimists believe in the immortality of the soul, reincarnation, pessimists in the fact that after death there will be

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Fantastic stories 10 movie watch online

Each film tells of the extraordinary phenomenon, which is difficult to find an explanation. Once a week, viewers will learn about the areas not normal, prophetic dreams, the supernatural powers of man and UFOs. The creators of programs from considering all perspective — From the mind-blowing to completely close to reality. The witnesses and participants of the events say that they had experienced or had to deal with anything. Comments posodeystvuyut professionals to clarify one or other phenomena from a scientific perspective, confirming or denying the possibility of its existence.

Cursed jewelry. Furtive power stones

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In hide and seek with eternity




Many of the "remember" its previous life and can describe in detail his adventures in another body hundred or a thousand years ago

A few years ago I was preparing material for the intensive care unit of the Kaliningrad Regional Hospital, Head of whom Vladimir Zatovka said

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Past Lives Dr. Raymond Moody

Dr. Raymond Moody became world famous after the publication in 1975 of his book "Life After Life", in which he analyzed the stories of people who have visited almost on the light and come to life when the doctors had already found their death. The book became an instant international bestseller, and Moody began to explore other interesting phenomenon, the so-called traveling in past lives. What was the result? Judge for yourself.

With hypnosis a person can return during childhood or adolescence and determine which event in the past hurt his psyche, had a significant impact on the mental

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Buddhists find the reincarnation of Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs, who died of cancer in October 2011 at the age of 56 years, it turns out, did not die at all. And it's not that he will live long in the hearts of fans of products Apple. According to Thai Buddhists, the spirit of Steve Jobs suffered a reincarnation, and now founder of Apple turned into a warrior-philosopher.

Recall that Jobs stuck to Buddhist beliefs. This religion businessman took in the early 1970s, during his trip to India, which went after leaving the liberal arts college in the United States. At

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The place and time of birth can not be changed

December 10, 2012 1:34

Buddhism says that the so-called "I" can not be fixed or eternal

"To believe that the creator of the acts and the one who reaps the fruits of their (in the next life), — one and the same person — one extreme. To believe that these are two different personalities — another extreme. Both of these extremes avoided Buddha when he talked about the nature of rebirth and taught the truth that lies between the two extremes. " So says a sacred Buddhist text Nidan Samutta.

To speculate about the nature of rebirth, we

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