People have lived in Antarctica 10,000 years ago

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Piri Reis map

January 17, 2013 18:37

Tourists ferried in Canakkale Dardanelles Strait, usually so keen on stories about the armies of Xerxes and Alexander the Great, crossed the Dardanelles centuries ago, which does not pay attention to the modest bust, mounted on the European side of the strait near the crossing. Few people know that the modest signature "Piri Reis" under the bust connects this place with one of the most intriguing mysteries of history.


In 1929, in one of the ancient palaces of Constantinople was detected card, dated 1513 year. Map may not be aroused much interest,

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Ancient Map of Atlantis

Ancient mysteries of modern man always attract particularly ancient maps of Atlantis. Look, as if through a window into the secrets hidden civilizations time helping us map our world … we never knew.

Not inferior to modern

To create accurate maps essential vessel capable of long voyages to the study area, the chronometer to determine the coordinates, as well as mathematics and cartographers to process the information.

Meanwhile, there are ancient maps drawn BC, which does not exactly give way to a modern, while on the research vessels (as the official history says) was not the question, and

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