Why is it that when you get back from your summer holiday you often feel more restless than relaxed? Whether it’s to do with your career, relationship or home life, this is when we’re most likely to make big life changes. According to life coach Matthew Reed, after some 16 years of school and uni, we seem to have developed an inbuilt ‘seasonal reset button’. «We mentally brace ourselves for the unexpected, even if we’re not entirely

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How to groom married without Loevshchyne

Investigator Loevsky prosecutor Alexander Trofimenko knows that local inhabitant Vyacheslav Lisagura (quote) "sought to impose duties associated with marriage." In this case, the marriage itself is decorated with the introduction of official position, than on the views of a lawyer, a citizen of non-pecuniary damage: "Started a criminal case on abuse of official capacity. Who will carry out the investigation, the investigation will produce confirmation, and their presence is sufficient to send the case tribunal. Already Tribunal will make a decision in the form of the verdict — guilty or not guilty. And accordingly will be punishment . " Who

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How to Get Rid depending on love?

But some psychologists believe that many can not distinguish love from sensual depending on love."Get rid of the alcohol, tobacco, drug abuse," — these ads are always dazzled pages advertising of health services. Currently expanded series: healing already from a dependence on love."If a person feels normal only in the presence of his own love object in the vicinity of the outer — and this property was worth to go to work or even on what matters — then immediately there is a need to call him endlessly, check where he is, who he was and when come back —

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How much is imperative Belarusian elite?

Western politicians and the position of really silly, clarification of the German ambassador, according to which the supreme power in the Belarusian elections "wished the best way", and bad performers made "as usual", causes a lot of emotions and they are not very flattering for the sovereign Weiss. Comparison of previous statements that follow deal with Minsk will be determined by the results of elections, and today’s statement about the ability of the lifting of sanctions resemble funny story about a hare, which threatened that if he did not return the stolen bag, it will be like in past times.

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America has become a country of barbarism

In the United States released its annual report on morality in American society. The study, called «Civility in America: A Nationwide Survey» shows a sharp drop in the society and culture of the progressive moral degradation of a large part of the population. One of the authors of the studies seriously Pam Jenkins described the situation a "national epidemic."

According to the report, more than 70% of the population of the United States believe that the level of lack of culture in the country reached a record high. Eight out of ten respondents observed

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Information attack on Lukashenko continues

Society Russian media continue to information attack against the Belarusian leadership. The reason for the next wave of rapid publication was the threat of Kremlin officials to print the transcript of the CSTO summit, during which Alexander Lukashenko gave a public pledge to recognize the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, as well as shown on the TV channel "NTV" the third film in the controversial film "The Godfather."

"The dispute between Moscow and Minsk, Belarus threatens economic sanctions," — Writes newspaper "Trud". The publication notes that Lukashenko does not change yourself: can not promise anything, but in the

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Sex. When you need help watch online

14 couples are faced with a sexy neuvvyazkami life, which can lead to a parting — from adultery to uncertainty within himself. Entertainment and desire — sex must connect the 2-people, but at the moment it keeps them away friend other. Trying to save their shaky case, the couple are willing to go the accelerated sex-Rates. Two of the leading professionals in the field of sex posodeystvuyut to correct irregularities in the bed. There are no secrets, no taboos in the discussion. When a business crisis sex-clinic will help to find the key to happiness …


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Psychology of family life.

Family psychology deals with the study of human development in a family environment, characteristics of family relationships, structure and development of the family.

For any family is characterized by integrity, repetitive patterns of relationships life and development according to its own logic.

The term "dysfunctional family" is commonly used in a broad context to the family system, which is a source of non-adaptive behavior of one or more of its members, does not provide the necessary conditions for their personal growth. According to the modern family and psychological research, dysfunctional families have the following characteristics: the existence

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Old Russian language. Forgotten Depths images of ancient drop caps

Letter — a brief explanation and description




— As (a).God lives on earth sotvoryasha. But there are other underlying images:primordial, source, single, single, man. The images, like, different, but they are the same. The image could change if a different image, telling, had a different structural significance. And that the two interact, they had to be coordinated. And so were the images which read, and in between the matching images. Now we just vowels and consonants. But when they say the vowels in modern man is no question — and what

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Karmic relationship between man and woman

March 19, 2012 19:30

Karma is the effect of past lives in connection with real life. The related term of the Western tradition, used to describe a similar effect — fate. Now, not all belong to the karma too seriously, but are interested in very many. To believe or not to believe in all these "astrological things" of karma, past and future lives — the case of each of you. But suddenly the knowledge can be helpful?

"Six months ago, I divorced her husband … I had a pretty deep feelings, but after some time we have left

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